Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Filthy Behinds of Bersih 2.0

The clock seems to tick away slowly since the last time I got back. His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agong has spoken. In short he wishes for a peaceful nation...or indirectly, take that bersih 2.0 and shove it. The majority of the public has expressed their disapproval of such a demo. In fact, everybody knows the reason for any anwar-influenced demonstration leads to anarchy.

Let's face it: anwar has nowhere to go. His pending sodomy case is waiting, with DNA waiting toi be answered. His other sex-oriented case is coming up, with his usual tactic of delay coming up short. The only way to become a leader of a nation? Chaos, of course. And that's where his dreams lie, in bersih 2.0. For Malaysians, that might just be a nightmare waiting to happen.

There is nothing strange about anwar appointing the ambiguous ambiga as the leader for bersih, he has hidden behind her time and again. But pas? That's the main shocker. I mean, there is no surprise with the erdogans embracing her as the pretender but to find the mainstream pas members supporting her as well can be a diffcult morsel to swallow. Wasn't it not many years ago when ambiga initiated the Inter-Faith Council that propagated the seminar about apostacy and thenrelentless support for Lina Joy? Weren't the pas members assembled outside the building where the seminar was going on shouting Islamic slogans and taunting ambiga for insulting Islam? Ah well, maybe it's just plain pas to forgive and forget the infidels who threatened and insult Islam but condemns fellow Muslims for not supporting their party.

Reiterating on Tun Mahathir's famous remark, "Melayu Mudah Lupa", here's a video clip of YB Zulkifli Nordin speaking to his friends from pasand Umno.

Let's take an analytical look into who we are supporting in Bersih, or as Zul Nordin puts it, Bershit 2.0...okay, somebody tell mahfuz to go for his nap as all this thinking might give him a migraine.

As we can see from the...ummm...organization chart above, if you can call it a proper chart...let's see:

1) Bersih's so called leader is the lady with the ambiguous look, Ambiga.

2) Ambiga bows to the actual leader, yes, the man who poked his fingers (?) in one pie too many,Anwar Ibrahim.

3) Anwar's plans are supported by the usual stooges, Larry, Curly and Moe...oops, I mean, PKR, Pas Erdogan and the socialist DAP.

4) Pakatan's strategic planning are courtesy of National Endownmen for Democracy...yes, yes, the same people who brought us the "regime changes" in countries throughout the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc.

5) Funding and sponsorship is, of course, who else but the anwar's personal cash-cow, George Soros, the non-Semitic Jew through his Open Society Foundation.

 6) Both NED and OSF kneel to...I don't know, we have not seen his face yet, but he does have one eye bulging and the other damaged beyond repair.

Now was the explanation too technical for you, Mahfuz? Ok, so it was a bit...well, let's have a spelling contest then.

What can we gather from this. Those who thinks they support anwar ibrahim via bersih 2.0, are actually supporting the unseen hands that have been making changes to the direction of countries around the world. Yes, they made Iraq and Afghanistan to a more "western-friendly" countries. It's not something new anyway. Do bersih supporters know this, or have they been blinded in one eye as well?

Time seems to be running out for anwar. His court cases seem to be penetrating his behind without the KY. I wonder what'll happen to anwar if bersih fails to put him in the PM's chair.

To those who are getting ready to attend bersih, especially the Muslims, think! Think of who you will actually support, because if you support any party involved in bersih, you're screwed. The filthy bersih can never justify its own end.

P.S.: By the way, MB Azizan and his cohorts' houses and vehicles have been vandalized with red paint and a warning not to attend Azizan actually has time for that. Judging from Azizan's statement of not being responsible for any Kedahan being arrested during bersih, many are still wondering why the houses and/or vehicles of Mahfuz and Amirrudin were spared from any paint-job?

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