Monday, January 31, 2011

As Tenang Calms Down

There you have it: BN defeated the abomination of anwar called pakatan rakyat with a thumping 3,000+ majority. It could've been more if the floods did not restrict movements of the residents, and I am sure it will be even more if the Chinese voters voted for BN...but they did not, as shown below:

Bandar Labis Tengah (S2&3): PAS - 519, BN - 211

Bandar Labis Tengah (S4): PAS - 209, BN - 90.

Bandar Labis Tengah (S1): PAS - 123, BN - 64.

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I'm sure Chua Soi Lek will be having a tough time trying to unmuddle the quagmire he'll be in. For a guy who returned to the helm of MCA like a prodigal son, his strategy seems to fall flat in his own home.

The rain and the flood will be washing away all the filthy lies and slander that pas brought along. Even the most jovial pas supporter up north had to change his tune with me tonight. From the usual, "Mampuslah umno kali ni" to the more face-saving, "Ala, kalau UMNO letak beruk kat situ pun menang." I must disagree with that sentiment on safe seats, especially when in 2004, their betel-munching macaque lost in Pokok Sena. He did win it back in 2008 and was last seen swinging around in Tenang before getting smacked by hard facts. Sorry Mahfuz, Johoreans outsmart you...and we're talking about kindergarten level here. Seriously pas, sending Mahfuz there? Just like pas to bring a duck to a cockfight...

 I guess most Johoreans still find it amusing to see Muslims waving socialist flags. There are still certain quarters laughing incessantly when pas supporters outside the polling station waving dap flag without the slightest idea of what dap actually stands for, or would they ever know the fate of Muslims under dap rule. I'm sure if they read lee kuan yew's latest book, they might get some knowledge. Then again, knowing that books can damage their brains, let's just leave them be. After all, they are still perplexed at why their concocted do'a to destroy fellow Muslims/brothers from a different political idea did not come true. They'll be thinking about this for a long time...or at least till their brains hurt. 

Anwar got the brunt of...well, to say he was the butt of the jokes going around in Tenang would be a minor slap in the rear. I must admit that I've seen carnival-like activities when anwar is coming to town...locking up their pretty-looking sons at home and...wait, that's the wrong town. His attempt to meet the people in several Felda settlements were met ferociously by the villagers who warned anwar to stay away. It would've been nice already, but to state their intentions seriously by placing banners on anwar was a bit over the top, but hey, it worked. Anwar had to find another place, mostly in non-Malay dominated areas. I have to agree with them Anwar, settle your sodomy case first, man.

Even pas had a torried time. They were blocked by villagers (sans pitchfork and torches) from entering their villages. We do believe in democracy and the right to be heard, but if the villagers don't want you there, consider the parliament passed the bill and enacted as a law...scram!!! This proves that even people in the south doesn't want anything to do with pas, not just in certain areas of Perlis.

And Normala? Well, that poor woman...her husband might just take another few weeks MC, I don't know, maybe because of heartburn, heartbreak or even sakit hati at the loss. With her sordid past reappearing from blog to blog and mouth to mouth, I hope she will be able to return to school, back to her noble profession of giving children the gift of learning. She can only have pas strategists to blame. If they did not hit below the belt during campaigning with all their slanders and lies, her background would've been locked up safe, known only between her, her husband and her ex-husband. I won't expand on the details, but there are already various blogs which explained the full story. Well, that goes to show, what goes around, comes around.

Now that Tenang has been regained, I congratulate the new Yang Berhormat, Azhar Ibrahim for his victory. To the largely UMNO election machinery, well done. To MCA, you have a lot of work to. And now, off to Merlimau...once the water recedes.

Additional notes: At this time, I was made to understand that pas has compiled a list of excuses on their loss in Tenang. It might not sound that weird, but the fact that the list was compiled last week gave this statement a very bizarre turn. I am sure phantom voters will be among the list. I must protest because the phantom voters were actually in pas' camp. As evidence, i submit the picture on the left where Mazlan Alimin campaigning to phantom voters a few nights before, and as you can see, the place was jam packed with phantoms. I'm not sure whther they understand a word he's saying, but I was told that there was a feast of raw eggs and kaffir lime followed shortly.

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