Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Looking Behind To Move Forward...Will It Work?

These past 1-2 weeks, we've witnessed the gathering days of discontent in Selangor; the cratering issues on the illegal sand-mining and now, Tony Pua's audacious proposal to scrap Bumiputra discounts for ownership of commercial properties and luxury houses in Selangor. Maybe the Malays in Pakatan are dancing to this tune right now, but given a little less than 10 years, they might just realize what has happened after thy actually stop grooving in their low-cost houses. (Read more here)

DAP has always been known to be affiliated with Singapore. What's there to be surprised? Their origin can be traced back to Singapore's People's Action Party (PAP) where Lim Kit Siang was part of Lee Kuan Yew's political secretary group. They still have significant similarities in their logos, and their bond with Singapore has always been strong, while they try to blind-side Malaysians. Why? Here's an example: why won't the Lim dynasty in DAP ever answer the mind boggling riddle of why they criticize ISA so much when Singapore uses it as well without getting a single nag from DAP?

On Pua's proposal, maybe it is just the fact that DAP can't really stand the sight of Malays owning those properties and that they should just remain in low-cost houses, operating business from a push-cart stall. Still, it doesn't matter what his objectives are, the Singaporization of Penang has already been in effect. On Selangor, it all depends on how the recently gutted and stuttering MB Khalid's reaction to the proposal. Never mind Anwar Ibrahim as he is very busy trying to wrest the PM's chair and it doesn't matter whatever happens to the Muslims and Malays in Malaysia, and not to mention, his former allies and sponsor might be looking for his head for stabbing them in the butt...errr...I mean, back.

DAP talks about equality amongst all which sounds very nice and sugar-coated on paper. In practice however, the Muslim Malays will find their fate ranked somewhere in between the natives of America, Australia, Hawaii and who knows, it might just rank close to Palestine as well. Yes, yes, I am sure people might get upset for hinting that domestic policies made by Caucasians (orang putih...are they really white?) are unfair, but hold on, let me give the picture.

As the stories about Native Americans have already been told time and time over, let's take Hawaiians in our case example. Like any other native of the land, they enjoyed their land and its bounty with each other and lived in peace, away from everybody. They keep their wars to themselves.

For the Hawaiians, the downfall began when the Europeans arrived and requested land for farming which were kindly given by the monarch. After seeing how fertile the island were, they demanded more but the monarch refused as he saw that it will be a threat to his people's way of life. As a reply to the kindly gesture of the King, the Europeans overthrew him and requested the Americans to annex the islands. The king died in depose, so did his daughter, leaving their people without a leader, and the early 20th century saw the number of Hawaiian dwindle from hundreds of thousands to thousands. Well, there is no Zulqarnain now to stop these people from creating mischief on earth. Here's the situation back then: if factory union workers strike, the management will sit-down with them to solve the situation whereas, if native Hawaiian workers strikes, they'd usually be shot by the police. Strangely, Caucasians males are allowed to marry native Hawaiian ladies but an act of a native Hawaiian male marrying a Caucasian lady back then constitutes to an act almost sacrilegious.

The 2nd half of the 20th century brought dramatic changes, and human rights are recognized. With all the water under the bridge, everybody is given an equal right to opportunity. Anybody can open up businesses without any prejudice...or so it seems. Aborigines and Hawaiians have been long abused and lived in destitute, the equal opportunity brought them nothing much, they have no land, no properties or anything of value. If they go to the bank to get business loan, what can be used as security? Since they have nothing, they get nothing. They do not have MARA, SME loans for bumiputra or anything close that can help them. As we can see, native Hawaiians didn't actually benefit from these so-called equal right as championed by USA and any other political party who fantasizes in that direction. The equality only exists on paper.

Pua might be talking theoretically; I don't think he has seen how his "highly-valued equal right" has worked another way in history...well, mostly in histories that "white-men" try to erase. The halal-makers of Pakatan, PIS once remarked that the Malays will become more honored and glorious once the Pakatan rules, but now it seemed that, under the Pakatan rule in Penang and maybe later in Selangor, the Malays will be just trampled upon, chewed and spat out by DAP. Perhaps, if DAP's plan works out, the Muslim Malays will be erased from the history of Tanah Melayu...and even Tanah Melayu will never exist either. The Malays in Penang has found out, the hard way that, trusting DAP and the rest of Pakatan, is like building a house on mud.

The call for the abolition is considered a start, who knows what other Bumiputra rights that they want abolished. Knowing the DAP modus operandi; they might just get it their way. Will we see Selangor Malays going the Penang way?

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