Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pas Kedah: Everything's Okay Now....Riiightt!

 I read a very interesting article by columnist on NST today, click here

Is Kedah in shambles? Let's see...

There were more speculations that became too much even for me. The bad blood between MB Azizan and the anwar-worshipping parasites of pas, headed by phahrolrazi came to a stronger head when he chided Amiruddin for accepting the exco position. The central pas decided to intervene for the sake of PRU-13. What...you actually thought the intervention was for the people of Kedah? Oh dear.

Supporters of azizan, phahrolrazi and ismail respectively were worried of what's going to happen. It was a strange situation as most coffee-shops and stalls are filled with people discussing on how bad the Kedah football team has gone down to. You're right, they don't really care. The worry was evident amongst the 3 pas stalwarts, and with the appearance of anwar's riders of apocalypse such as salahudin ayob, mahfuz and mat sabu led to the bubbling hot speculation that azizan will be ousted. However, the appearance of Haji hadi, more or less, calmed the situation. By the way, can somebody go and check the MB's Residence in Mentaloon? Mahfuz got lost on his way to the toilet again...

How long will azizan last on his throne before the usurpers come in with the ides of march? Well, nobody can say when, but from what is going on, it won't be that long maybe as phahrolrazi's faction is sharpening their daggers by now. His supporters are reportedly saying that there will be scandals exposed within these few weeks. Excellent...there's always excuses from doing their job. There'll be fire and brimstone, all coming from the parasite's faction. Imagine that, all of this, and UMNO is just sitting at home, watching, while having tea. Bloggers like Kedah La, under the hollow-headed saiburi sudin must be hiding inside a trench somewhere, his blog claimed that the issue between azizan and phahrolrazi is over despite pas supporters acknowledging otherwise. He has sheepishly turned to other issues such as attacking Tun Mahathir as other pakatan bloggers laugh at him.

It was an error of Haji hadi to send mat sabu in the first attempt to quell things down in Kedah. He is more suitable as somebody to calm things down in dewan muslimah, not at high-stakes power struggle. But the results, despite of failing to achieve any legitimate conclusion, were released by pas, that azizan remains and MB and phahrolrazi and ismail are to return as exco. It could be a pyrrhic victory for the ulama faction of pas, and it could be a burning amber for the anwarista-parasite of pas faction. Phahrolrazi, in a statement, said that he wants a body or a committee to oversee the decisions made by azizan and the administration of the state, also known as Jawatankuasa Pemandu. Really?

In theory, it was stated that Jawatankuasa Pemandu will assist and even monitor every aspect of the decisions made by the Menteri Besar. In short, the Menteri Besar has no power to administrate his own state.  It is even easier to sabotage, what with anwar's orders and instructions, which will lead to non-performance (well, not that they perform anything in the first place) and force the MB to quit. But in reality, the MB is not a position that a committee can stage a blockade. Despite its democratic origin and subject of a state's Ruler, he does have the executive power to decide. He has the right to accept or decline any advice given by the exco. The excos are appointed only to assist the MB and carry out the specific tasks and duties as detailed by their portfolio. To have the committee means, it is better to get rid of the excos and replace with the people in the committee. The committee is unconstitutional, but can be done only as non-executive. Safe to say, the committee will only bow to one person, and it's not azizan. Of course, a regime change will bring peace and stability in theory, but in reality, it brought destruction, years of fighting and your country being run by the New World Order.

By now, it is a common fact that Kedah has never been a conformed pakatan state since 2008. The hatred of Azizan towards anwar ibrahim is never a secret, and with anwar's pro-israel stand, the hatred has turned hostile. With azizan's statements that belittle anwar's status of the pakatan leader, the Jawatankuasa Pemandu suggested by phahrolrazi is one of the best tool to interfere azizan's running of the state. Well, azizan IS the MB and anwar cannot make him disappear like the others. Oh gee, do you think the committee will definitely disagree on demolishing a 102-year old surau and building a shopping complex on a waqf land? Who knows? So far, pigs have wings...yes, they flew to their new mega-home in Kuala Muda.

Look like, for the time being, anwar's attempt to wrest Kedah away from the ulama faction has met some temporary setback. But, with the setting up of Jawatankuasa Pemandu, he might be smacking his lips as he can finally exert some control on Kedah through his parasites. First through the committee, then through somebody who he can pull the strings. Yes, the dummy will be phahrolrazi.

Perhaps with the Jawatankuasa Pemandu, phahrolrazi can put things right what he once feel wrong. Maybe he can finally give the million-dollar projects that has been promised to cronies because azizan has been wrong to give projects to people with actual capability of carrying the tasks out.

At this point, anwar thinks that he has what he wants, Azizan feels that he has moulded the situation to what he needs...although he now has to put more eyes on the back of his head; phahrolrazi thinks he'll get what he lusts for. So, everything's good, right? Well, what about Kedahans? They never got anything so far; all the complaints made by Kedahans before and during the power struggle have so far been uncared for: the roads are still damaged, certain spots are still flooded with the unpredictable weather, water supply is still bad, the economy still stagnates, Kulim Hi-Tech is still spiralling downwards and many more.

The point? Well, while the pas buffalos are fighting to be the MB, Kedah still remain in ruins, at least we know where the priorities of the pro-Israel pakatan are. And where will Jawatankuasa Pemandu drive Kedah to? Most probably to anwar's New World Order. People of Kedah are the biggest losers in this struggle, they had hoped for something different when they chose pas over Barisan in 2008. Pas is definitely different, but not in the way people wanted it.

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