Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pakatan Rakyat's Desperately Seeking Crisis

Anwar's pakatan rakyat is in a middle of a quagmire at the moment, and it is a crisis they'd never thought they'd have. The crisis is...that they have crisis to fight for. But these fools are no normal fools; they did try and are still trying. Recently they tried to create tensions, first via pas; by having pas branding themselves as Islamic and nationalists as...even I'm not sure how to categorize n.ajis' thinking. At the same time, dap, via karpal poo-singh attempted a character assassination and create tensions by bringing up their very own version of the Ops Lalang history. Their very own version? Well, dap was very naughty back then, resulting in their detentions, you think would want Malaysians to know the actual truth of why they were detained?

Nik Aziz, I guess, received the heaviest blow on the head, in the form of Tun Mahathir's very own reply in his blog. His reply was enough to make any thinking man stop and realize n.ajis' follies, but of course, if only n.ajis is a thinking man. He was never a cleric; he is just a senile political dinosaur, past his extinction date, but still insisting that people follow his straight path while he walks crooked on any given line. Who can forget the heydays on n.ajis when he told voters that anybody who votes any other parties than pas is an infidel? Or that anybody who votes for pas wins a pass to heaven, so to speak. Well, Tun Mahathir's ultimate reply finally sent him crashing down to earth from his "godly" pedestal. He now denies ever branding anybody as infidels or so and wants evidence. Can somebody give him a diary, planner, scheduler or even something like Hansard...please?

Karpal did not fare any better either. His attempt to remind Malaysians of Ops Lalang and assassinate Tun's character was somehow ambushed and he got bushwhacked to pulp by none other than Tun Haniff Omar, the former IGP of Malaysia who was the actual spearhead of Ops Lalang. Tun Haniff not only confirmed, but also minutely explained the details which Karpal tried hard to hide, or even forget. But Tun Haniff is very kind; he never brought up all the reasons why Emperor Lim, Crown Prince Lim and Karpal were actually detained for. Karpal is well known by Muslims and Malays in Malaysia as the Sikh who told everybody, "Over my dead body" if Malaysia is to become an Islamic country. He was also awarded by a tight slap many years ago, compliment of a Kiyai for uttering distasteful remarks about HRH The Sultan of Selangor of the time. Among all, he still feels the brunt of being surrounded by Malays outside the Parliament who demanded an apology from him over lewd remarks that he made about the Malays. According to those who witnessed this, the so-called Tiger of Jelutong looked more like a castrated cat at the vet until his burly son made the overly bollywood dramatic rescue. Even his son looked shocked when he found out that the Malays were never scared of him and his thugonomics.

At times, one might pity pas and dap as the many decades have seen them knocked out cold by Tun Mahathir, again and again. But serves them right anyway, they thought just because Tun is retired, he'll be an easy target...until they got gored in their own decrepit asses while trying.

Since John Mallot blew his horn to signal pakatan rakyat to instigate and start any sort of racial and religious tension in Malaysia so that they can create a crisis, things never got better for them. Wait, you say Mallott's horn tooting was a signal? Of course, that's how soros' network goes about. What, you think he's just writing for fun? The signal has been given but there's no crisis to be displayed yet. Anwar's deep in (title of Shahnon Ahmad's book) for probing into some crap-hole, PKR's in the crapper with all the bigwigs leaving, pas' in-fighting between n.ajis' faction against hadi's, and dap just got caned publicly for their attempts to distort history. They even made enemies of their own strong soldiers like Zulkifli Nordin. Now, pakatan has to pay the piper.

The so-called Masa Untuk Berubah gathering by pas yesterday even left a wide unfilled gap on Saturday 19th of February 2011. It is bad enough paying people to participate and attend, but for hadi to indirectly insinuate that azizan's state government is sleeping, well, that's just rude. You don't come to somebody's house and indirectly sneer the host. I guess, in a way azizan deserves that: he doesn't conform to hadi, never supported n.ajis and hates anwar too much. Worse still, hadi was talking about how the Malaysian government oppresses the people. I agree, it's so downright scary and sad to see people forced to go to work, barred from doing other activities, not allowed to go anywhere else for fear of being shot...wait...hadi must've talking in the wrong country. Who can blame him? Too scared to go to Egypt, so, just talk trash here then.

Why do they need crisis? Anwar and pakatan realize that their chances of winning fairly in the next general election has been downgraded from "a pile of crap" to "my word, what a big cesspool", the only way to wrest the country away is by force - even if it involves violence, murder and pillage. Yes, the old "might is right" strategy. Is it a surprise to see how anwar, hadi, n.ajis and many other pakatan leaders have started to talk about how the movement in Egypt will come to Malaysia? They might not realize that a similar movement is already taking place, and it is to oust them.

It is sad to see that pakatan's state assemblyman is now choosy about helping people in their constituencies. They want only issues that they feel worthy enough to be crisis. Of course, you can ask people in Bangsar for example, everybody is wondering where their MP is? She's still playing "now you see me not, now you don't see me at all."

Attempts to sabotage government's accomplishments are rampant now: the 7.2% growth rate identified by economists has been branded as "non-existent" by opposition. To them, it doesn't exist, just like anwar's brain. The more accomplishments are made by the Malaysian government, the more it hurts pakatan's credibility...if it ever exists.

As I Have mentioned in my previous posting, mahfuz (Anwar's personal choice for pas Kedah) is a bit premature in ejaculating the Selamatkan Malaysia tag on his banners. Kedahans are still in stitches on that. Malaysia needed to be saved from anwar, the deviating pas and the socialist dap; and Kedah needs to be saved from twats like mahfuz.

There need not be any trickle of the movement in Egypt, as the wave of change will be coming to sweep pakatan off the rug, and I wonder if they will ever realize that. By then, they might find it a crisis for them to contend within themselves. In the meantime, anybody got any crisis for pakatan to make a meal of?

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