Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bersih 3.0 - Suffering The Consequences of Their Own Actions

It all started with a dream: anwar thought bersih 3.0 will finally make him President of Malaysia, Azmin thought he and nurul izzah will be Vice President, along with guan eng. They thought they'll be having Roman orgies in Putrajaya, all sexual allegations thrown aside and serve their masters well...well, that did not happen. What bersih 3.0 brought was nothing but misery, first to Malaysians, and now to pakatan themselves.

It has been seen how the squabble between the actual bersih demonstrators have now voiced out vocally against anwar's hijacking (or at least that's what they thought) of the event by his paid rioters. Those who came to actually protest peacefully saw their lives rolling in front of their eyes when the sponsored demonstrators took over and rampaged through the area. The young independent film-maker did confront anwar (for full story, click here ), but as usual, when anwar finds himself unable to defend or justify anything, he ensure that the young man was manhandled away from the press conference.

The ambiguous ambiga did not fare better either. After "strangely" unable to control (again and as usual) her bersih 3.0 demonstrators from going berserk on cue, she has since never apologized or at least try to look sorry for the paid destruction bersih 3.0 made. Traders and small entrepreneurs who have long been angry with bersih organizers this time set up peaceful protests and there's even a burger stall set up in front of her home. (for story, click here ). With burgers, ambiga was also served buns by Army veterans today (for full story, click here ). So far, we haven't seen anwar with sausages and azmin with refreshing medical ice-cream.

Speaking of anwar and ambiguous...errr...ambiga, from the turmoil of anwar's press conference, it seems that: 1) Ambiga actually planned a peaceful demonstrations 2) anwar planned the riot 3) A miscommunication between anwar and ambiga almost cost the actual peaceful demonstrators their lives Really? It looks more like ambiga knows what anwar has been cooking all the while, but never bothered to tell her participants.

Still on the two pagliaccis, what about the so-called NGOs who supported the rally? It sounds grand when anwar and ambiga stated that 80 NGOs supported them, but really, why are 61 of them never existed? It's bad enough that bersih is funded by non-Malaysian groups who had more success in the Middle East, but a rally supported by non-existent groups too? (For full story and list, click here )

The bersih 3.o performance fiasco brought an almost forgotten individual back into the limelight. Tan Sri Rahim Noor, the former Police IGP, famous for giving anwar the black eye, called the decrepit n.ajis, pas' mursyidul am leader as Father of Infidels, or "Bapa Kafir." The statement was highly controversial, especially for devout pas worshippers who consider the statement as a sacrilege. For other Muslims who know n.ajis as just another politician disguised as an ulama, the statement was in a way, well, not very nice to say but accurate in many degrees. For a man who uses and manipulates Islam for his advantage in order to win polls just got what he deserved. Paying people in order to cause destruction and he branded the violent acts as halal? Praising a program sponsored by euro-jewish conspirators from the same piggy bank that was used to murder Palestinians and create chaos and deaths in other Muslim countries? Verily, n.ajis is a lost cause and a lost soul. We would suggest that he meet somebody like Sheikh Imran Hosein, but we know that n.ajis will claim that he's too pious for that.

Even the socialist dap was not spared from these ass-biting repercussions of bersih 3.0. The vocal protests from their own national Vice Chairman, YM Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim was deemed too much by the socialists. The senator's term was not extended and the highly principled Tunku Aziz left dap with his dignity intact and the socialists in shambles.

Tunku Aziz joined dap in 2008 and was almost immediately appointed as Vice Chairman of the party in the same year. Of course, dap stated that it was the honor bestowed on Tunku although it was actually a bait trying to get Malays to join dap. Dap is no stranger to riots and unrests, as we have ready history, especially when it comes to the May 13th incident. Just like the communists who tried to enlist Malays to be in their godless and violent fight, dap tried to entice any Malays who are dimwitted enough to join their socialist group by placing a Malay at the top of their party. So, did dap take action on Tunku Aziz because he really spoke against the bersih rally or is it because Tunku Aziz was trying to stop fellow Muslim Malays from being jack-asses who had been played into the one-eyed game? We have seen in the past how dap always stayed at home everytime a demonstration erupts violently, where Muslims go against Muslims, Malays go against Malays. Dap would really love that. Tunku Aziz has parted way with dap(, and it seems that dap's mega-bucks cannot buy him now.

Pas is now waiting with bated breath as the Saudi government will decide on the pilgrimage quota for Malaysia. It all started when some yellow-brained pas members decide to bring Bersih rally to Mecca, hoping it will go viral. Well, somebody please give that twit something anti-viral, the Saudi government went ballistic as they have seen the destructive force of something similar to that in the countries around them, and truth to say, bringing a jewish-sponsored program to Mecca is never a good idea. If the Saudi government really reduces the quota, then pas and pakatan will be condemned by thousands upon thousands of eager pilgrim-to-be who might just see their chances of going to pilgrimage to Mecca being delayed, all of this because some chaps from a party who thought they are most Islamic ruin them all with some yellow shirt and jewish-sponsored ideology.

The bersih rally cry during Najib's visit was described as something very comical. My cousin e-mailed me on this matter, and I saw it on Youtube. It seemed that only 2 or 3 people try to sabotage the event with the bersih chant, but instead of the chant getting viral, Najib replied to them kindly, and this in short humuliated the few, and the majority of Malaysians there were so happy when the hecklers finally shut up. It seems that Malaysians there are still talking about the cool reaction of Najib, and those few bersih supporters are still extremely angry because nobody supported them.

So, what have been the benefits of bersih 3.0 to pakatan? Looks more like they had fire up in their asses, now ain't that a kick to their heads?

How would a rally which has been designed, strategized and funded by cronies of the one-eye benefit Malaysians when the same program in a different cover caused so much misery and death in other Islamic countries?

What's so Malaysian about bersih when the money for the program and participants come from outside of Malaysia?

How would Malaysians benefit from bersih when it made so much destruction on properties which have been paid for by Malaysians through their taxes?

Even when the program was taken abroad for viral reasons, it became pathetically insignificant, and even if it did, Malaysian Muslims who want to go on pilgrimage now are threatened with a reduction in quota because of it.

Malaysians have seen the violence and the terrible devastation brought upon by bersih 3.0, and I guess by now Malaysians really want to let anwar and his pakatan to feel the repercussions. Maybe it is ime for anwar and his pakatan to suffer the consequences of their own actions. On this, I remember my old Ustaz, who at one time said, "Evil intentions will only bring undesirable repercussions to one's self."

Too bad, Anwar. Maybe you'll need the one-eyed to send his army to make you President. 

Ambiga said, there'll be no Bersih 4...really, who believes her anyway? It's not her call anyway.

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