Monday, February 13, 2012

Vanishings - For The Sake of PKR's Mahdi?

So now we know where he has been. Well, we know where he was in when he was working for dap's elly wong, it's the question where he disappeared to after the scandal of elly wong's less-than-desired photos exploded.

As we have all noticed, since 2008 that pakatan keeps "disappearing" their people, especially those with troubles in pkr. We do have ideas of why but only the malevolent anwar knows why he wants them away.

Looking back at the case few years ago, when the exposure of the pictures of the exposed elly came about, many ask who could do such a thing...and how she could let him. Well, we don't really care anymore about elly and helmi having a knick-knack paddywhack, give a dog a boner part. Anwar, in strict principle of the one-eyed strategy blamed UMNO. Seriously, who gains from the issue? And for goodness sake, please tell mahfuz that Britney Spears looks nothing like elly wong!!!

Looking, not into elly wong's hair-raising pictures, looking deeper into the issue, how would the scandal benefit BN? They have no majority still even if elly resigns. There was an issue of elly wong supporting the complaint against mosques using loud-speakers but even that is too trivial. However, I did notice that elly has always been vocal about the racist dap's stand in selangor. She issued the typical threat of dap pulling out of pakatan if the lkatter refuses to adhere to dap's whims and design, i.e. the mega pig farm for selangor.

The explosive nature of the scandal seem to neutralize her fangs as she became less vocal about everything. What, is it "message received"? Anwar was the one who refused to let her resign, and even that was a strong yet strange questionionable move. Is that another message saying "Now you do what we want or worse things will happen?" Even pas, the pakatan's office boys" were instructed to support her despite committing...well, naughty things with hilmi. Well, at least her strength in facing that gave her the legendary title of Zina The Warrior Princess.

So, who actually benefitted from the scandal? UMNO gained nothing but the blame while the actual perpetrating party reaps its benefit. They are well organized definitely.

PKR is no stranger in making people disappear. So, who else has disappeared so far?

The former Bukit Selambau PKR assemblyman, V. Arumugam, was made to disappear when strong indications hinted that he will join Barisan. He was "vanished" to Mumbai and has since returned.

The private investigator who made 2 statutory declarations, one accusuing and the latter, retracting, P. Balasubramaniam. He was believed to be sent to a neighbouring country and later, London as well. Ah yes, jolly old London, where else.

The PUSRAWI general practitioner, Dr Osman Abdul Hamid, whose modified report was used partially to show that he did not commit sodomy, which sounded nice in fiction.

They all went missing at one time. India, Thailand and God-knows-where have been their selected destination, they disappear overnight, just like that, before authorities have any chance of taking action on whatever they did. Almost all of them claim that, despite Anwar and the one-eyed dominated pakatan gaining from it, "being threatened by government agents." I do recognize that method: it was all scripted, and only one guy can direct such a production...and he's off searching for more money from his friends and his jewish-sponsored groups.

The questions that many ask have been consistent: how could they afford to disappear away to foreign countries at a snap of a finger? It's not cheap, those involved are not that rich, but they seem to be able to bring them and their families there at ease. Where did they get funding for that? Or were they funded? In Hilmi's case, the Indonedian police revealed that he was staying in Indonesia at the expense of an opposition mystery thickens...well, not so, we already know which opposition party has a bottonmless pocket, pouring in from their "friends" with one eye.

In elly wong's case, she didn't disappear, but the pkr boy toy did. That's that, it's good to be there. Get married, have fun with wife, have fun with boss and get sent to live in Indonesia...more fun there, and of all places, Batam...Singapore's favorite vice den.

Looking at the disappearaces, and the alleged murder over illegal sand mining in Selangor, I have to agree with Selangor Bangkit bloggers that pakatan is nothing more than an organized crime. Send people in create damages, get them out to safe houses. If you are about to lose your own people, "vanish" them at keep them at bay until such time when the coast is clear. Of course, this all depends on the Godfather's wishes, such as where to send them, let them live or not, will it be a beauty boy or a china-doll tonight and such.

Maybe I shouldn't write too deeply on this matter, I might just "disappear,"

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