Friday, June 1, 2012

Cloudy And Rain For Pas Kedah

For pas, it has been a few years of discontent in their handling...or some might say, mishandling Kedah. The Kedah exco, led by the iron-fisted azizan alnost went into shambles when phahrolrazi and his cohorts refused to accept the re-appointment of his ecxo position, the destructive state-approved logging activities, the questionable approval on the building of a shopping centre on waqf land, the rotting infrastructure, garbage problems, drainage issues and many more. Many Kedahans have even stated that, with this Pas Kedah state government, the future state governments can't go any much lower.

The scenario among pas leadewrs in Kedah has been tense for the past few months. Everybody in pas suddenly wants to become a candidate in the next general election. Tiffs and quarrels have began taking places. There were even talks among pas members, a few months ago, on how a few of their members have jumped ship to pkr, looking for opportunities to be candidates. There's also one chap, an Ansara member who also is an insurance salesman who is a hardcore pas member, formally revoked his pas membership to be a pkr member, all of this because he wants to be the next candidate to go against Dato Bashah, the Kedah UMNO Liaison Chairman. I guess desperation calls for desperate moves.

The friction among factions in pas is beginning to rear its ugly mug. With azizan ready to drop out and taulan rasul not going for another term, the race for the MB's seat heats up between Phahrolrazi, Amiruddin, Azizan's choice and the odious Mahfuz. We have not seen any demands or calls for any of them, but there are demands for Mahfuz NOT to take his shoes off and put his smelly socks on the adjacent seat at the airport, in Firefly and Air Asia. Even mat sabu has been seen regularly at the Kepala Batas airport and he is seeking for a place to contest in Kedah. I wonder why he is never keen in contesting in Penang, I am sure his former "associates" might just vote for him lovingly.

Pas Kedah has seen the writing om the wall...literally. With grafitti marks of ABAI and slogans of anti-anwar, even the anwar-influenced faction of pas try their best not to mention pkr or anwar's name. After all, they do know that azizan is also a strong supporter of ABAI and TIBAI. We would suggest that the anwar-influenced-pas faction to join the new movement known as Cintai Insan Bernama Anwar Ibrahim. Of course, this is a blog open for all, so I am not going to announce its acronym here.

To add misery to their cause, pas' celebrated Bersih 3.0 catapulted a major backlash for them and the pakatan clowns. The anger directed by the actual peaceful bersih protesters, the fiery reactions from traders and entrepreneurs and the thunderous protests by the majority of Malaysians were loud enough to send pas reeling on their knees. They cannot deny their existence during the paid demonstration as pas played crucial parts in there as well. Their so-called unit amal pas were directed to act like terrorists to attack the police to provoke any sort of what can filmed as police brutality. Unit amal pas can be declared as terrorists-for-hire...well, at least they can do something.

Adding salt to the wound, the Masjidil Haram Sheikh Dr Sulaiman Saloomihas condemned
pas' use of religion to win votes that split the ummah assunder. (Click here for the full article To many pas leaders, they'll be thinking of how could he say something like that as that practice has been the bread and butter of pas. They have even managed to convince people of heaven if they vote for pas. But I always believe that the statement by   will have no effect on pas because, as we all know, pas is never Islam and Sheikh Dr Sulaiman is not a member of pas. Of course, they'll be attackinh him on wahabbi issues...strangely, when they pray at Masjidil Haram, they do follow the grand Imam there, regardless of mazhab or movement.

Where will Kedahans go from here? They are sick and tired of dramas and performances of pakatan in Kedah. The young and old have stated over and over again that Kedah needs a new blood. For years, there have been talks of pulling Mukhriz Mahathir, the Timbalan Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa, back to Kedah. This is, in one way, bizarre as Mukhriz is only in his first term as a Member of Parliament. However, it seems that Kedahans are mesmerized by his humble and low profile approach which won him hearts of many. I remember a few years back, how a group of free bloggers approaching Mukhriz and in a way, pleaded for him to play a role in Kedah politics. Even at that time, one can see the demand for a young blood to steer Kedah.

Mukhriz has stated that he is ready for any post but polls come first. He is serious and really committed. We have seen him going around in Kedah almost every weekend. While pas leaders and spinmasters try to dig up any dirt on Mukhriz, pas members, on the other hand, keep inviting Mukhriz to their kenduris, which he obliges without miss.

Pas Kedah's worry is understanhdable. Who among them can fix the present problems created by themselves? As for the present MB, he is not the type who wants to hear advice and goes amok when his decisions are questioned by his own exco members. Phahrolrazi is now seen as Brutus, who stands loyal in front of azizan but with his supporters ready to "dig azizan's grave" at his back. Amiruddin, outside of his constituent and among other factions, has been viewed as an usurper. Mahfuz...well, can somebody tell him to buy new socks at places other than the RM1.99 Store...And with azizan soon going to be out of the way, mat sabu will be contesting somewhere...or anywhere than he can bamboozle himself through. I hope people in that area will keep their wives locked at home.

One can almost smell the desperation in pas Kedah. Pas Kedah will be holding an event called Ijtimak Jentera Pilihanraya Pas on the 1st of June 2012. As usual, Stadium Darulaman is already filled by pas members, and again, most of them spoke with an east coast slang. Why do pas keep importing people for their events, and it seems that are importing more for this event. Well, I'm hoping that this time it will be better than the doomed pakatan konvensyen earlier this year. No, it's nothing political, it's just that the last convention not only failed, the imported supporters didn't even spend much at famous Alor Setar eateries. This time, we hope they could at least spend more at Pekan Rabu, or at least Nasi Lemak Haji Ali.Yes, that's true, I don't care about the ijtimak event.

What will the war-cry be for pas? It has been clear that pas has nothing to do with Islam. Kedahans have seen that state progress were never initiated by the state government. Places which were announced as development such as KUIN in Kuala Ketil remains barren. Logging has come to such a point that several rain-catchment areas can be seen stripped bare. Still on logging, I wonder how much the state made from logging and how come Kedah is still considered broke? There are times even pas members are amazed on how azizan can announce the non-existent progress and development with such a straight face. Of course, rumours that he sucks on a lime or lemon beforehand is still unfounded.

Hypothetically, if Mukhriz becomes the MB of Kedah, it will be a major task to repair the damages that have been inflicted by the present state government. How long it will take is another matter. Kedah is expecting unpredictable weather these next 1 or 2 months, but for pas Kedah, they might just find more rain coming their way.

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