Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When the Dust Settles, Somewhere In The World Doesn't Change

On June 6th 2010, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that the 12 Malaysian activists who were on board a Gaza-bound aid ship subjected to a violent and bloody Israeli attack on Monday had achieved a huge moral victory for Malaysia and its people. Click Here For Full Article

I have no arguments there. The plight of the Palestinians and the victims of the Israeli attack have tremendously been heightened to a global level. Countless blogs, countries all around the world condemned the violence and arrogance of Israel. Demonstrations and even riots erupted in major cities.

NGOs with members comprising of UMNO and Pas members carried out peace demonstrations (somehow worrying Anwar Ibrahim and DAP) while in the parliament, both Government and Opposition show their strength in unity in approving the motion against Israel and urging that Israel should be hauled to the International Court of Justice...something that might never happen anywhere in the near future.
Let's hope I'm wrong about that. Also, in a rare move, Anwar condemns US for protecting Israel, and we will never be sure of his future after that move.

I must say, Alhamdulillah that all Malaysian volunteers are safe and safely returned home, and given a rousing welcome at the airport. I must say that, although they arrived dazed and shaken, they deserve the heroic welcome as they have stared the devil in the face and survived.

What's my point in writing this not-too-long article? A simple one: Our volunteers have arrived home, the others sent home too, the dead buried with honors, our volunteers ready to be witnesses for ICC,
demonstrations will continue for the next few days or weeks. When all the dust has settled, the Palestinians are still oppressed, still hungry, without medical supplies and/or raw materials. The aid which was in the Freedom Flotilla (Malaysian aid alone is plus minus RM1.4million worth) will never reach the Palestinians, despite any guarantees Israel can give. Everybody suffers and strikes for the Palestinians, and the ordeal might make heroes and martyrs out of them, but the Palestinians are still deprives. Bravo to the undying spirit of our volunteers who are ever so eager to ship out again despite their horrific experiences. All our prayers now go to the Palestinians, who have shown the world that they will never stop fighting for their right to exist in the land that was ripped away from them.

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