Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Orchestration of Bersih 2.0 - A Small Sample

I have to admit that it is not that easy trying to write about the puppet masters behind anwar ibrahim, pakatan and the recently failed bersih 2.0. For those who know what I do, they might understand, or else, it'll be just one long rambling article that seems to blame everything on a group of people whose faces can never be seen.

Anyway, after my last article (May The Force Be With You When The Empire Strikes), I received a few FB messages asking me for clarifications, and some even wanted proof that the whole event was orchestrated for Anwar's western masters from the start. Which part? They were saying that the police acted violently for no reason, and one even said that bersih 2.0 suppoters' suffering are alike those who suffered to bring Islam to this world during the jahiliyah times. I got news for you, those who suffered in those days were not sponsored by enemies of Islam and forebearers of the end of times.

I scrutinized a lot of videos on Youtube since the 9th of July 2011 for reference. With the FB messages, I remembered a particular video of the bersih demonstrator charging at the police despite the police did not do anything to them, and were repelled by tear gas, as shown below:

1) If it was intended to be a peace demonstration, why did they charge at the police who did not do anything to them?

2) Anybody notice that after the police fired tear gas, suddenly you can hear people saying "Ambil gambar, ambil gambar" (Take pictures, take pictures). If the person is a Bersih supporter, why take pictures only when FRU has fired the tear gas and not during charge of the bersih supporters?

3. Anybody notice that the shot of demonstrators charging will never appear on CNN, Fox, BBC or even Al-Jazeera? Ever! But the shots of police firing tear gas will always be on air whenever they talk about Malaysia.

That reminds me of, rule number one, provoke the police to the point that retaliate, because that retaliation will be a good eye-candy for the west. Thank you to FikriAdie for posting this video on Youtube.

The "unseen hands" behind anwar wants people to see only the portions where FRU fires tear gas and the bersih supporters scrambling. They should because they want everybody to see things the Al-Masikh way: one-eyed, one way and single minded. This video in its entirety poses a danger to them, because it shows the TRUTH as it is.

P/S: Yes, yes, I understand that many are sick and tired of the picture of one eye with pyramid and the novues orde seclorum picture. Somehow, I feel that we should always remember about the Al-Masikh because he will only make his appearance when his name starts to disappear from the Muslims' mouth and mind.

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