Thursday, October 21, 2010

KJ's Crap Here, Crap There, Crap, Crap Crap!!!

We could've had the soft spoken, charismatic and iconic Mukhriz Mahathir, we could've had the out-spoken, experienced but slightly condescending Khir Toyo, but no....they had to climb into kj's cave of gold. In the end, Khairy Jamaluddin is the UMNO Youth Chief, and UMNO Youth crumbled in spirits, guts spilled and gored. Not dead, but in the painful limbo, between life and death. To all who fancies the supernatural, here's an example of how, ever since KJ's victory as UMNO Youth Chief, not to believe too much on the subject of life after death. As you can see, with KJ leading the Umno Youth, there is not much life before death itself.

It's amazing to see kj on TV last night, delivering a speech to a crowd of 98% sleeping (or least listening to MP3 or playing games on their hand phones), to which the crowd erupted to a few seconds of silence and a handful of sarcastic clapping. what was stranger to me was his claim that they (The UMNO Youth) are a group who wants to no position in party and government. I might be getting old, but the memory of KJ lobbying for ministerial post via his Pemuda cronies hasn't really dissolved away from my mind.

Of course, his speech was much praised and well liked. And of course it has...what? Who praised it? Oh yes, I forgot...who else, but his father in law, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Please allow me to reiterate: Pak Lah
 has always been an icon of a, not giant, just a sleeping fellow. The internet is rich of his pictures depicting him sleeping at almost every government function, rivaled only by Kedah's MB, Azizan. The question remains: was he actually awake to see his beloved son in law delivering the sleepy speech? The mystery deepens.

To add salt to the wound, an UMNO Youth delegate from Kedah actually criticized KJ. No, not asking KJ to resign like everybody wanted, but to "politely" scold him for not coming to Kedah often. For the record, KJ only came to Kedah twice...and that's already too much. To that delegate from Kedah, somebody should get a galah and tolong, we're not going to ask anwar ibrahim to that either. Who in their right mind wants kj to come to Kedah? The frivolous harbinger of doom, here? Why not ask Tun Abdullah to be economic advisor to Kedah while you're at it?

The time had come for Pemuda UMNO to stop this ass-worshiping attitude and get on with what the youths actually want: kick KJ out; out of the youth movement and out of UMNO. To the delegates, ketua bahagian and cawangan, remember that the more you stick with an unwanted rogue for a leader, the more grassroots’ support you lose. But still, we know that you'll never hear what we say, you can hear of tinkling sounds from the top. Not that there'll be any candle-light vigil when Pemuda is dead, but close, since it's already in an ICU state, just like UMNO Kedah's old warlords. Just like Kedah, Pemuda UMNO must dare to change before it's too late, before The Apprentice takes an even bolder step.

Update 24th October 2010:

I read an article in a Malay daily yesterday where KJ criticized those leaders who are in a category known as "Syok Sendiri." Ok, so I might agree to that statement as it actually describes the UMNO Kedah's old warlords...yes, yes, opposition too, but we're not talking about mahfuz today.

What I find most amusing is that KJ's statement seems to run off the back of him and his bunch of cronies. Not true, you say? Let's see: winning suspiciously after a more than 5 hours of ballot counting of less than 1000 votes. Claims that the whole UMNO Youth supports him but actually non-existent when looked from the grassroots' point of view. Hmmm...he goes everywhere with his own personal people to greet and show, at least, a crowd, KJ is doubt a pariah of his own design. The way things are going, UMNO Youth at the moment, will remain without balls till the day the rightful challenger kicks him out of UMNO forever. At the moment, he can go and syok sendiri...maybe along with the old warlords of UMNO Kedah.

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