Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pas Whipped Up By Storms

ALOR SETAR (Sinar Harian) - Lebih 150 rumah rosak manakala sebuah daripadanya ranap sama sekali akibat dilanda ribut kencang yang disertai hujan lebat petang semalam.

Tiga kawasan yang dilanda ribut itu ialah di Kuala Kedah, Alor Setar dan Pokok Sena.

Ribut kira-kira dua jam bermula pukul 6 petang itu meranapkan sebuah rumah Projek Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT) milik Shafie Chat, 70, di Kampung Simpang Empat Kuar, Mukim Padang Lalang, Alor Janggus.

Penolong Pegawai Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Kota Setar Rusmini Meh berkata, pegawai-pegawai jabatan itu telah dihantar ke kawasan terbabit untuk mendapatkan butiran lengkap bagi membolehkan bantuan disalur kepada semua mangsa.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Ketua UMNO bahagian Kuala Kedah Datuk Abdul Mutalib Haron melawat mangsa ribut turut menghulurkan bantuan segera kepada mereka sehingga pukul 1 pagi tadi.

Beliau berkata, UMNO Kuala Kedah juga akan menggerakkan Persatuan Belia 4B di kawasan terbabit untuk bergotong-royong membaiki rumah yang rosak itu.

Before taking over Kedah, for decades pas has been connecting any sort of weather turmoil, or natural disaster in Kedah as the wratch of God unleashed to punish Kedahans for electing Barisan Nasional to power. At the same time, when the same thing happened to Kelantan under their rule, it is just a test by God.

When Kedah was hit by floods in 2005, there they were, pas making remarks on how Kedahans were punished by God for electing Barisan Nasional to power. The floods of 2010, well, they tried to keep their mouths shut, but busted open when Kedahans remarked how they were punished even worse for bringing pas to power in Kedah.

Strange that under pas, it seems Kedah got hit by natural disasters again and again, and each event reveals the true face of pas. Who can ever forget pas evicting 103 flood victims from the evacuation center, taking back their aid of sardines from one relief center, disappearing for almost 3 days after Taman Wira Mergong was hit by a twister, and to name a few.

Now with 150 reported property damages, God knows how long pas representatives will disappear. Well, we did hear that UB Nasir of Kuala Kedah went to visit the grief-stricken area. We're not surprised about that as he doesn't have much to do anyway. What surprises us is that he is in Kedah for once. So far, the pas government has always been known to visit disaster areas and victims, but that's about it. Up to now, only UMNO has offered aid to the victims in any way possible.

Maybe pas should realize that everything in life can come to a full circle: what you labeled as God's wrath on other people can catch up on you as well. Worse of all, where BN succeeded in tackling the flood issue, pas government sank beneath the waves, ending up with water on the brain and blowing more hot air. pas should realize that they are not God, nor are they interpreters for God. The weather phenomenal is a global matter, not just Malaysia. We do hope, once in their lives, try to think with an open mind. Maybe should learn to use their knowledge of religion, if any exists, and use it in appropriate proportions. Either that, or tell mahfuz to stop singing; pas has already been raining crap in Kedah.

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