Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The X Factor In Mr Y's Case

There you have it: the court has decided that anwar has a case to answer...well, we know he has a lot to answer to Malaysians as well, but let him get there one step at a time.

It's interesting that, despite the negative comments and attempts to smear Saiful Bukhari's image and credibility by internet "lawyers", empty headed oppositions and anwar's supporters, the court actually found Saiful's testimony credible. That really irks anwar's supporters. This is usually because, you guessed it, if anwar's supporters claim that a person is not credible, even divine powers cannot prove them wrong. Ah well, like I said earlier, empty headed. We would love to advice them to get a deeper knowledge in law, but then again, it might just hurt their heads.

For more than a decade, we have seen anwar's supporters never evolve that much. To them, anwar is more of a demi-god to them. What he says is the ultimate truth, even when he states 2+2=5. Not surprising, his strong supporters are of such people. Hey, why do you think mahfuz is there? Now anwar is stating that the judge's decision is dictated by Datuk Seri Najib...and as usual, anwar supporters lapped it up dry like a thirsty dog. Hmm, I just remembered that, on another case, video analysts in the US has confirmed that the sex video starred by a horse resembling anwar" has been confirmed as pure and u ntainted in any way. I wonder if that stud will start blaming US after this. If justice is what anwar is concerned about, he sure never complained about having the most comfortable lifestyle while being incarcerated back then, much to the chagrin of the other prisoners.

There are certain factors that might just give anwar sleepless nights. Firstly, the court has found that all witnesses (20 or more I believe) have given testimonies which are not just credible, but also consistent. On Saiful's credibility, he was unmoved even at the sight of the decrepit defence attorney...yes, the rigid lawyer currently known as poo-singh. Saiful's description on the time, place and date were reliable and relevant to the chronology of the case. Evidences presented by the prosecutors were strong and actually showed Saiful's presence during the time it happened, and along with forensic evidence that the defence never actually touched on.

The case will proceed again in June 2011. That might give him time to prepare any explanations that can prove that he is not the person involved in the sex video.

By the way anwar, your tactics' stale. The so-called reformasi is now either refor-basi or refor-mati. How long can his sponsors stand by his side with all these mounting setbacks caused by acts of passion? Nobody really knows, but the distance pof anwar and the seat of the Prime Minister of Malaysia...getting farther. Good night anwar, see if you can sleep.

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