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Letters From Tun Mahathir

While anwar is strunggling to prove himself to his one-eyed sponsors that he is affable as a leader of a country, his problems are more compounded than ever with a string of "mishaps."

Pkr is facing flak from the public with the chap who had proclaimed him as the Mahdi. Yes, the self proclaimed ustaz who found it hard to keep his robes on, who claimed to be beaten by 20 men who never were and now suffering from injuries that doesn't exist. Not to mention, Kedah's Menteri Besar made it obvious through his statement that he's not bothered of anwar ibrahim and opted to follow hadi. Not enough with the tight slap from Azizan, anwar got stubbed up his behind when Haji Hadi chided the MP for Kuantan, Fuziah Salleh openly for not referring the Lynas issue to the right people as Pas has Che Rosli, a nuclear scientist who is also the MP for Hulu Langat. Then again, how can Hadi contend with Fuziah's arrogance in being ignorant?

As anwar has been taking swipes, accusing Tun Mahathir of being openly friendly with Israel, and of congratulating Israel. Well, anwar is facing a backlash now with the government releasing the letters by Tun to 2 Israeli Prime Ministers on seperate occassions.

Dr Mahathir's Letter To Benjamin Netanyahu

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 29 (Bernama) -- The following is the letter written by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel in 1997, as released by the Foreign Ministry here today.


14 March 1997

His Excellency
Mr Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel

Your Excellency,

Your letter dated January 23rd only reached me yesterday. I appreciate very much your taking the trouble to inform me on the situation in Palestine and the region. Unfortunately much of what you have written has been overtaken by events.

Malaysia believes in peace and in settlement of problems between neighbours through negotiations. As a last resort, we turn to third parties. In disputes over territories between Malaysia and Singapore and Malaysia and Indonesia we have agreed to get the World Court to decide. Dispute between Malaysia and Thailand over territorial waters was resolved by agreeing to share the non-marine resources equally.

Within the country, disparities in wealth distribution between the indigenous people and those of immigrant origins were resolved through affirmative action in which the have knots would have a bigger share of a growing economic cake but there would be no expropriation and redistribution of what already belonged to the descendants of immigrants. Everyone has very nearly a fair share now and everyone is fairly satisfied. Relations between the different races in Malaysia are good and not disruptive.

The important point I would like to stress is not to take what already belongs to others even though historically they may be yours. Lately, Israel has been pulling down Arab dwellings in order to erect houses for Israelis. The whole world, including your ally, the United States condemns this. But Israel has gone ahead.

You condemn Syria for making threats. But their threats are the response to your own action. If you forcibly take over land and property belonging to the Palestinians, the only response if they are not to violently act against you, is to threaten to act against you. If they cannot retaliate and they cannot voice their intended retaliation, than they would have to submit to all your action no matter how wrong. What you are doing now is against the spirit and the letter of the peace process agreed to by your predecessor. How can we trust Israel if a change in the government negates solemnly given undertakings by a Government of Israel. Please reconsider your decision to build new Jewish settlements on Arab land.

The Israeli youths are here. Our intention is to show them that Muslims are normal rational people who want to live in peace and freedom. We hope that they will have a new impression of Muslims and Islam. There will be aberrations among Muslims but there are also aberrations among Jews and Christians and people of every religion. No religion should be judged by these aberrations. We hope that the youths will understand Muslims better and will want to be at peace with them. To have peace you have to make sacrifices. The Palestinians no longer demand the elimination of Israel. They are even prepared to share Jerusalem with you. They have made sacrifices.

We should remember that when Jews were persecuted in Europe, they had always found sanctuary among Muslims in Muslim countries. We don't regard Israelis as eternal enemies. But we cannot help but sympathise with the Palestinians because their land is being taken away from them now. It may have belonged to Jews three thousand years ago. A lot of traditional Malay land have been made part of Thailand. But we are not claiming Southern Thailand as part of Malaysia. If we go too far into the past we cannot live with our neighbours.

We are ready to have economic and technological cooperation with Israel but we cannot do so yet because you have not honoured commitments made by a legitimate Government of Israel. We would like to think that once we have established relations with you, it would be permanent.



Dr Mahathir's Letter To Ehud Barak

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 29 (Bernama) -- The following is the letter written by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Ehud Barak, Prime Minister Elect of Israel, in 1999, as released by the Foreign Ministry here today.


8 June 1999

His Excellency
Mr Ehud Barak Prime Minister Elect of Israel

Your Excellency,

May I extend my congratulations on your victory in the recent elections. With this impressive mandate, I hope that you and your coalition partners will be able to guide the destiny of the people of Israel at the threshold of a new Century.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Malaysia has always sought peace and the settlement of problems between neighbours through negotiations. It is therefore our hope to see the mutual implementation of the agreements signed between the PLO and Israel. We also believe that if the peace process is to be salvaged, sincere and effective steps must be taken to honour commitments.

As an important partner in the peace process it is crucial for Israel to be more accommodating. The Palestinians have made major sacrifices. They no longer demand the elimination of Israel. They are even prepared to share Jerusalem with you. It is therefore timely that Israel respond positively so as to sustain the hopes of the people in both Palestine and Israel. Solemn commitments made by a previous Government must be honoured. The alternative I am afraid, would be a permanent state of conflict and regional instability extending into the next Century. This is certainly a prospect that must be avoided.

The crux of the problem is that no party should revert to the old ways of taking what belongs to others, on the one hand and instigating hatred and violence, on the other. Malaysia cannot countenance aggression by anyone, whether friend or foe. Any country that forcibly takes over land and properties of others, or demolishes dwellings belonging to others in order to set up its own settlements cannot be said to be sincere in wanting peace.

Malaysia is of the firm conviction that the security of all countries in West Asia can only be assured with the establishment of a just, lasting, and comprehensive peace in the region. This must be based on the principle of "exchange of land for peace" and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The world looks forward to Israel under your leadership, to push forward the peace process with true determination. It is my sincere hope that the attainment of a comprehensive settlement in the region would allow Malaysia to realistically envisage a positive move towards the establishment of normal relations with Israel.

Yours sincerely,



Maybe Tun's less than friendly but diplomatically toned letter drew ire from anwar, as both letters proves that there was nothing friendly between Malaysia under Tun Mahathir and Israel. So far, the only one supports Israel using a non-existent Hamas stand is anwar ibrahim.

Anwar's headache is now apparent, he will now have to rely on his spin-master, the deluded saifuddin nasution to find any way to turn this story around. Most probably, he will take something out of context, as usual, and spin it around to any imbeciles that might believe the pro-Israel leader of pakatan.

That's anwar, in 2008 he looks like he is running a country; now, well, he looks like he's trying to run away from the country.

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