Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lynas - The Importance Of Knowledge and Who To Ask

Here's an interesting video on Lynas, self explanatory:

I guess, it's typical of that pkr twit, she wants to know about chicken, she talks to Donald Duck...what a dweeb. But that is what prk is known for. With dap in it, we can all guess who's actually trying to deepen the issue. Don't be surprised, once Lynas is completed, prk and dap will definitely be barking their weapens of mass deceptions to US that Malaysia has weapons of mass destruction. Of course, if Lynas project is stopped, then pkr and dap can always harp on the issue of the PM never bothered about investment and employment to the people of Kuantan.

Pakatan Rakyat - Creating The Perfect One-eyed Deceptions

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