Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Voices Up North : Whispers In The Wind

Well, those pakatan twerps are still doing the work of 3 people: Larry, Curly and Moe. They were seen a few days ago placing banners of themselves on the road to parliament, in protest of an UMNO banner which was
placed somewhere there as well. It's nice to see the Malays of pas and pkr hanging up the posters and banners of dap and pas, while the Chinese and Indians also hanging up the dap materials. It's amusing to see the Chinese and Indian pakatan members not even touching pas posters and banners, not even with a 10 foot stick. I am still wondering why. Maybe that's why they still worship Anwar's 1-All-Seeing-Eye.

Anyway, let's leave the red monkeys flying banners and posters up their respective... ummm... wherever they want to stick it and return up north. Since last year, there were whispers of a new Ketua Perhubungan Negeri for UMNO Kedah to replace the present Shafiee Afdal. But all of the rumors seem to die down after time. Every few months, you'll hear this again and again, and the UMNO warlords had to go all out to put out this fire. Alas, nowadays, the whispers are not whispering anymore, it's getting louder. And the wind carrying the whispers seem to blow faster and faster and you can almost smell the whiff of fear permeating in the air, mostly coming from the camps of the old UMNO warlords.

At this moment, nobody can attest to the authencity of this new Ketua Perhubungan Negeri. Even at that, in so many places, one name has been cropping up, and that will be Mukhriz Mahathir. I wouldn't be scratching my head if Jerlun and/or Kubang Pasu talks of him, but to have areas such as Baling, Sungai Petani and even Jerai? Now that's a name that spells change for Kedah and the state UMNO.

If it is true, if Mukhriz is the UMNO Kedah's Ketua Perhubungan Negeri, then finally the grassroots, instead of their state leaders, will finally get what they have always wanted, and that's maybe the first time since pak lah. Some people did declare that they did wish Najib would listen to the grassroots instead of the Ketua Cawangan or Bahagian. If this happens, maybe he did. And if he did, it's about time. Kedahans are sick and tired of the dundering blockheads...no, not mahfuz, that have been running the state from one disaster to another, to which the water problem sees no solution. It doesn't matter what pas supporters say because, all their defenses will still give no water to those affected areas. And of course, we are also sick to the stomach with old umno humpty dumptys (the warlords), who are scrambling to get positions for themselves, and most of Najib's men could never put all these humpty dumptys together again.

It must also be said that it will not be an easy road for Mukhriz if the rumors are right. He will have to work hard to establish his own footing, away from the shadows of his father in Kedah. Support from grassroots might not be much of a problem but he still needs to prove his worth. To achieve all of these might prove to be a road full of treachery for him, as we have seen what happened to his father in Kubang Pasu in the nomination to be a delegate last time. Most treacheries might be from within the state, and there might be one or two from somewhere in-between the country's capital and it's southern neighbor. Mukhriz might also find that the son of his father's closest neighbor in Kedah to be such a noisy fly. Well, it will be more noisy with the MB's chair up for grabs in a few years.

The hesitant icon of Kedah shall return? Will we see drastic measures of change sweeping up UMNO Kedah? It is about time those useless UMNO warlords find the exits waiting for them. While waiting for this, I'll just brush up on this nice 70s song by a group called Steam called Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye...

Ok, altogether now, "nanana, nanana, hey hey hey goodbye..."

And once we're done, let's recap at Kedah Sejahtera (?)

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