Monday, March 25, 2013

pas Kedah Building Mosques With Hot Air

Synonym with being an Islamic country are the abundance of mosques or the Islamic worship house. Derived from the word "masjid" (prostration in prayer), the mosque has long played its role in the religious, social and political structure in any Muslim society. Satill, there is denying that there are certain groups who prefer to use the mosque as a place to spread their ideology. During the Umayyad Caliphates, the mosque was used to humiliate Ali Bin Abi Talib and his family, along with his descendants, every week during the Friday sermons. The practice was stopped many decades later, although the same modus can still be seen today in Malaysia when it comes to pas promoting themselves.

I am sure when we talk about PIS (Parti Islam Semenanjung), there will be people connecting the party to mosques as they are assumed to be pious and well-read in Islamic knowledge. Without any surprise, pas Kedah published a book listing their successes in administering Kedah since 2008, titled "Sayangi Kedah Sejahtera."

In the book, it was listed that the Kedah State Government under pas built 12 mosques around Kedah. The listing is as below:

So, what's wrong with building 12 mosques? Wouldn't it be good compared to anwar ibrahim and his jewish-funded pakatan's pluralism's agenda? Of course, it is good, but the problem here is that, pas built none of the mosques. All the mosques were built by the federal government, and pas didn't even have the courtesy to say thank you.

So, what did pas build in the 5 years they are in power. Even the surau for KUIN was never built despite having the allocations for it. Here is an interesting scenario :

The request for the repairs and expansion of Masjid Telaga Batu in Kubang Pasu, Kedah was made by the Mosque Committee via Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir about 2 years ago, and it was approved by the Prime Minister, from which the Federal Government provided the necessary funds for the building. How in the world did the mosque landed under pas' achievements?

For decades, pas has used mosques to instigate their propaganda to those who are fooled by pas' "Islamic" image. Pas also pioneered the 1 Mosque, 2 Imams and 2 Jemaah concept when hadi declared that UMNO supporters are infidels. Wresting Kedah from BN has been their long dream, but their rule has only proven that pas is anything BUT Islamic, despite azizan's smart but shrewd strategy by not conforming to either n.ajis nor hadi...anwar? Azizan hates anwar, nuff said.

So, if they never built any single mosque in Kedah, where is the money? The Sayangi Kedah Sejahtera listed how revenues are increasing, that all investments are returning profits, but still, Kedah ends up in debt.

We have always understood that lies and fitna has essentially been pas' flesh and blood, but lying about mosques? I think pas Kedah has stepped a bit too far? Will they end up up walking in the path of the one-eyed, like how n.ajis and hadi found themselves in? If you didn't build it, just keep quiet, and nobody will layeth the smacketh down at you, but nooo...they had to poke their dirty fingers up to somebody else's nose.

The only link betwee pas and worship house? It's that 100+year old madrasah that they were adamant to demolish in order to build a shopping complex. The other one was when pas tried to justify their means by claiming that the Souq Al-Bukhary was built on the former Masjid Alor Malai site which has no bearing at all, as seen here .

That is pas' Kedah Sejahtera. It is of no wonder that there are a growing number of ulama who decreed it as Haram voting for pas. Where is pas Kedah headed? If they can create stories about mosques, I wouldn't dare to predict what fitna they will derive from later.


  1. Isk...iskk...malunyaaa jadikkkk ahli syurga PAS..x buat masjid kata buat masjidd....adussss

  2. .

    I believe they the PAS ( Party All Seasons ) - built mosques @ "mendirikan masjid" @ menikah satu lagi !

    Useless leaders like Ostud Birdiebadrool Amien - played his part in this Memunahkan Masjid with someone wife.

    Not forgeting Instant Dumbo Oststuzah Abby trying her luck in finding a man of her life.

    Same goes to Oststuzah Aishah & Ostud Bozo of the year Bobby Lockman.

    This buggers can talk co*k & sing-song. Look good but unfortunately totally no subtance.

    What a bunch of Bozo Sarkas!




    1. I have to agree that that's what they seem to do well. I must admit that Kedah has had enough of 5 years under azizan's ringling circus. They did nothing, but claimed everything that other people did as theirs.

  3. Nampak sangat PAS dah terdesak nak mampos.

  4. From nile bowie latest entry @; "pas' management record in kelantan and kedah shows that the party places less emphasis on economic development, focusing more on penal code and the suppression of life style choices that do not adhere to their interpretation of islam - this is not the kind of change that progressive-minded malaysian have been calling for and they should not be fooled into giving this party a mandate to lead".

    1. Agree with you there...although I wouldn't say that pas Kedah place less emphasis on economy, in fact,in 5 years there is no economic progress in Kedah...well, unless you consider the timber concessions for their own pockets...

      I am a bit confused on the penal code and lifestyle suppression. In 5 years, pas Kedah approved more entertainment outlets and pubs compared to all predecessors put together. If they are suppressing, then they have been indeed, suppressing Islam.


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