Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Orchestration of Bersih 2.0 - A Small Sample

I have to admit that it is not that easy trying to write about the puppet masters behind anwar ibrahim, pakatan and the recently failed bersih 2.0. For those who know what I do, they might understand, or else, it'll be just one long rambling article that seems to blame everything on a group of people whose faces can never be seen.

Anyway, after my last article (May The Force Be With You When The Empire Strikes), I received a few FB messages asking me for clarifications, and some even wanted proof that the whole event was orchestrated for Anwar's western masters from the start. Which part? They were saying that the police acted violently for no reason, and one even said that bersih 2.0 suppoters' suffering are alike those who suffered to bring Islam to this world during the jahiliyah times. I got news for you, those who suffered in those days were not sponsored by enemies of Islam and forebearers of the end of times.

I scrutinized a lot of videos on Youtube since the 9th of July 2011 for reference. With the FB messages, I remembered a particular video of the bersih demonstrator charging at the police despite the police did not do anything to them, and were repelled by tear gas, as shown below:

1) If it was intended to be a peace demonstration, why did they charge at the police who did not do anything to them?

2) Anybody notice that after the police fired tear gas, suddenly you can hear people saying "Ambil gambar, ambil gambar" (Take pictures, take pictures). If the person is a Bersih supporter, why take pictures only when FRU has fired the tear gas and not during charge of the bersih supporters?

3. Anybody notice that the shot of demonstrators charging will never appear on CNN, Fox, BBC or even Al-Jazeera? Ever! But the shots of police firing tear gas will always be on air whenever they talk about Malaysia.

That reminds me of, rule number one, provoke the police to the point that retaliate, because that retaliation will be a good eye-candy for the west. Thank you to FikriAdie for posting this video on Youtube.

The "unseen hands" behind anwar wants people to see only the portions where FRU fires tear gas and the bersih supporters scrambling. They should because they want everybody to see things the Al-Masikh way: one-eyed, one way and single minded. This video in its entirety poses a danger to them, because it shows the TRUTH as it is.

P/S: Yes, yes, I understand that many are sick and tired of the picture of one eye with pyramid and the novues orde seclorum picture. Somehow, I feel that we should always remember about the Al-Masikh because he will only make his appearance when his name starts to disappear from the Muslims' mouth and mind.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

May The Force Be With You When The Empire Strikes

The long-standing bad theatrics by pakatan has suddenly been shut down. The Royal Commission Report on Teoh Beng Hocks’ death has been published, and dap’s bathing in their own cesspool now. For me, it has been long predicted: everybody knows Teoh has been supplying facts and naming names on corrupt practices in pakatan’s Selangor state government. Wouldn’t it be incredibly stupid of SPRM to have him killed when he is able to reveal more dirty linens of pakatan?

Even the dirty bersih 2.0 claims have been debunked. Mat Sapu rammed by police truck my foot; the claims of police brutality, amiga’s claim, nurul’s claim, the death by so-called police custody, everything has been proven otherwise. It has so far proven that bersih 2.0 was just a dirty drama, and directed by a cheap director with low-grade actors…possibly worth about RM300 a pop. I did hear the young participants bragging about bersih 2.0, but shamefully they were bragging about how many girls they shagged the night before. The girls were complaining about the guys who couldn’t tell whether they were coming or going, and most of the guys who came too soon. In other places people are still laughing about bersih 2.0. So, what’s the point of having bersih rally again? Nobody seemed to remember about it.

I still could not understand why the Muslims actually follow the likes of ambiga, despite the insult she laid on Islam in Malaysia. Worst among all, how could they eat and breathe the sponsorship of foreign powers who have been wreaking havoc in other Islamic countries. How do people like pas accept the sponsorship of people who have been supplying arms to Israel to injure Palestinians and try to talk about the plight of Palestinians at the same time? How do they look at their own reflection in the mirror?

Who are these “powerful” people? They have been around for thousand of years. Many theories are abound that these are the people who were locked behind an iron wall which was built to seal the path between the two barriers (Surah Al-Kahfi). Once the wall crumbles, they came down from high places, blended themselves with the European continent. They even took home a race to a town which was banned for them after it was destroyed a long time ago. And of course, they continued their legacy of creating mischief all over the world. Does one ever wonder why the Zionist terrorists who used to cause damage in Palestine in the early 20th century and all the prime ministers of Israel are non-semitic jews?

With the fall of the Ottoman by those people’s hand, they have finally edged the Muslims out from world political monopoly. Arabia was split asunder under them, placing people who are “pro-West” to lead. They used King Farouk of Egypt to their advantage, and when he is out of their favor, have him deposed and Egypt became a Republic under Gamal Nasser and later Anuar Sadat, who recognizes Israel as a state. Who will lead Egypt after the present turmoil? Just look for the Egyptian who bows to them, he’ll be the one.

Who are THEY? They have many names, be it CIA, OSF, National Endowment for Democracy, Council for Foreign Relations, they are controlled by the same force.

Okay, that's enough of brief hidden history. Somebody please give mahfuz some Panadol, I think we lost him somewhere during the Teoh Beng Hock story.

The strategy drawn up for anwar and his troops are more or less the same. Comparing the riots they created in 1998, the anti-ISA rally and the dirty bersih 2.0, it certainly can be proven they are just recycling the old script:

1. A demonstration must have a riot
2. Any program by anwar and his goons must have the western media invited
3. All western media must be placed in angles where they can take shots of seemingly police brutality.
4. For a good show, buy anybody who are willing to act as demonstrators, be it foreigners or some horny youngsters with a promise of a good time
5. Always try to show the western media that the police created the chaos:
     i) Basic method is by provoking with nasty words
     ii) Should that fail, start shoving and pushing
     iii) If police are too darn patient, start throwing heavy and/or dangerous items at them
6. If police retaliates, always lead them towards the western media for excellent shots
7. While running away, if there are small traders along the way, damage or destroy their business items and blame the police
8. In the chaotic situation, one can claim of anything, even when it never happened, i.e. the mat sapu and the death by police brutality claim.

Like I said before, it's an old script recycled over and over, and this time, it looks like the script got rebutted. In the true tradition of police procedural dramas of CSI, NCIS, Bones etc, the police gathered all videos available, and this must've shocked pakatan and their sponsors, because they never realized that there were that many. Mat sapu got shamefully exposed, nurul and ambiga;s claim got debunked and even the death of bersih 2.0 supporter was proven to be a heart attack.

Western media, yes that includes the Arabic CNN known as Al-Jazeera as well, tried hard to portray anwar in a positive light. They are more interested to show the world what they had been scripted and sponsored to do and ignore the truth. It is for the world to view the vision of The One Eyed, looking with one eye while blinded on the truth. It is something like they were portraying anwar sadat as a great man while ignoring his oppression on the Egyptians.

One thing about these people who support anwar: they never give up until they achieve what they have targeted. They might support anwar now, but who knows what they'll do to him later. They have spent millions trying to create the bersih 2.0 riots, but it was such a dismal showing. Worse, to have low-caste asian goys exposing the truth behind their well-scripted strategy might be such a slap in the face. They'll be back, whether with anwar or somebody new. They will note what went wrong this time and make sure not to repeat the mistake.

Will we be ready when they come back? Maybe the Muslims should look at anwar and his sponsors with both eyes instead of being blinded in one. Maybe reciting the first and last 10 verses of Surah Al-Kahfi can help them too see the truth. At the moment, they look but never see, but believe it as truth anyway.

 Maybe I ramble too much, or maybe the truth is too deep...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video: Bersih 2.0 - Perjuangan Yang Kotor

We hope that those Muslims who had been supporting the jewish sponsored bersih 2.0 might watch this video and think for once.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

We Congratulate Bersih 2.0 (Hey, It's The End Of Days)

That's how it went. More than 1,000 demonstrators were arrested, including the Bersih cows such as Ambiga, the powerless hohoho-hahahadi and even the nothing-to-do-with-Islam Mat Sapu. Even the odious KJ was arrested...well, we hope he'll be in there slightly longer.

As expected, the demonstration by Bersih turned predictably chaotic, but quickly contained by the police. The chaos has been orchestrated by bersih anyway, and the pro-soros media has been busy clicking away and labelling acts of treason by bersih as something a bit more sympathetic for the west to devour. All of this, in order to paint a picture that might look similar to what is going on in the Middle East. Of course, the western media and the pro-pakatan media refuse to recognize the damages they did to the nation's capital, socially and economically. Of course, bersih claims they are fighting for people's trampling on everybody else's right to a peace and tranquility. Well, what do you expect from people who has been eating and drinking sponsorship by conspirators who are bent on world domination?

Oh, I'm sorry, there's no such thing as world domination. It's just the west promoting democracy by placing their hand-picked people to rule the country and play it to their tune.

It is at this time that I must congratulate bersih 2.0 supporters, especially the Muslim supporters. Despite being sponsored by groups led by Soros on behalf of the one-eyed, the Muslims are the majority in the demo anyway, supporting a lady who insulted Islam, initiated a group that promoted that Allah should be used by all religions, played to the tune of a sodomite who is hell-bent to be the country's President...wait a minute, after watching news on tv and internet, where in the world are the socialists of dap? Let me guess, hiding again? Let Muslim Malays go against Muslim Malays again? And the Malays took the bait? Wow, how dense can they get?

I always read that, in the end of times, the arrival of Al-Masikh the one-eyed, scores of people, Muslims or not, flock to his side. I used to think that this is impossible because, as Muslims, we were taught to recognize the false messiah. Then again, after witnessing the Malays especially from pas erdogan in bersih demo, I think I now understand how the world will go.

Trying to figure this can be a wonder as well: How does one Muslim justify himself by attending a jewish-sponsored bersih 2.0, supporting a lady who has been insulting Islam and a leader who is morally corrupt and sponsored by unseen hands. It's quite a pickle.

Who are the actual victors of bersih 2.0? The answer is below.

May I suggest that every Muslim make it a habit to recite the first and last 10 verses of Surah Al-Kahfi so that they will not be blinded in one eye?

The Filthy Behinds of Bersih 2.0

The clock seems to tick away slowly since the last time I got back. His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agong has spoken. In short he wishes for a peaceful nation...or indirectly, take that bersih 2.0 and shove it. The majority of the public has expressed their disapproval of such a demo. In fact, everybody knows the reason for any anwar-influenced demonstration leads to anarchy.

Let's face it: anwar has nowhere to go. His pending sodomy case is waiting, with DNA waiting toi be answered. His other sex-oriented case is coming up, with his usual tactic of delay coming up short. The only way to become a leader of a nation? Chaos, of course. And that's where his dreams lie, in bersih 2.0. For Malaysians, that might just be a nightmare waiting to happen.

There is nothing strange about anwar appointing the ambiguous ambiga as the leader for bersih, he has hidden behind her time and again. But pas? That's the main shocker. I mean, there is no surprise with the erdogans embracing her as the pretender but to find the mainstream pas members supporting her as well can be a diffcult morsel to swallow. Wasn't it not many years ago when ambiga initiated the Inter-Faith Council that propagated the seminar about apostacy and thenrelentless support for Lina Joy? Weren't the pas members assembled outside the building where the seminar was going on shouting Islamic slogans and taunting ambiga for insulting Islam? Ah well, maybe it's just plain pas to forgive and forget the infidels who threatened and insult Islam but condemns fellow Muslims for not supporting their party.

Reiterating on Tun Mahathir's famous remark, "Melayu Mudah Lupa", here's a video clip of YB Zulkifli Nordin speaking to his friends from pasand Umno.

Let's take an analytical look into who we are supporting in Bersih, or as Zul Nordin puts it, Bershit 2.0...okay, somebody tell mahfuz to go for his nap as all this thinking might give him a migraine.

As we can see from the...ummm...organization chart above, if you can call it a proper chart...let's see:

1) Bersih's so called leader is the lady with the ambiguous look, Ambiga.

2) Ambiga bows to the actual leader, yes, the man who poked his fingers (?) in one pie too many,Anwar Ibrahim.

3) Anwar's plans are supported by the usual stooges, Larry, Curly and Moe...oops, I mean, PKR, Pas Erdogan and the socialist DAP.

4) Pakatan's strategic planning are courtesy of National Endownmen for Democracy...yes, yes, the same people who brought us the "regime changes" in countries throughout the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc.

5) Funding and sponsorship is, of course, who else but the anwar's personal cash-cow, George Soros, the non-Semitic Jew through his Open Society Foundation.

 6) Both NED and OSF kneel to...I don't know, we have not seen his face yet, but he does have one eye bulging and the other damaged beyond repair.

Now was the explanation too technical for you, Mahfuz? Ok, so it was a bit...well, let's have a spelling contest then.

What can we gather from this. Those who thinks they support anwar ibrahim via bersih 2.0, are actually supporting the unseen hands that have been making changes to the direction of countries around the world. Yes, they made Iraq and Afghanistan to a more "western-friendly" countries. It's not something new anyway. Do bersih supporters know this, or have they been blinded in one eye as well?

Time seems to be running out for anwar. His court cases seem to be penetrating his behind without the KY. I wonder what'll happen to anwar if bersih fails to put him in the PM's chair.

To those who are getting ready to attend bersih, especially the Muslims, think! Think of who you will actually support, because if you support any party involved in bersih, you're screwed. The filthy bersih can never justify its own end.

P.S.: By the way, MB Azizan and his cohorts' houses and vehicles have been vandalized with red paint and a warning not to attend Azizan actually has time for that. Judging from Azizan's statement of not being responsible for any Kedahan being arrested during bersih, many are still wondering why the houses and/or vehicles of Mahfuz and Amirrudin were spared from any paint-job?

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