Friday, February 22, 2013

Pas Going Green...with Envy

Statement right from the horse's arse
“Orang yang menawarkan wang kepada orang, sama seperti kalau kita panggil ayam nak suruh ayam datang dekat, kita tabur hampas kelapa, tabur padi. Kalau nak panggil lembu kita bubuh jerami. Tapi kalau nak beri Islam, kita nak panggil ayam cakap nak ceramah, mana ayam datang, nak panggil lembu mana datang, jadi kalau kita beri barang kepda orang, beri RM10, RM50 orang akan ambil.”

And those were straight from the horse's ass: N.ajis, returning home from performing Umrah decided to liken every Malaysians who received the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) to chicken and cows. How low can one get, to be likened to animals. We have always understood that the term "cow" is usually referred to Mahfuz by Kedah pas supporters, but never mind.

They are all cows and chickens?
Yes, yes, I know many other bloggers have investigated this story to the core, and yes, we know, n.ajis might just say that his words were taken out of context, that's his usual defence anyway, or maybe he could never remember what he said earlier. So, I won't go in that deep, I think the other bloggers have already done a smashing job on pakatan again.

Learning from the past, we can almost understand n.ajis' statement. For a long time, he and the rest of pas have been, out of desperation and frustration, branding those who never voted for them, or caused them every chance to lose as infidels, or heretics. This is simply just the the same vein, without using their usual keywords such as Islam and infidels. Pas has always been green, but the green flag has never been about Islam. Pas has always been green with envy at the success of their hated brother, UMNO in running and administering the country for more than 50 years. Pas did hold Kelantan for more than 20 years, but progress there has been going south so far. Kedah under pas? Never mind about the infighting to replace azizan, the natural resources of Kedah have so far gone full-frontal nudity as a result of pas' greed and self-preservation for the future.

Pas did a Green Rally...minus the green mostly
A small note, again on this green stuff: Gerakan Jaringan Gelombang Merah held a Save Kedah Earth Rally on the 9th of February this year where they installed the awareness of preserving the nature and rainforest of Kedah, especially the Permanent Forest Reserve in Pedu. They planted seedlings in the already barren deforested area. It is not surprising that pas Kedah watched, green with envy and decided to have their own rally, a Perhimpunan Hijau in a similar area. What's so green about it when the area became brown, red and barren after pas cleared the area? What's worse, they even destroyed every single tree planted by the previous rally. Maybe that's why Kedahans say that pas is like "siam perut hijau."

Sorry Pakcuk, your boss called you a cow
Let's go back to the comparison given by n.ajis. Is it so bad? I wouldn't say so. The BR1M was given by the government to lighten the burden of people whose income is not up to a certain level. The government has no bias in handing them out, all those who qualified, whether from pas, pkr, dap etc, are eligible. Even pas knew there was no way to stop the aid from being distributed, not even when pas branded it as dirty or even haram. Well, despite branding it so, there have been several pas branches who demanded their members who receive the BR1M to "donate" the money to them. Maybe they're still wondering why nobody bothered to show up to do so.

So, needy and burdened Malaysians are chicken and cows for receiving BR1M. Really. Condemned for taking money from the people to the government and back to the people. That's not bad, isn't it?

By the same yardstick, what is pas and the pakatan like when they hand-out D1OBD (Dana 1Orde Baru Dunia) to their rioters and rabble rousers to create chaos during their demonstrations? In fact, what is pakatan when they received fundings from the Soros and the west with the intention of deconstructing the country and redesign it the way the one-eyed wants?

I guess, as all the Makciks, Pakciks, Uncles and Aunties who receive BR1M are likended to cows and chickens, it is just that pakatan and their followers who receive funds for destruction be likened to pigs and dogs.
By comparison, pakatan receive sleazy and shadowy fundings, so they're like pigs and dags then
N.ajis can say and brand anything he wants, he can even claim that every one of the recipients as infidels, it will make no difference for the needy Malaysians.

I think pas is turning green suddenly...


  1. Shame on you Bapak III! There's no evidence to suggest even actual dogs / pigs are willing to receive funding from Luciferians! To put the dogs/pigs on the same category with Pakatan leaders and supporters are totally unfair to the whole canine/swine species!

  2. nope it is true-can you please check the NED Annual Reports and files for recipients in 2005-several politicians from PAS did received from NED...the Luciferians proxy


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