Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mosquito In Da House! Where's The Ridsect?

So, the fight that we'll never see will be between the hide-behind-the-bush anwar ibrahim and the very determined Ummi Hafilda, who had been described by anwar and hahahadi as a mosquito. But in reality, which actually goes deeper than any anal penetration that anybody in pkr/pakatan rakyat has ever felt is that, anwar is a deeply worried man.

More and more people, by the power of God, has seen more and more questionable traits and antics of anwar. Even Ummi stated that, anybody who states anything against anwar will face an attempt to frighten them away with defamation and libel suits amounting to millions of RM, but strangely Ummi and Nallakarupan had made so much statements about the core-rotten anwar but was never sued, not even for a penny.

Then there is running-around-in-circles guy, karpal. I still remember him standing proudly in Dewan Rakyat stating that he has evidence of anwar's homosexual activities, and to which he repeated that statement during the DAP convention. It was Ummi who went to see him with the misconduct allegation, to which he said it should be left to the Prime Minister at the time, assuring her that the PM will know what to do. Strangely, months later, he is the staunch supporter of the "wronged" anwar. What's worse, he is now part of Anwar's defence council, despite at one time remarking, "Anwar Brahim harus bertaubat."

Somebody should tell him that anwar was part of the reason why he and kit siang lost their penang state seats in the 1999 General Elections. I remembered asking my Chinese friend from Penang why they threw both out, to which he meekly answered, "Everybody wants the economy to recover, those 2 old clowns are screaming about anwar ibrahim. Who gives a crap about him?"

Let mosquitos into their bedroom and you'll hear them trying to swat it away, but strangely anwar is too afraid to swat Ummi...or even Nallakarupan. What do they have that scares him out of his arse? Maybe Ummi's cryptic rambling in her blog, Srikandi 7, might provide a clue, as below:

Kalau perbualan provokasi saya dengan dato sng boleh dirakam untuk memerangkap saya, dan saya juga banyak mengacah untuk menduga mereka ketika itu ,secara logiknya kalau saya berzina dengan driver atau balaci atau barua sng tu sudah pastilah video panas tersebut akan di bawa kemahkamah sebagai senjata utama mereka dan  akan memberi kemenangan besar pada mereka, kenapa tak buat, AZMIN JGNLAH MAIN KERJA KOTOR, APA KATA KALAU TO' GURU NALAKARUPAN DEDAHKAN SEGALA YG  PANAS PASAL BINI KAU TU????,SANGGUP KE TERSEMBUR NASI, SETAN DAYUS? APA PUNYA BETINA ,AKU DENGAR MAIN PUN DEPAN NALLA LEBIH DAHSYAT DAN KEJI DARI PELACUR. AKU DAH LAMA SABAR MIN, KAU JGN CARI PASAL PROVOKE AKU,NANTI KAU YG MALU BESAR. Apa dah kebulur sangat ke sampai si dayak yg makan babi, yg ngaku murtad, yg muka pun mcm babi nak jadi pilihan aku, apatah lagi kerja terkutuk mcm tu,nauzubilah minzalik.
 azmin sanggup lakukan apa saje ,walau terpaksa memfitnah adiknya demi menutup dosanya yg dayus sebagai suami,saya harap kalau dia tak bertaubat dan insaf,moga Allah berikan bala yg besar pada dia dan baginda si iban serta anwar yg telah banyak meletakkan saya di tahap paling hina.TUNGGU SAYA DI KELUARAN KHAS BERSAMA IBU SAYA DAN KAKAK-KAKAK SAYA SERTA ABANG DAN IPAR -IPAR SAYA UNTUK MENCERITAKAN SIAPA AZMIN SIDAYUS MAKAN REZEKI LENDIR UNTUK BESARKAN ANAK-ANAK.

For full article, click here.

Even Hadi can be seen not to keen in responding to the statements made by Ummi on anwar and the RM700m suit. But being choiceless when asked in front of anwar, he had to give an incredibly lame and repetetive comment.

Anwar knows that his time is running short, his court trial will resume soon, and he's running out of dramas. We did hear that his final trump card will be dismiss all his council to seek postponement. Even if he is free at them moment, he will face the dangers of 2 or more people exposing the truth about him. Politically, he lost influential allies is his political manouvering in PKR which is now totally submissive to him, what, with the-love-the-ice-cream guy azmin and his wife (still?) wan azizah at the top. Literally, both are just puppets with anwar pulling their strings.

Perhaps anwar shouldn't have pretended to be so sure, the mosquito(s) might just be spread the epidemic that he is so afraid of: TRUTH. Didn't that same mosquito made you lost your chance to be the Prime Minister back them? Whatever it is, anwar, if you pass the debate with Ummi, then only you can proceed to challenge any minister.

P.S: Wow, Ummi called anwar dajjal, and I still refer to him as one-eyed....

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