Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello, Is That Mr Y - Part 2

News broke out early this morning that the alleged anwar ibrahim sex video has been flagged and removed from Youtube. Strange that it was removed to "nudity and adult content" when the guy and the girl in the video has their towels on. Well, maybe later they'll post a slightly not too naughty version for youtube. The photo stills survive though, and these pictures have been posted for comparison.

With much thanks to AloqSetaQ Blog, I present below the pictures of comparison I was talking about. At this point, I must say that we still are not sure who the man in the video is, maybe it's too early to tell...and too early to come. So, the comparisons will remain at that until we have a deeper penetration into the full video.

I understand pas tried to make this video issue as part of their ceramah at Telok Kechai, Kuala Kedah last night, by none other than Mat Sapu...oops, Sabu. Pas are hypocrites, but that might be double for Mat Sapu as he is the original creator of the popular term for anwar, "Al-Juburi" (means nothing in Arabic, but an arabicized Malay lingo meaning "Ass-Man"). So, Mat Sapu wants to talk about injustice towards anwar? And outside ceramahs, he himself gives one of the biggest anwar-bashing among his circles...boy, that's mat sapu. Hey, it could've been worse...it could've been mahfuz!

To those who performed the Solat Hajat, are you ready to face the truth that you prayed for?

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