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Jawatankuasa Pemandu : Driving Kedah To Utter Confusion

Much has been said about this Jawatankuasa Pemandu which was suggested by phahrolrazi's zionist-loving pakatan group. It has always been anwar's dream to have any pakatan state obey and adhere to anything that he says and supports him in any wrong-doings. With this Jawatankuasa Pemandu, his dreams move a step closer with phahrolrazi as his dummy.

Pas' offcial schwarz-schtick, mahfuz was quoted in Sinar  as saying that the MB's power will not be usurped in any way. This is because the Jawatankuasa Pemandu is appointed to advice the leaders and not in the matters of administration...really. Seriously, can pas, next time, send somebody with an IQ of more than 25 to make statements? I could almost swear my cat committed suicide the moment mahfuz said that.

So, the Pemandu Committee does not usurp the MB's power? Let's see, contrary to mahfuz' statement, on March 5th Phahrolrazi was quoted as saying that (full article, click here )

“Yang paling penting matlamat kami tercapai iaitu inginkan perubahan dalam corak pentadbiran negeri, di mana kuasa bukan lagi dominan pada Menteri Besar dan mesyuarat Exco semata-mata. Kini, jika ada pandangan berbeza, boleh dirujuk pada jawatankuasa ini,”
(What is most important is that our objectives are achieved which is to see a change in the pattern of state administration, where power will not be dominated by the Menteri Besar and the Exco exclusively. Now, should there be any difference in opinion, it can be referred to this committee)

For a chap who claims to be a professional like phahrolrazi, ignorance and anwar must've blinded him. The constitution recognizes the Menteri Besar as the state leader, and his power over the running of the state administration is in his hands. Executive decisions are made by him and his exco. The majority in the exco over-rides the minority, and if phahrolrazi does not agree on something but the majority of the exco does, then know your role and shut your mouth. You are running a state and there's no time for you to run and cry to your mama just because other exco members do not support you.

Where will the Jawatankuasa Pemandu be placed in the constitution?

The Menteri Besar is appointed by The Sultan, usually the leader of a party which won the election, or somebody nominated by the respective winning parties. The Sultan, with advice from his council, will choose and endorse the suitable candidate.

The MB, in turn, appoints his exco, and there is no provision how many they are and what portfolio they hold. Exco members hold a term of 1 year of office. Little known fact is, the State Secretary and State Financial Officer from the State Civil Service are also part of the exco. It was also known that, during Dato Syed Nahar Shahabuddin's tenure as MB, the Pengarah Tanah & Galian was also an exco member to facilitate the many inquiries on land matters.

Unless it is by royal commission, or appointed by the MB, the Jawatankuasa Pemandu has no where to be placed in the state constitution.

Is the committee above the Sultan? Well, even pas members know well never to go there...unless they're contemplating suicide.

Is the committee above the MB? Only the Sultan is above the MB as he reports directly to the Sultan and take any advice from the Sultan without any buffers. Is the committee above the Exco? Exco is appointed by the MB and in no way, can have the committee in between.

So what if phahrolrazi and maybe one or two more do not agree with azizan? If 3 out of 10 disagree and the rest agree, what more do you want to say? You're out-voted. To have the committee referred to everytime one or two disagree with the MB will only lead to the state not having any progress at all...not that it has any in the first place.

So, how does phahrolrazi want to deny the powers stipulated by the state constitution? The committee will be political, not executive or administrative in any way whatsoever. So, what terms of reference will phahrolrazi bring if he tries to bring the committee into the picture? In fact, wouldn't it be downright rude and unworthy for anybody to usurp the power of the crown by placing themselves as the power to advice instead of the Sultan? Isn't it also unconstitutional to bring a group of people, elected or not, from this state or not, to interfere the running of the state? Kedahans will ask then who's running the state; the government they chose, or the sponsors who contributed to anwar's funds along with the massacre of palestinians?

How fair will the committee be? Even among pas' supporters, talks are rife that the Jawatankuasa Pemandu will be filled of anti-azizan members, hell-bent on ousting him from the seat. Plots have also been drawn to name azizan as the sacrificial lamb if pas loses Kedah in PRU-13. Even that doesn't really surprise me. In the hunt for power, and with anwar poking in from behind, do you think pas cares about Islam? That'll be the first thing that is thrown out the window.

Safe be said, Jawatankuasa Pemandu is unconstitutional, as stated by azizan. It has no place in the governance of the state nor does it have executive and administrative power. As many concluded, the committee is a ploy to sabotage the running of the state just because one or two key people who are pro-anwar LGBT pakatan disagree. Where is the democracy then?

Maybe phahrolrazi and his jewish-supporting pakatan cohorts should stop assuming that Kedahans are gullible and stupid. Never ever assume that, just because many Kedahans are from kampungs doesn't mean they have no idea what the constitution is all about?

For Kedahans, all of these events have the elements that mark the coming of change to Kedah. The demolitions, the destructions, the conspirings, the in-fightings and the hunger for power amongst pas leaders only serve as the catalyst to a countdown. Kedahans are ready for a change, and Gelombang Merah is coming with it.

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