Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pas Kedah's Stinging In The Gain?

There are reasons why pas of the old used to criticize entertainment dens, there are reasons why the previous Kedah State Governments limited the number of entertainment premises in Kedah. Of course, we are sure that the present Kedah pas government have their own reasons why they increased the number of entertainment premises in Alor Setar, Sungai Petani and even Kulim.

One of the unspoken reason is the terribly open secret of Kedah pas government being broke. After all the honeymoon, they really need to refill their coffers...hmmm, I wonder where all the money from the timber industry went to? Well, I'm sure it can't be worse than spending the millions sent for Kedah agriculture sector by the Federal Government by opening 7 hectares of banana plantation, eh Azizan?

Well, among the worst reasons were stated by Phahrolrazi, yes, when he said that entertainment centers permits were given because there a demand for it. I understand that entertainment taukehs are still laughing about it to the bank.

With more entertainment outlets sprouting up in Alor Setar, is there any surprise to the news cutting below:

Pusat karaoke di Kota Setar yang diserbu pada Jumaat lalu selepas didakwa turut menyediakan khidmat seks.

KUALA LUMPUR - Rungutan orang ramai mengenai gelagat wanita warga asing yang bekerja sebagai pegawai perhubungan pelanggan (GRO) yang didakwa turut menawarkan khidmat seks di sebuah pusat karaoke di Kota Setar, Kedah sejak setahun lalu mungkin berakhir apabila 18 pelacur warga asing itu dicekup dalam satu serbuan khas pada Jumaat lalu.

Satu sumber dari Cawangan Perjudian, Kongsi Gelap dan Maksiat (D7) berkata, sebelum serbuan pada pukul 11.45 malam polis menerima banyak aduan mengenai kehadiran wanita-wanita berpakaian seksi dan mengenakan solekan tebal berpelesiran dalam premis itu bermula pada waktu petang untuk memancing pelanggan-pelanggan masuk ke pusat hiburan itu.

Kegiatan wanita warga asing itu didakwa orang ramai mengganggu 'persekitaran' di kawasan sekitar selain menjejaskan imej Kota Setar.

Berikutan itu, sumber itu berkata, seramai 20 anggota termasuk 10 pegawai menyerbu pusat hiburan itu dan menahan 18 wanita dipercayai pelacur dan 35 pelanggan yang berada di dalam pusat hiburan itu.

"Ketika serbuan, sebahagian daripada pelacur sedang ghairah melayan pelanggan masing-masing," kata sumber itu ketika dihubungi Kosmo! di sini semalam.

Sumber itu memberitahu, 18 warga asing yang ditahan melibatkan seorang warga Myanmar dan 17 lagi wanita China masing-masing berusia 20 hingga 30-an.

Ujian saringan air kencing yang dilakukan terhadap 35 pelanggan berusia antara 23 hingga 58 tahun yang ditahan mendapati sepuluh daripada mereka positif dadah.

Wanita warga asing didakwa menawarkan khidmat seks kepada pelanggannya dengan mengenakan bayaran RM45 sejam.

"Pelacur boleh dibawa pulang ke rumah atau dibawa ke hotel untuk khidmat seks.

"Malah pelanggan juga boleh menggunakan bilik di pusat karaoke untuk mendapat khidmat seks," katanya dengan memberitahu pusat karaoke itu mempunyai 14 buah bilik.

Difahamkan, premis tersebut telah diserbu dua kali oleh polis.

Pusat hiburan itu mempunyai lesen dan ia dimiliki seorang penduduk tempatan.

Not bad, enter these premises, you'll be treated to a buffet line, and we're not talking about food here. Not to mention, they also have tapau (take-away) service as well; whichever you want, you can always take one, or a few (depending if you can knick knack paddywhack, give a dog a bone twice in 20 minutes) to your designated place of stay. I wonder they serve guys too, if you get my drift?

Pas will never have any second thoughts about this, they always know that pas never had any hint of Islam in their party. Yes, yes, they can bandage their head with turbans or towel from Grand Continental, it still doesn't make them Islamic. Three years of pas rule - no improvement for the Muslims, more entertainment outlets that sells liquor...hmmm, now that we can see how much vice is in demand, maybe pas can set up a brothel too. I'm sure the money's good. Nothing to worry about, if people complaint that it's not Islamic, just tell them that this is the new era of the Pas Erdogans. Some wrinkled goats like n.ajis will agree of course. Why not? He's been an MB to Serambi Maksiat for the past few decades.

Oh yes, can somebody tell phahrolrazi to stop this entertainment outlet nonsense? I don't think we'll get VIP customers like Mr Y to start patronizing. Our hotels are too small, and everybody knows everybody here; yes, very difficult. But I'm sure that if he does, always make sure the state provides complimentary towel, toothbrush and mineral water for him. We understand that we did complaint about the state economy that has been grounded to a halt for the past 2 years, and we understand that people now have no need to drive to Thailand anymore for entertainment and women (or men), but this is hardly the right way to regenerate the economy.

So, Was kommt als nächstes, pas?

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