Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanted : Anwar's DNA's The Key...

There you have it: the attempt by the Prosecution to admit the DNA obtained from a towel, mineral water bottle and comb as the comparison to the DNA obtained from Saiful's specimen has been struck out. One might think that anwar and his cohorts, along with his half-blind supporters are rejoicing, but no. Looks like anwar just got himself out from the pothole and might be driving straight into a ditch. Well, maybe pakatan people might go to kampung areas and spin the story anyway, but they might be surprised to find that kampung people are never stupid...unless if we're talking about mahfuz.

For many legal beavers, they were quite surprised that the Prosecution pressed their luck by submitting that evidence. Police procedural drama lovers such as CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds and other shows might remember authorities getting DNA samples from evidence disposed by criminals. But there is no such thing in Malaysia as we have not passed that law yet. Any samples for DNA must be obtained in the most legal way, with full knowledge of the accused.

DNA works both ways, it can incriminate or exonerate the person accused. There have been cases where wrongly convicted individuals finally found innocent after being locked up for many years in prison, as the DNA evidence technology increases. How precise is DNA? As the building block of all living things on earth, it gives a 99% positive identification from who the sample came from, that's saying it in layman's term.

Anwar still cannot raise his fists in the air and jump with joy. As the DNA evidence that was used for comparison have been deemed "obtained unlawfully", will we finally see the DNA sample finally be obtained legally? I think that's what everybody wants...well, we can't say for anwar though. Frankly, after watching him fled from the proximity of Ummi Hafilda's speech and having to duck from anybody asking about the contents of her speech, submitting DNA wilfully might be a question that can tear his hair out.

But hey, anwar should submit, as it will clear up a lot of things that he has always claim as conspiracy against him. All those bloggers who accuse him of fathering Afifah (daughter of Shamsidar and nobody knows for sure) can be finally answered, and maybe he can prove those bloggers wrong. Who knows, he can make a few bucks from it too. Best of all, he can finally clear up the court case and get back to his campaign to wrest Malaysia away from Muslims. Like what we wrote before, DNA is the building block of ALL LIVING THINGS. anwar's DNA seems to be the building block for his future, and so far, also a stumbling block for him. C'mon what is he worried about? Give them a sample and get on with it.

If he still refuses, more people will be suspicious to as why wouldn't this chap try to clear his name? So far, why does anwar seem to think that "he'll be damned if he does, damned if he doesn't"?

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