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Hamas Rolling Over Anwar's Spins...Hamas Never Agreed With Anwar's Stand

I always remember my friends who were involved in volunteer aid groups, who spent time helping Palestinian refugees who had been victimized by the vile regime of the non-semitic zionist jews. Many of them keep telling how, everytime they tell the refugees that they are from Malaysia, the name Mahathir is uttered from their mouths. The same happened in Bosnia during the Balkan conflicts.

Tun Mahathir did so much that he can in standing up for the rights of the Palestinians and Bosnians. Even now, despite no more as a Prime Minister, he still dedicate a lot of his time for their plight. Undoubtedly, he is a celebrated statesman, although he himself never admitted to be one.

On the far side of the scale, we have the questionable anwar ibrahim. Since his release from prison, we have seen him working hard to pass himself as a statesman as well. He has even instructed his writers and bloggers to label him as a statesman, although nobody can be sure whether he's even fit to be an estates-man. Since Palestinians and Bosnians have no idea who he is, anwar dedicated himself as the champion for human rights, the new religion that is spreading fast around the world.

However, with his remarks about supporting Israel's security hitting Muslims in the face, anwar got more than what he bargained for. His name became famous, strangely not for the reasons he wished. Palestinians now know his name, though it can be assumed that they wish they never heard it. Anwar's name was even celebrated by Jerusalem Post, while Muslims were shocked and appalled. Well, I guess that's why sometimes you have to be careful with what you wish for, you might just get it albeit on the wrong end of the spectrum.

I have written, earlier this week, on anwar's supposed meeting with Hamas and sharing the same stand (article here ) Anwar has claimed that his stand, based supposedly on Ismail Haniyeh's statement, was understood and shared by Hamas. Given the timing and the events happening, it never really made sense. Let me recount them in chronological order:

2006 - Ismail Haniyeh, who was about to become the Palestinian Prime Minister, was quoted by Washington Post as saying:

“If Israel withdraws to the ’67 borders, then we will establish a peace in stages... Number one, we will establish a situation of stability and calm which will bring safety for our people — what (Hamas founder) Sheikh (Ahmed) Yassin called a long-term hudna (truce). If Israel declares that it will give the Palestinian people a state and give them back all their rights, then we are ready to recognize them.”

2006 (a day later) - Ismail Haniyeh refuted the interview, saying that Washington Post misquoted him as he never made any statement saying that he will recognize Israel as a state. In short, the supposed stand stated by Washington Post never existed.

26 January 2012 - Anwar made his famour remark on his support for Israel - and starts using the Washington Post misquoted article as the basis of his stand

Early February 2012 - Hamas and Fatah signs and endorses an agreement in Doha, reconciling after years of conflict. Agreement stipulates only ruling and administrative details with nothing pointing to any stages or intentions of recognizing Israel as a state whatsoever.

11 February 2012 - Anwar Ibrahim's blog released 2 pictures showing him meeting the Hamas Leader, Khalid Mashal and Sheikh Dr Yusoff Qardhawi. No details were given, and no other media in the world reported the meeting. Anwar's supporters mostly assume and claim that this is the meeting where anwar explained his stand, which is purportedly "in line" with the stand taken by Hamas on Israel.

11 February 2012 - Ismail Haniyeh, who was visiting Iran, announced that Hamas will never recognize Israel

14 February 2012 - Ismail Haniyeh and Hamas officials conveyed their shock and dismay to anwar's support for Israel through Nasharuddin Mat Isa, MP for Bachok. Message was conveyed to him in Kuwait.

21 February 2012 - Anwar met with nik aziz, and during interview, he reiterated his stand, quoting almost all the points based on the Washington Post misreporting. In fact, he used the misquoted Washington Post report to justify his stand.

The update that burst anwar's bubbles is that Hamas, through the deputy chairman of its political bureau Dr Mousa Abu Marzook, denied sharing a similar stand as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who supports the security of Israel. (Full report here )

Dr Mousa also said Hamas will never recognise the Zionist regime as its existence is invalid.

Should anwar reiterate on somebody missing the part about "contingents" or "stages", let it be known that Dr Mousa has simply stated, "In any case, Hamas will not recognise Israel.” Period!

So what was anwar's meeting with Khaled Mashaal and Sheikh Yusoff Qaradawi all about? With their extreme stand, especially by Qaradawi on Israel and anybody who supports Israel, I don't think they will take anwar's stand kindly, let alone his claim that the stand was based on Hamas'.

Anwar's so-called human rights stand has so far taken him to Malaysia's dark alleys so far. His support for Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexual and Transgendered, and now for Israel, has drawn fire from the Muslim community not just from Malaysia. Of course, by doing so, he has drawn himself as the darling of the west. It matters so much to him about the security of Israel, but not to the genocide brought about by the descendents of the tribe who were locked away behind a wall of iron and copper between the two ranges, who tried to pass themselves off as semites.

Let's face it: Tun Mahathir was branded as "anti-semitic" for his "Jews kill by proxy" statement. Even that label was ridiculous as only 21% of jews in Israel are semitic, while the rest of the semitic world are the Arabs. Anwar ranted during the Freedom Flotilla rally on the cruelty of Israel, yet bundles off to meet up jewish lobbyists in US to apologize and get support.

Anwar's statement of defence for the pro-Israel was riddled with pot-holes. It never made sense how leaders of Hamas with extreme views, such as killing any person who supports Israel, can even share and support anwar's position, and how anwar claimed that the stand was Hamas'. If it were, then Ismail Haniyeh wouldn't have announced that Hamas WILL NEVER recognize Israel during his visit to Iran shortly after that.

The jig is up, anwar. Where will he go from here? Many are betting that anwar will be spinning stories such as:
1) UMNO paid Hamas to say that statement
2) Hamas' policies/stand changed after he met them
3) Dr Mousa did not read anwar's whole statement
4) It was not Dr Mousa who made the statement, but an actor paid by UMNO
5) Hamas is like UMNO
etc etc...

I wonder how many times anwar has bamboozled Qaradawi into defending him since the famous "Qaradawi defended Anwar" vcd a few years back.

But who cares what anwar will spin. His spin on his pro-Israel statement has so far reached its end of its tether. Even before Dr Mousa's statement, it can be detected from their spins on how stressful it has become for pro-pakatan bloggers to defend anwar on this issue.

I am sure anwar and his cohorts are much busier, trying to spin Dr Mousa's statement, trying to sift through Tun Mahathir's letters so that they can twist it around, look for major plots to clear the "your-wife-is-my-sleeping-partner" badrul aming. We also understand that a major shipment of omega-sized panadols are being shipped to their office every now and then...well, at least they don't need lubricants.

Well, I have always noticed how anybody who has a scandal and issues that can threaten anwar's position "vanish" until such time. With Hamas still shocked and upset over anwar's statement, maybe anwar should just disappear...

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