Monday, May 9, 2011

Christian Hidden Movement? How About Something We Don't Know?

I read with much bated breath the headline of Utusan Malaysia (6th May 2011) and bigdog's article on this issue. They claim that certain factions of Christians want to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia and a Christian as the leader of the country. I must say, this is not something new. This movement is something I have heard of ever since I was in secondary school.

Even back then I heard that in Malaysia, the Malay Muslims are considered to be of a Prime grade if they are converted away from Islam. Being a Syed, I was always advised to be careful, deepen my knowledge on Islam and increase my amal ibadat to guard myself against this hidden movement. If what I heard was true, the particular church that manages to convert Malays will get financial allocations if a Malay Muslim is converted, but will get extra bonus if they convert a Haji, mosque committees and/or Syeds/Sharifahs. How true are these? I do not know.

My experience with this movement, or at least something of this movement was when I was studying abroad. A Singaporean Indian approached me on a pretext to do an interview me for his Socialogy project. In the middle of the interview, he started asking me questions with Christian intonations. Then he immediately asked me to close my eyes for a minute and listen to Jesus' voice calling my name. I was young but Alhamdulillah, I knew where I stand. We bantered for about 5 minutes. In the end, I left him while he struggled and stammered trying to answer my 3 = 1 question.

What is 3 = 1? Well, it's their claim of praying to the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Which one is God? They say that God is omnipotent, God is one, but Jesus is the son of God, and Jesus is God. So, which one is it? He was telling me that Jesus is the lord, but why does Jesus pray to God always? Is he praying to himself? Who is the holy ghost? Is he God or Jesus? How do you logically justify trinity as one? Those are the basic things that that young converter wannabe could not answer, so I told him to take his questions, turn it up sideways, and cram it up his candied...errr...bottom part of the body.

At times I wish stories of these hidden movements are not true. But if it's not, why are there still Malay priests being sent to Malaysia every now and then. Rumours of holy water disguised as mineral water have been rampant for decades, not to mention Paulean bibles printed in Arabic to blindside Muslims.

We must always remember that the Christian brands that are supposedly involved in this movement are the Paulean sect, which has nothing to do with the Christian brands that started in the Middle East. The actual Nazarenese (Nasrani) do not eat pork, never drinks and are circumsized as well. Pauleans, well, they let it all hang out. Then again, hey, Pauleans seems to have destroyed the Middle East Christians with their brands.

The answer to this question actually lies with the Muslims themselves: How will they defend themselves, how do they ensure that their future generations do not fall into that dark trap? The erdogan faction of pas has already been promoting pluralisme since 2008, and they are not defending Islam in Malaysia at the moment.

It is a tricky situation: if this issue comes to the fore and the Muslims react strongly, Malaysia will be branded as an extremist country, persecuting other religions. Strangely, when Christians in Ambon started culling Muslims years back, US was carefully quiet about it. If the Muslims do nothing about it, it doesn't take that long to reduce the Muslims majority. Why I say not that long? Well, have you ever seen the social problems of the new Malay generation? Teen pregnancy, casual sex, mat rempit and many more. The young Malays seem to worship the west with all the freedom they think they are entitled to. It's quite bizarre to see how pas seems to ignore these problems and blame the Barisan government, even when the social problems are happening in the states that they rule.

The answer has always been in the Malays' hands, but with anwar ibrahim making sure the Muslims remain split and in endless fighting among each other, we surely sliding into the slimy pit that The One Eyed, the Al-Masikh has been planning.

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