Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Malays - Fate In The Other Eye

Have there been any other alternative data and/or evidence that we need to prod into to prove it otherwise? Oh yes, before I begin, I am sure there are those who might think this article may be racist and/or pointing towards dissent or breakdown of the natural social order...sorry to disappoint.

The by-elections of the previous years since 2008 have show that the Malays are split. Brand it anything you want, but it is not something new. Historically Malays have been a united race, but then again, any ethnic group in the world has never actually been united, unless something happens to threaten their dominance and/or existence.

History taught us that, one way or the other, the Malays have been always accommodating. Foreigners come to this country hundreds of years ago to trade, and after witnessing the importance of the location, invaded it as well. There were rebellions, but were never successful. Any foreigners that come in, became rich and the Malays always ended up calling them "Master", "Tuan", "sir", and the Malays are usually titled, "Kadam", "Mat" and "Hoi, you!"

Even during the campaigns of the late Tengku Abdul Rahman for independence from Britain were viewed with certain skeptical spirit by some Malays. These are usually made of people who would say, "What independence? You can't even manufacture a needle!!!" who later on evolved to those who said, "A national car? You don't even know how to make a carburetor." These people are still around, usually very advanced for their time after being well educated by MARA programs, UiTM universities. You might recognize them from such statements like, "Who needs the old Malay rights anymore?" or "Special privileges for Malays are unfair!"

2008 was a different split. It was not between UMNO and Pas anymore, as the Malays were torn asunder. DAP emerged the most victorious, although they still humor Anwar Ibrahim into thinking that he is the next President of Malaysia, ruled by DAP. It's not surprising, because they had a model in Perak, which was ruled by DAP and a powerless (most of the time, brainless) PAS MB. Does it surprise anyone that the conglomerate of Ngeh and Nga answer any question directed the MB during the State Assembly?

Modern urban Malays feel that they identify more with DAP. Malays from rural area feel very patriotic when DAP tells them to hold their flag in the name of Pakatan Rakyat while DAP announces that even Malay villagers become their member. In short, they agree that Malay rights should be scrapped, and for them, it should be.

It has been more than 50 years that Malaysia gained its independence from the British, and 41 years after the unfortunate incident of 1969. The spirit of integration has been instilled into the generations of Malaysians, while at the same time, keeping the identity of who they are. 2008, with Anwar Ibrahim tore all of those apart. The Chinese voters stayed away from the government, while the Indians who went with them, came back after being roasted by Anwar's terminal bullshit, e.g. Kampung Buah Pala, Penang incident.

Pas and UMNO must look into this with a more minute detailing. The fall of the Malays will spell the fall of a modern Islamic country in South East Asia (I don't care what Indonesia thinks) and will see the Malay Muslims fall into a deeper mess whereby either Pas and/or UMNO will be nothing but an errant boy in the government.

Anwar Ibrahim was playing the Malays for fools because he knows them very well. Also, his new identity tailored by those people in the shadows portrays him as a "savior". He is able to convince anybody on any side of the dice. However, lately we can see that Najib's successful political ties and business deals with US and Singapore making waves. Anwar knows that Najib's successes with the two countries which he relied so much will spell disaster for him. It's not surprising to hear him making sycophantic rants on anti-jews and anti-US to anybody who would give him the time of day. His actions shocked his own hardcore supporters (or is it sponsor?) such as Paul Wolfowitz, Al Gore and Madeleine Albright. These were the people who gave him positions, organize strategies and even provide him with...ummm...resources on how to take over Malaysia. And the same chap that spent so much grooming is now lambasting back at them.

The fate of the Malays now rest solely on UMNO and PAS, it's a road once taken, and once they were out of the woods, they went their own ways, and now they seem to meet again. We know that Anwar Ibrahim will be against anything that will unify the Malay Muslims, as it will destroy his ambitions to rule Malaysia. UMNO and PAS' obstacle is the Malay's problem: Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar should do something about himself. Maybe the first step is to practice what Karpal Singh advised him to do: ANWAR IBRAHIM HARUS BERTAUBAT.

Can't the two organizations and the Malays look at the problems with both eyes? Doing that is an advantage because anwar's moves are only guided with one-eye.

Lastly, to Chua Soi Lek, if you have any clue of what you're doing, the Melayu Bangkit program has more to do with being against DAP, what the heck are jumping for?

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