Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Salve, regi Khalid

There seems to be a never ending battle between the stooges of Pakatan Rakyat and the monarchy, but then again, knowing that anwar always wanted to be the President of the Republic of Malaysia, that's not even close to a surprise. Also, knowing how badly DAP needs to remove any obstacles that smells like Islam or Malay standing in their way from snatching the powers to the country, why do we even act shocked? Khalid really could not have picked the best of times to create this ruckus of the choice of the Selangor State Secretary. With Jeffrey Kitingan leaving the party, collapsing PKR on the Borneo front, the anwar ibrahim sodomy trial, the anwar ibrahim wikileaks, Pas Kedah's disastrous flood outing and so many more.

This is not something new anyway. The then-MB of Perak, the ass-whooped Nizar Jamaluddin did banish Datuk Jamry Sury, the then Director of Jabatan Agama Islam Perak (JAIP) from his position. In his fool-hardy and power-inebriation, he forgot that he is just a Menteri Besar, and powerless as well because the Nga-Ngeh coalition was wielding them. In his one-time show of powere, it was commanded that the order be overturned by the ACTUAL person in charge, the Sultan of Perak. He had to lick and swallow his own spittle. Maybe if actuallystudied the state constituion and organization instead of letting Nga and Ngeh play him around, he could've avoided that particular ass-whooping. The ousting of PR by BN in 2009 didn't have much effect on Nizar. He was powerless before, he's a the same level now. The last we heard from him, except for his obsession for Camry, is the incident where his caroverturned...much like his direction.

DAP did rule Perak at one time, but because Perak is a Malay Sultanate state, the MenteriBesar must be a Muslim, which is a very rare delicacy in a socialist party like DAP. So, in their hurry to rule, they placed a puppet from Pas to be the MB...yes, the pathetically inexperienced Nizar. The puppet master really playd their strings well, until they were outmaneuvered by defections which collapsed the socialist government, much to the relief of Muslims and Malays. You might still find them trying to script the best Bollywood stunt to dissolve the state assembly to anybody who might have time to listen. With luck, they might have some luck of producing a carnival, complete with clowns (most probably from pas) to continue the tradition of "Bubar DUN" drama.

Everybody knows that the scandalous Theresa Kok and her dap cohorts are the actual rulers of Selangor. The lack of direction Khalid, as usual, is just toeing the line and every now and then, trying to show his power(less). He is just that jinxed. His thinly veiled story of "returning the power back to the people" has been labelled as the best stuttering joke of the month. The Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam has the right to appoint and the Sultan consents it. But we understand that Pakatan Rakyat might have their own people that they want to place, and the new appointed might just throw a wrench into their machines.Who actually wants the power? What Khalid wants have nothing to do with the fact, we smell dap there as well. Shouldn't Khalid be educating himself with some knowledge of running the state at this time? Or too busy stuttering up some issues for the future?

The people actually had enough with khalid's bamboozle ever since he became list them might just take more time than I ever have. Anyhooo...somebody needs to remind khalid that he's just a Menteri Besar, but his powers (and balls) are with dap and anwar, he'd better ask for them back. I wonder if his so called Emergency State Assembly can ever be called without the consent of the Sultan...or they might just find another tree to meet under. Until somebody reminds him, Salve, Regi Khalid! (All Hail King Khalid)

Last note: We hope His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor, and the people of Selangor take action on the arrogance and despicable words of the Sri Muda State Assemblyman.

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