Thursday, October 7, 2010

CLEARING THE GARBAGE..Rubbish!!! It's Anwar's Thrash

My my!!! What a blow up. Again, another part of the truth is laid out in the open. Such that anwar and cohorts had to send thugs to gag his former aide, Rahimi Osman from talking to the media. How scared can one get into having to hide behind rough-assed mobs?

News today quoted that Latheefa Koya, PKR's information chief rubbished the whole allegation made by Rahimi. Fancy that, rubbish trying to call others rubbish. I must say that this allegation by anwar's ex-aide is not something new and not even the least surprising.

While the lawyers for anwar and the coy latheefa demand an apology from Rahimi, and while we wait for more bombshells of truth heading our way, let's look into a past case that those lawyers should be taking action.

Back in February this year, anti-anwar/pakatan blogs have been abuzz about the actual identity of a teenage girl, allegedly to be of anwar and shamsidar's. Among the articles, one of the examples can be seen here, at The Unspinners:

Looking at the way it was written, I don't think it's an allegation anymore but a downright accusation. I wonder where in the world are anwar and his team of decrepit lawyers on this issue? Shouldn't they be suing these bloggers for slander, and finally, dismiss this entire tarnishing debacle? They say Anwar used azmin's eldest daughter's DNA, falsifying the results to show that Afifa is not anwar's daughter.

I say enough of this monstrosity, anwar and get your lawyers the task of cleaning you up, anytime like, right now. Is it a wonder that people everywhere are wondering why you favor the odious azmin so much and why he's been directed to be winning everywhere?

At the same time, I'll be wondering whether you'll be taking any action on matters that concern you most at all, rather than peddling yourself to be next President of the Republic of Malaysia...

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