Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sink or Swim With Gelombang Merah Berani Berubah?

December 29th saw Gelombang Merah Berani Berubah unfolded in Kuala Nerang, kick-starting a wave of changes slated for Kedah Darul Aman. It wasn't even a road show, but more than a thousand residents of Padang Terap attended thye Pemimpin Bersama Rakyat program, organized by Y.B. Dato' Syed Sobri, the state assemblyman of Kuala Nerang. This was 2 days after Datuk Mukhriz was announced as the Deputy State Liaison Chairman of Kedah. It was a glorious ceremony, with aid and donations given to flood victims and many others.

Glaringly absent from the event were the Padang Terap Ketua Bahagian, his deputy and even the Ketua Pemuda of Padang Terap. Of course, we were informed that they were "called away" on duty to different states...most probably to sulk after the 27th December announcements. So much for daring for a change.

We were told that the Ketua Pemuda did apologize to Mukhriz for not being able to attend, and also apologized if nobody turned up because of his absence. IF what is told is true, then that's sheer arrogance on his part. It has been an open secret (is that really a secret?) that there has always been a three-cornered rialry of the extremes between the Ketua Bahagian, his deputy and the State Assemblyman. Do we need this at a time when Kedahans are ready to rise to the occassion? I guess when the wave hits, they might just be swept away...hopefully. It's a farce that they displayed, and it is time for the Padang Terap UMNO to change.

The large turnout sure will definitely make them frown more than ever. Will there be repercussions? I might think so, because Gelombang Merah Berani Berubah is Kedahan's movement and shall soon be their voice. For Kedah to change, the present UMNO leaders must change: all ships must sail in the same direction. This old outdated fashion of "having to be somewhere else" attitude just because of their petty disagreements must be rid off instead of acting like dinasours who would not extinct.

Kedahans are tired of the constant failures of the state government, and the attitude of certain Kedah UMNO leaders will add up to that. If the people can make that wave and swim with it, why do certain UMNO leaders sink? Aren't they supposed to be the leader of the people?

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