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Israeli Atrocities = Mischief on Earth

The HolyLand...Palestine too
The history of Israelites and the Holy Land has never been an easy one. It has been tumultuous, what with the ever so rebellious and defiant nature of the Israelites brought wratchs and punishments upon them. Today, even with the illegal state of Israel's mass-fillers, the caucasian jews, not much have changed. The jewish nation is still committing falsehood, persecution on Palestinians and Muslims and plots to create mischief unto the world.

A long time ago, the Prophet Moses (A.S) liberated the Israelites from the clutches of the Pharaoh and Egypt. They were saved by God and taken to a land which was promised to them but despite the divine instruction to enter and take the land for themselves, they refused to fight the occupants and stated that they will only enter when the occupants leave. For this act of defiance, Allah punished the Israelites to wander the deserts for the next 40 years in bewilderment.

In the Quran,it has been stated that the Holy Land was given to the Israelites. There was no doubt that God chose them and gifted so much on them, but the Israelites have proven themselves to be rebellious. The Prophet Solomon prayed and was granted a kingdom so great and wealthy, which became the pinnacle of the Israelites' greatness on earth. However, long after Solomon, the kingdom of Israel split apart and rifts become apparent, and as usual, the Israelites went astray. In short, the Israelites kept violating the divine terms and conditions that was set upon them in receiving the Holy Land.

“And remember it was said to them ‘Dwell in this town (i.e., Jerusalem) and eat therein as ye wish but say the word of humility and enter the gate in a posture of humility’...”
(Qur’an, al-‘Araf, 7:161)

Despite warnings from prophets such as Jeremiah, the Israelites committed so many sins, among them, altering the Torah whereby making it permissible to lend money with interest to non-jews and yet charging interest among jews remain prohibited, as seen here:

“Thou shalt not lend on interest to thy brother (Jew); whether it be lending money on interest, or lending commodities on interest (because commodities were sometimes used as money) or lending on interest anything which is lent on interest"
Unto a stranger (i.e., one who is not a Jew) you may lend on interest…”
(Deuteronomy , 23:19-20)

To this, in 587 BCE, the Israelites were punished when a Babylonian army led by Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Jerusalem, burned the city, murdered its inhabitants, destroyed the Temple of Solomon, and carried the cream of the Jewish population into slavery in Babylon. The Prophet Jeremiah had warned them that this would happen (Jeremiah: 32:36), exactly as Allah had declared in the Qur’an that He never destroys a people before sending a warning to them  (Qur’an, Banu Israil, 17:15-16).

Allah is Merciful and Forgiving, and the advent of Dhul-Qarnayn saw the Babylonian kingdom conquered without a single shed of blood almost 70 years later. The Israelites were allowed to return home and again, the Holy Land gained prominence, and yet again, the Israelites went astray. Their refusal to follow the Prophets chosen by God and their love to make profits in ill gotten ways became a trademark for them. They murdered the Prophets Zakaria (A.S) in a holy place, and Yahya (John) by deceit. According to the Bible, even Jesus did not mince his words in condemning these murders:

“This is why the wisdom of God said: I will send them Prophets and Messengers. Some they will kill and some they will persecute. It was that the blood of all the Prophets shed from the foundation of the world might be charged upon this generation (of Jews), from the blood of Abel down to the blood of Zakariah, who was slain between the altar and the House of God - yes, I tell you, it will all be charged upon this generation….”
(Luke, 11:49-51)

Finally the Israelites boasted of how they killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary (but Allah, the All-Powerful, saved him from death):
“That they said (in boast): We killed the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah; but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not.”
(Qur’an, al-Nisa, 4:157)

After the so-called killing of Jesus and their boast, the Israelites were punished again. A Roman army led by General Titus besieged Jerusalem in 70CE. Titus destroyed the city of Jerusalem, murdered the inhabitants and expelled the remnant of Jews from the Holy Land. The temple was again destroyed and the Roman soldiers tore it apart, stone by stone, in search of melted gold, exactly as Jesus (‘alaihi al-Salaam) had warned and prophesied "not one stone will be left upon another; all will be thrown down."
(See Qur’an, Banu Israil, 17:4-7)


div> “And there is a ban on (the people of) a town which We destroyed: that they (the people of the town) shall not return (to reclaim their town) (Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:95)

Islamic scholars believe that Jerusalem is the name of the town referred to in the Surah above, and the Israelites were not allowed to return there for quite some time.

The Quran made it clear on the punishment upon the Israelites, and the terror brought down by God:

“And We gave (clear) warning to the Children of Israel in the Book that twice would they commit Fasad on ‘the land’ and be elated with mighty arrogance (and twice would they be punished)!”

“When the first of the warnings came to pass, We sent against you Our servants capable of terrible warfare.” “They entered the very inmost parts of your homes; and it was a warning (completely) fulfilled.”

“And after a time We allowed you to prevail against them once again, and aided you with wealth and offspring, and made you more numerous (than ever).” “(And We said) “If you persevere in doing good you will but be doing good to yourselves; and if you do evil it will be done to yourselves.” And so when the prediction of the second (period of iniquity) came true, (We raised new enemies against you and allowed them) to disgrace you utterly, and to enter the Temple as (their forerunners) had entered it once before, and to destroy with utter destruction all that they had conquered.”
(Qur’an, Banu Israil, 17:4-7)

“….soon shall I show you the homes of the wicked (how they lie desolate).”
(Qur’an, al-‘Araf, 7:145)

In the Holy Quran, God declared His intention to punish the Israelite Jews over and over again and expelling them if they kept on desecrating the Holy Land with violations of the condition of faith and righteous conduct:
“….but if ye revert (to your violation of the condition imposed for inheritance of the Holy Land) We shall revert (to Our punishments. i.e., you will be expelled again and again)….”
(Qur’an, Banu Israil, 17:8)

For more than a thousand years after the final expulsion, the Israelite Jews remain scattered around the Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

Interestingly, as I have mentioned before in previous articles, the descendents of those who destroyed the Israelites returned as their "saviours." Among the tribes who were in the service of the Babylonian king were the Scythians, a ferocious tribe of barbarians from the north, who dwelled behind a great range known as Caucasus. Their atrocities on the known world of the time were legendary, and the mischief they created on earth was enough to send any civilization trembling in fear. Now scholars who studied Surah Al-Kahf stated that Dhul-Qarnayn, the just king, met a tribe of Georgians (located just outside of his empire, hence the difficulty in understanding their language), who have long suffered at the hands of the Scythians, as their town was very close to Daryal Gorge, the only road in and out to where the Scythians lived. God inspired Dhul-Qarnayn on the dangers of the Scythians thus making him construct the dam-like wall, cutting off the Scythians from ever causing mischief unto the world, for a time being.

The Scythians established a kingdom known as Khazaria later on, still located behind the Caucasus, and under pressure from the Russians in the east and the Muslims in the west, they converted to Judaism. The fall of the kingdom by the Russians sent the Khazars into Europe. It is in Europe that sent plotted their reign around the world. After attempts to buy the Holy Land from the Ottomans failed flat, they designed the destruction of the last Muslim Caliphate of the world through their proxys. It must be noted that by the late 19th century, a large number of caucasian jews have emigrated to areas outside of Jerusalem.

Just like the Quran stated that the Holy Land was given, or gifted to the Israelites (under strict divine terms and conditions) before, it was also prophesied in the Quran that the Israelites will return to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, but this time with a condition, which is also a chilling note for Muslims everywhere:

“And there is a ban on (the people of) a town which We destroyed: that they (the people of the town) shall not return (to reclaim their town) until Gog and Magog are released and (eventually) they descend from every height (or spread out in every direction).
(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:95-6)

How do one justify the so-called liberation (in the eyes of the jews) of the Holy Land? The British snatched the land away from the Palestinians, and made deals with the jewish-terrorists who were still scattered outside of Jerusalem at the time. These terrorists were the atheistic zionists, who represent only a minute percentage of the jews around the world. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 promised the handover of the territories to the zionists by the British...well, hardly surprising,it's the British anyway. How do you justify granting somebody else's home to somebody else? But the prophecy was completed and the secular and godless state of Israel was born, with the non-semitic caucasian jews occupying Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and the Palestinians were to be made extinct by them.

So, in one group, we have the Semitic "Chosen People", who were granted the Holy Land,but never could maintain themselves from violating every single divine terms and conditions given to them, and not to mention, so accustomed in basing their comfortable life from a holy book that was altered to suit their needs. On the other hand, we have a group of non-Semitic savages, whose atrocities caused them to be contained behind a metal wall between the great range and who had evolved into Israelite-wanna-be, created the atheistic zionism, plotted the New World Order and the world domination. What has the combination of these 2 groups brought to the world? So far, we have seen sheer terrorism.

These jews,through their various satellites and organizations, have been funding leaders in Muslim and non-Muslim countries to change the geo-political structure in countries accross the world and create a more "Israel-friendly" Muslim countries. Malaysia has tasted the bitter poison that the jews tried to inject when pakatan attempted to create chaos in the country. In fact, where are the great leaders of pakatan on the current issue of Israeli atrocity? Maybe they learnt their lesson on not to be too vocal about it.

By the way, where are the pakatan leaders when Israeli decided to "flatten Gaza"?

The Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak and the President of Indonesia managed to voice out their concern and complaint to the newly re-appointed President of the United States, Barrack Obama on the plight of the Palestinians. Obama has promised action, but knowing that he is the leader of a satellite country of Israel, one can doubt as much as possible. The Malaysian leaders have taken extra-ordinary steps to mount support for the plight of the Palestinians, as they have always done so in the past. Even Tun Mahathir personally rallied to gain support and donations for Palestinians. Funds have been set up and concerned Malaysians have responded.

But Pas was too busy trying to mount support for themselves. Instead of praying for the well-being and safety of Palestinians, they were doing the pas-religion-only do'a for the death of fellow Muslims in UMNO. To add stupidity to the already brain-dead, n.ajis used his usual indirect statement, to which he declared that UMNO is apostate. Maybe he forgot that he is not God. Strangely, this caused a slight stir among those who had very little faith in their hearts, of which they asked about their status in religion. How do you do that, asking a man about a status which Allah alone knows.

Where was anwar ibrahim and his mulberry-bush daughter? Where's the million RM bus? Where's the jet plane? Why aren't the both of them using those vehicles to rally support for the Palestinians? Where's his fiery speeches against Israel? Oh yes, I forgot, the last time he was vocal about Israel, he had to bow, beg and kiss the jewish lobbyists' ass for forgiveness. I guess he has learnt his lesson. What do expect from a chap who supported the security of Israel? I am sure he is somewhere discreetly "criticizing" Israel via his blog and twitter, but never in public. Not to mention, even his MalaysiaKini is "quiet" on the issue of the Israeli air-strike, I mean, they usually pretended to be tigers when attacking UMNO or BN. After amplifying the number of pakatan rally attendants, MalaysiaKini seem to be strangely neutral in reporting that only 1,000 people turnedup for the anti-Israel demo. Well, what can I say, they have to be careful, their accounts rely on it.

What is there to say about the socialist dap? With their fatherland, Singapore being the satellite for US, which itself is a satellite for Israel, what else is there to say? The treacherous CIA and the murderous Mossad use the island as their base for South East Asia. Why do you think they keep mum?

While the Muslims in Malaysia remain fractured and the Muslim worlditself divided by ideologies and sects, the air strikes have no discrimination on Palestinians: the Muslims, Christians,  children, the old...everything is the target for extinction by the zionists.

Who has the right to control the Holy Land? Here's a clue from the Quran:
“And We declared in the Zabur (i.e., the Psalms) which followed (Our declaration in) the Zikr (i.e., the Torah) that it is (only) those servants of Mine who are righteous in their conduct who would inherit the (Holy) Land.”
(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:105)

When the Muslim army conquered the Holy Land some six hundred years after the last expulsion of the Jews by the Romans, a prophecy to that effect in the Qur’an was fulfilled:
It is He Who has made you inheritors of the (Holy) Land: He has raised some of you by degrees above others that He might test you through that  which He bestowed upon you (Banu Israil got more than any other people): for thy Lord is swift in punishment: yet He is indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
(Qur’an, al-An’am, 6:165)

In the Quran,it is stated that God punished the jews everytime they commit intolerable sins in the Holy Land, and they have been expelled twice. Now they're at it again, with a chilling twist as this time they are not alone, they are joined by a tribe who causes mischief on earth.

To those who tasted the sweet funds from the jews through bersih 1, 2,or 3, and other programs by pakatan, take a good look. The atrocities committed on the Palestinians in Gaza are from the same funds, maybe the Muslim Malays who have already belched and crapped those funds are happy and proud of this.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The De-Contruction Of Malaysia

1,434 years ago, the Prophet Muhammad made a journey that changed the fate and course of Islam. After years of persecution in Mecca, delegates from a prosperous but self-decaying town of Yathrib met and invited Muhammad to lead their city and converted into Islam. Thus begins the migration of persecuted Muslims to a city more than 300 kilometres away. Little do the persecuting Meccans realize that in years to come, the Muslims return in a bigger number and victorious in their occupation of Mecca.

I saw on Facebook today, a posting stating on how the Hijrah changed everything, how it made things better, and how Malaysians should take the "hijrah" by placing pakatan onto the ruling pedestal of Malaysia...something I totally find disgusting.

How would getting pakatan to rule make it better? We spent hundreds of years being colonized, decades fighting the colonizing pirates off our shores, and when we actually got them off, the nation was a poor one, having most of its resources spirited away by the British. When Tun Mahathir turned Malaysia into a developed and an overspoken yet critical Islamic country, the western powers suddenly found Malaysia to be such a pain that they want it to be theirs again. With their appointed hollow men waiting in the wings, they began their attacks to topple the government: riots, demonstrations, economic sabotages and even attempts to force Malaysia into debt with IMF. Yet they failed and their hollow man was imprisoned.

Almost a decade later, with their man freed, the west started again with a slightly different strategy. Even the National Endowment for Democracy was brought in to provide strategies and funding came in in millions. The de-construction of Malaysia began and the 2008 General Election was the closest they came to power.

Among the most consistent strategy involve the Malays and Islam. The attacks to keep them disunited kept onm coming. This is basically the same strategy used in Singapore when they pulled out of Malaysia back then where the Malays were splintered up and segregated into sub-groups such as Javanese, Bugis, Arabs, Mendeleng and many - all forced to live in segregated areas to avoid the Malays from ever being united again.We have seen the Malays attacked by anwar and his jewish-sponsored pakatan for years. They have attacked the Malay Sultanates Institution, the Malays Special Rights and of course, the dap's favorite: attacks on New Economic Policy. Anything the Malays get, you will find pakatan barking up its heels. When Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary is succesful, you can expect pakatan trying their best to sling mud at him from their million dollar jewish-funded jet plane and millionaire bus.

Any organizations that have Malay majority have been attacked, and Polis Diraja Malaysia and Angkatan Tentera Malaysia are included. For years, pakatan drew a picture that these two organizations are corrupt and chauvenistic. Just like in any strategy, name-killing is always the first.

The attacks on Islam in not recent either. Pakatan brought in Inter-Faith Commission years back, demanding such things as all new-born must not have religions (especially Muslims) but free to choose, and inter-religious marriages should be allowed. The Shi'ites (or Khawarij) in pas has long caused split among the ummah for decades, and with pas political leaders pretending to be ulama like n.ajis has ensured that not only the ummah is split, faith also perverted in any way pas wants. As pas found it difficult to influence (or scare) the Alawiyyins of Malaysia into supporting them for decades, it is not surprising that some pas members have started attacking them. Pas is always the great equation in pakatan. Whatever perversions of faith that pakatan spreads, rest assured that pas will condone it. The recent activities of religiously-ignorant nurul izzah, abby abadi and even dayangkui intan invited total silence from pas. They took no action, nor try to repair the perversions caused on Muslims. Whatever happened to pas who at one time stated that apostates must be killed?

Pas consider the nurul izzah statement issue as something small and insignificant...of course, if UMNO says that, then pas dramatize pretend that they are "pro-Islam" stand. Nurul Izzah has so far failed to defend her statement outside of the church, usually spinning her tale around, and now, daddy had to come to her rescue. This goes to show that, on nurul izzah, one can have the looks, graduated from a university after being sponsored, and yet, totally an idiot at religion. Pas just kept quiet until today. Truly, pas is fast becoming the party that will bring the rise of the munafiqoons.

The question now remains that, what is the point for pakatan to do all this? Where will this deconstruction of Malaysia lead to? We know that anwar will only appoint his wife, daughter and close "friends" into positions. The chauvenistic dap will be attempting to topple anwar so that Singapore can rule Malaysia and pas will never taste any power at all. Muslims and Malays will start running havoc for the losses they imposed upon themselves: no land ownership, no rights, in short, none in their name.

We have seen how Muslim countries that have been deconstructed via the west, none of them have improved in any way. Have Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq prospered in any way? Are countries that are being deconstructed by the west such as Syria facing any good times? Just like Egypt and Libya, they'll be facing riots, havoc, economic disaster and even murders, and what's worse, it will continue even after the present government is toppled.

I must state here that the events in the Middle East might differ compared to here. The destruction of those countries are done so that the jews can fulfill their own "prophecy" of greater Israel that stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates. Whether the conquest is done physically or via their proxy, we're yet to see.

I guess the same method is needed for world domination; placing a proxy, or their agent to act as the leader of the country but having the reigns for ruling held by somebody else in another part of the world. This is a necessary component of the One World Government, under the New World order. Will there be peace once anwar, or anybody from pakatan rules? We have seen the Middle East, and then there's always the statement by Thomas R. Marshall, the Vice President of America in 1913, "The World Government will never permit the establishment of peace."

Are Malaysians ready to sacrifice their identity, religion and their rights to a group of desperate politicians funded by western powers in their race for world domination? Are we ready to for the deconstruction of Malaysia and its reconstruction designed by foreigners? For pakatan, it is not surprising as they might just sell their parents for the taste of power. The loser will definitely be the Muslims and the Malays.

So, doing the spiritual hijrah to inflict harm on the ummah and nation? That's no hijrah, selling our souls to the one-eyed is suicide, and that's wrong.

P.S.: We must understand that the New world Order requires total anarchy as their "messiah" is supposed to return as a "Savior."

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