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Pas Kedah: MB Azizan’s Year Of Living Dangerously

The worried business and commercial community yesterday heaved a sigh of relief after 8 exco members were sworn in with Azizan leading the way as the Menteri Besar of Kedah. Most of them were quite worried as there were speculations that the state government might be in limbo with certain exco members sabotaging the event. This did not happen, and the good news is, Kedah State Exco were retained while 2 opted not to accept. The bad news for pas is: the business community doesn’t care which party you are from, as long as somebody is there to sign, approve and validate their proposals and submission for projects, all can have their sighs of relief.

So what happened after all the big hullabaloo? It has been a very long open secret that there have been factions in Kedah pas, working so hard to oust Azizan from his post. Kedahans know too well that phahrolrazi was Azizan’s favorite successor, with Amiruddin, Taulan and the odious Mahfuz Omar also eyeing on how to wrest that seat away.

Despite interference by the jewish-supporting pakatan leaders, Azizan has proven that he is the enfant terrible of them all, by publically stating that he only obeys his leader, Haji Hadi, who is the President of Pas. (For full article, click here )

Somehow, with that statement and his explanation, many now believe that Azizan might suffer from the consequences of his own actions. He has, this time, slapped the butt-stabbing anwaristas of pas by not heeding what the other pakatan leaders have instructed. But Azizan has been well-known to Kedahans to be somebody who does not conform to any of the pakatan factions.

Haji Hadi and n.ajis were swiped by him at one time, when they were told to take care of their own state administration rather than interfere with his.

Azizan’s loath of anwar ibrahim was never disguised. He is one state-pakatan leader who never bothers to meet anwar at any time. Even when anwar visits Kedah, almost everybody in the audience notice how he never even turn to look at anwar, and even there were some who can feel the icy chill wind blowing between them. By now, many have already known of azizan’s many quips on anwar during the sodomy trials, such as “berani buat, berani tanggung la.”

Among his exco members, Azizan has always been known as “a mean old bully”, shouting and swearing his way to get things done. According to doctors, this is one of the major factors that lead him to be hospitalized every now and then. For a man who is diabetic, with high-blood pressure and a heart problem, being temperamental is not really a good way to relieve stress. I guess that is easier to diagnose than finding any traces of injury on this one self-proclaimed ustaz who claimed that he was beaten for 20 minutes by 20 men Anywho…most of his members have been known to stay away from him before and after exco meetings as nobody can stand him. Only 2 exco members, phahrolrazi and amiruddin can stand and tolerate his massive, ear-shattering, non-Islamic rantings. It has been very popular among the Wisma Darul Aman stewards to bet which exco gets shouted and sworn at during the weekly exco meetings. Who can ever forget the day when Azizan flared his temper and nostrils when a journalist asking, on behalf of the 2010 Kedah flood victims, about the failure of the Kedah pas State Government’s in helping them? That was legendary, and his rantings have become a staple of jokes with Kedahans…of course, it still cannot beat the jokes on mahfuz.

Among the matters that burns a deep anger in both anwar and his Kedah MB choice, mahfuz, is Azizan’s friendliness with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It is no secret that Azizan, upon being appointed the Menteri Besar of Kedah, went to meet Tun Mahathir and sought his advice. Meeting a trusted leader and statesman of Malaysia (Tun Mahathir) for advice instead of seeking them from a PM-wannabe and self-proclaimed statesman (anwar)? Whoa!!! That’s sacrilege in the Israel-backing pakatan! Making things worse, Azizan presented Tun with Permanent LIFE Patron and First Insaniah-IRTI 2010 award, which picture was printed respectively in international media. Meanwhile, despite anwar’s non-stop meetings with his jewish and one-eyed counterparts, he keeps receiving rebukes, sodomy charges, sex-video allegations, rocks and fingers from Malaysians all over Kedah.

Phjahrolrazi, in a press conference yesterday has admitted that he has “problems with his boss. The friction, according to the former heir-apparent of the Kedah MB, has nothing to do with the speculation that he will oust Azizan and be the next MB. Azizan’s former blue-eyed boy even told the press that if he wanted to be the MB, he would’ve stayed in the exco, and is still willing to work with his boss if the situation calls on him. (For full report, click here )

The admission was made calmly, although after the official press conference, the heat was turned on when Phahrolrazi met his supporters. (Click here for full report) What was a serene and melancholic atmosphere turned…ummm…choleric with shouts of “Let’s dig Azizan’s grave” and sorts. There were also complaints of Azizan giving more to UMNO entrepreneurs compared to Pas members, and many more. While they’re at it, I hope they can dig a few holes in garden as well as I really need to plant my vegetables…hey, as long as they are not digging anwar's ass, why not?!

Azizan knows that he cannot put his trust in everybody in his exco either. With 2 head factions, Amiruddin and Taulan in there, nobody knows for sure how long Azizan’s tenureship will last. Whiloe Amiruddin and Taulan can press and oust Azizan from the inside, meaning, legally, Phahrolrazi has a distant third with launching na coup within Kedah pas itself. Of course, in the last place, will be mahfuz, who is still fighting for a state assembly seat, in order to fight for the MB’s seat. Like most pas supporters, Kedahans share the same thought if mahfuz succeeds. Yes, it’s known as “God Help Us!”

The situation is currently very volatile within pas itself as pas kedah has been suffering by factional rifts, with the main factions of the ulamas, the professionals and the anwaristas, and within those factions, we have the rift within a rift of the Amiruddin, Taulan and Mahfuz factions respectively. The latest event has added another faction, which is the Phahrolrazi one, splintered from the Azizan faction. Many of these factions have vowed that they will bury Azizan if he runs in the next elections.

Even the pro-pas Kedah blogs have been treading this issue carefully, while some just simply label UMNO as the culprit behind the chaos. If anybody knows who Bashah is, I would say those who claimed it…well…must be lower in intelligence compared to mahfuz, but that’s it, there’s nowhere lower to go. The comfortably-officed and handsomely paid Kedah La Nie played safe by, although seemingly pointing out to Azizan’s administrational flaws, they were quick to deviate the issue into a PRU-13 rally. The other blog, Kedah La, with the mentally-blind Saiburi Sudin tried to downplay the whole issue, stating that there is no problems. Then again, it is the cock-crowing saiburi sudin with his turkey talk. Azizan’s statement must’ve blasted his feathers off.

Surrounded by those who can turn on him anytime, where will Azizan lead to in Kedah? Sure he abides with Hadi, but if Hadi tries to tell him something which is none of his business, Hadi might feel a kick up his backside…no, not from anwar. Although there are rumours that Azizan and Hadi are the 2 major proponents that are trying to lead pas away from the pro-Israeli pakatan. Azizan knows very well that anything can happen to him and cannot rely on all of his cohorts of eye-in-the-back assemblymen. Which way will Kedah be led with all the factions in pas Kedah?

With daggers and arrows being sharpened from many sides and corners, and some enemies unseen, Azizan is, or might as well be, left in the year of living dangerously.  Or is this the worldly retribution for his intent on demolishing a surau and building a shopping complex on a waqf land meant for a surau?

I guess the next election in Kedah will see, not UMNO against Pas, but a fight within pas itself.

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