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Israel...Who Are You Actually?

Will there be anything that surprises us with the most recent news on how Israel commandos attacking humanitarian aid ships in international waters? If United Nations can do something about it, Israel can always say, "Go and screw your Schwartz!!!" They're right, though, have we ever seen UN or anybody ever take on the rogue nation of Israel? Well, US politicians who would like to keep a longer shelf life for their career usually avoid this.

Tun Dr Mahathir was visibly shaken and angered at this action. For the first time ever, UMNO and PAS came out separately, but with a unified call for the release of the Malaysians involved and to the people of Palestine, who are supposed to receive the aids. Tun and various other NGOs have concentrated their efforts for more than a year for this humanitarian aid, and this is the worst possible outcome that we read: A bunch of highly trained commandos, sneaking into the flotilla and opened fire on sleeping civilians, and later claims that they were attacked by ship crews who were armed with sharp objects. Gee, must be that newly-sharpened pencil the captain has for his navigational map. Since the flotilla is towed away, we can be rest assured that these possible outcomes will surface, individually and/or separately:
1) A large cache of weapons and ammunition is found
2) Components/Parts of weapons of mass destruction is found in the flotilla
3) As an ending: all humanitarian aids were already spoiled before it reached their port, so, Palestinians will not get any aid.

There are already news pages, blogs, Facebook pages, Twiters etc etc on this abominable unjustifiable action of Israel, I would not act the same way or we might just get very emotional.

Who are these people? Well, history dictates to us that Israelites came from the family tree of Sam or Sem bin Noh, making them Semitics, through Abraham. Wait, you say? Ibrahim's eldest son is Ismail, you say? Yes, that makes Ishmaelite (Arabs) Semitics too as well as the Israelites, who descend through Isaac (Ishak), the younger brother. That's why Israel never dares to call their brethren (the Arabs) anti-Semitic.

The Israelites were "the chosen one" back then, with long line of prophets, a prosperous kingdom, a fertile and industrious nation, as long as they toe the line on God's teachings. But arrogance keeps blinding them, and this led to self-righteousness, blasphemous acts, deviance, defiance and infighting amongst themselves. In the end, as usual, the Israelites became a tribe that has gone astray from God's path.

Sura 17:4
"And We [Allah] gave (clear) warning to the children of Israel in the Book, that twice would they do mischief on the earth and be elated with mighty arrogance (and twice would they be punished)!"

As a result, Jerusalem was destroyed by Babylonians at first, and the second, bigger destruction was brought by Rome where all inhabitants of Jerusalem were cast out. But God did promise their return to this land though:

Qur'an 17:104: And We said unto the Children of Israel after him:  Dwell in the land; but when the promise of the Hereafter  cometh to pass We shall bring you as a crowd gathered out of various nations.

1947 saw the creation of Israel with Jews from all over the world landing in Jerusalem, reclaiming their holy land. Why did I say Jews instead of Israelites? We'' see later. There is condition given to the return to the holy city. The Holy Qur'an states that:

“There is a ban on a town (i.e. Jerusalem) which We destroyed (and whose people were then expelled) that they (i.e. the people of the town) can never return (to reclaim that town as their own) until Gog and Magog are released and they spread out in all directions (thus taking control of the world while establishing the Gog and Magog world-order).”
(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah’, 21:95-6)
(Imran Hoesin's comments are in brackets)

After the final destruction of Jerusalem, the land became witness to the absence of Israelites for the next many, many years. End of story? Not so...

Nearly all religions in the world dictate that there are beings or entities known as Gog and Magog or Yakjuj and Makjuj. Many ulamas theorized that these 2 are groups of people/tribes. For that, let's take a quick look at Surah Al-Kahfi, with notes by Imam Imran Hoesin:

“(And he marched on) till, when he reached (a pass) between the two mountain-barriers, he found before them a people who could scarcely understand anything spoken (i.e. any utterance in his language).

(Eventually, when they were able to communicate with each other) they said, “O Dhul Qarnain! Behold, Gog and Magog are corrupting (and destroying) this land (in which we live). May we offer (to pay) you tribute on the condition that you build a barrier (saddan) between us and them (to protect us from them)?”

He answered, “That wherein my Lord-God has so securely established me is better (than any tribute that you could offer me); hence, do but help me with (your) manpower, (and) I shall fill up a barrier between you and them!”

“Bring me ingots of iron!” Then, after he had (piled up the iron and) filled the gap between the two shell-shaped mountainsides, he said, “(Light a fire and) ply your bellows!” At length, when he had made it (glow like) fire, he commanded: “(Now place the copper in the fire and then) bring me molten copper, which I may pour upon it . . . ”

“And thus (the barrier was built and Gog and Magog) were unable to scale it, and neither were they able to penetrate it (by digging through it. As a consequence, mankind was safe from their attacks).”

(Dhul Qarnain) said, “(Our success in constructing this barrier) is mercy from my Lord-God! Yet when the time appointed by my Lord-God has come (i.e. the Last Age), He would destroy/demolish/level it (i.e. make flat) (the natural implication being that He would reduce the barrier to ruins): and my Lord-God’s promise (i.e. warning) would have come true . . . ”

“ . . . and on that Day We shall (begin a process which would eventually) cause some of them to surge like waves (that merge with or crash against) others of them and the trumpet (of judgment) would be blown, and We shall gather them all together.”

“ . . . and on that Day (when the time comes for the horrendous Gog vs Magog clash to take place and for Dukhan or smoke in the form of nuclear mushroom clouds to appear in the sky) We shall place hell, for all to see, before those who denied the truth . . . ”

“ . . . they (would be a people) whose eyes had been veiled against any remembrance of Me because they could not bear to listen (to the word of truth).”

(Surah Al-Kahfi:93 - 101)
(Imran Hoesin's comments are in brackets)

Islamic scholars and historians state that Gog and Magog dwell behind the Caucasus Range, known as Scythians, a horribly barbaric tribe that literally destroys every civilization that they attack. The Scythian Babylonian attack on Israel reduced the empire to rubbles. The tribe also has a horrific measure of spoils to be shared: the more enemy scalps you bring home, the more share of the spoils you get. A Just King appeared, completing his empire and even allowing the Israelites (who were enslaved by Babylonians) to return home. He traveled to the farthest regions of his empire, first towards the Black Sea, then towards Caspian. Finally, at the foot of the Caucasus Range, he was met tribes of Georgians. Georgians were not a
part of his middle-eastern empire, but as the King is known for his just, they implored upon him to protect them from the tribe known as Gog and Magog who created so much mischief on earth.

The Just King agreed, and as Georgians at the time were well known blacksmiths, together they built a wall (like a dam) out of iron and copper. This in turn, blocks the Daryal Gorge from being used by Gog and Magog, as it is the shortest was out instead of crossing the mountain or going around the Black sea.

Many scholar believe that "The time appointed" mentioned is the completion of Islam by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) where the barrier was demolished/leveled, unleashing the tribe into the rest of the population in the world, especially in Russia and Europe, where they inter-married and blended with them. Today, most of the western world populations are identified as "Caucasian." There are also those who remained in the Russian region and converted into Judaism, and called themselves Khazars (also known as Ashkenaz). These people later forcefully migrated into Eastern Europe and other parts of Russia. Mind you that these are converts and they have nothing to do with the Semitic Israelites.

The Israelites and Jews were always welcomed in the Islamic world; this is evident during the Spanish Inquisition where Moslems and Jews were persecuted by the Catholics in Spain. Turkey in Europe and the Middle East became their safe haven. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 and finally, the creation of Israel, brokered by US and UK, finalized the prophecy when the Gog and Magog who, some who became Jews,
and those who interbred with the other European tribes, returned the fragmented Israelites to the town that they were expelled from because of their lack of obedience and piety to the true path of God. The real Israelites comprises of only 21% of the population of Israel while the rest are the Judaism converts who were scattered throughout Eastern Europe and Russia.

The media has long been manipulated to state that anybody who speaks against Jews is anti-Semitic. The true definition of anti-Semitic is not "Anti-Jews" but "anti the children of Sam bin Noh", which will include Israelites and Arabs together, as they are children of the Prophet Abraham.

The godless, modern Israel has proven to the world that they can do anything they want, anybody try to resist, then US and UK will be flying in with blazing guns. Is it a surprise? Who actually funded US and UK during the Second World War? Were 6 million Jews killed during that time, or is it slightly over 200,000?
Well, it is a small number of sacrifices needed to create sympathy for the Jews and grab Jerusalem. But we know that Israel will never stop there. They believe that God ordained them a land from the Nile to the Euphrates. So, what's on their agenda next? They're still on the road to Pax Judaica.

What am I trying to say? Well, basically, 2 tribes of people; one who keeps deviating from the righteous path, ignores God's orders, creates false prophets and slays true prophets and the other, destroyer of countless civilization, converted, feels that they are more Semitic than the former, and still destroys civilizations in a more cryptic manner. These are the people we are condemning and urging the United Nations to condemn their violent action on the Freedom Flotilla? Like they care...

To the families whose spouse/children/parents are involved in the Freedom Flotilla, we offer our prayers for their safety and safe return soon. We also pray for the oppressed Palestinians who still await in vain for the humanitarian aid.

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