Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Bar Council: Give Them The Lee Kuan Yew's Remedy

This an article which I found to offer a very suitable and best solution to deal with the group of clowns who think that are powerful above the rest and supports illegal and violent rallies instead of upholding the law. No, not PT Barnum and Bailey Show, those clowns are entertaining, I am talking about the lawless Bar Council. The years have shown that are just bitches to the fact, it is so good to see that how the government and public always prefer not to pay too much attention to these mistresses of pakatan. Even many Muslim lawyers seem to stay away from them. I don't know why Bar Council has that illussion that the government and the public are afraid of them. Maybe the Malaysian public is afraid of their fees.

Anyway, here's the article from Hantulaut:

The Bar Council: Give Them The Lee Kuan Yew's Remedy
Hantu Laut

Yes! Start a new bar, academy of law or whatever, where lawyers are lawyers,  not loudmouth politically bias legal pariahs cooking the government's goose for the opposition.

It's as clear as day they are taking sides.

Start a new bar council or influence members of the bar to kick out the punkish committee, the progeny of that opposition mole Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Defender of freedom and the downtrodden, my foot!

This government wasn't born yesterday.Stop fooling the people that you are lawyers, you are not, your are uncouth lawyers and politicians.

Step into the ring if you want a fair fight.Don't shit on me under the protective cover of the Legal Profession Act

Yes! Give them the Lee Kuan Yew's remedy for their long suffering illness.

In 1988, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew when debating the bill on the new Academy Of Law said it was his duty to put an end to politicking in professional bodies.

He said “If you want to politicise, you form your own party… you think you can be smarter than the government and outsmart it, well, if you win, you form the government. If I win, we have a new Law Society. It is as simple as that,”

Members of The Bar Council have lost  their impunity. They have shown complete indiscretion and abused of the Legal Profession Act.

Enough is enough! It's time to kick their arses!

It must be noted that I don't really agree on the part of kicking their asses. Maybe we should take the law book, study them properly, turn it up sideway, and cram it up their candied-asses...yes, yes, I know, they might enjoy it. That will be irnony with a capital I and a spike up their asses, dealing with Bar Council by using an act that they hate most by a country-island that they worship most.

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