Thursday, June 3, 2010

Israel's Blatant Massacre, Anwar More Worried

At a time when UMNO and PAS condemn Israel for their bloody action on the Freedom Flotilla, PKR too condemned but took time to attempt a political move by trying to link the government, APCO and Israel Click here

We pray for the safety and the safe return of those who were taken as prisoners by Israel, and Al-Fatihah to those who were blatantly murdered by the Israeli commandos, why is PKR always trying to find a political advantage in this? Perhaps it's their nature to do things from behind...literally.

Surprised? At this time, what is there left for anwar to surprise us?

Amazingly, there is a surprising turn of events back home in Malaysia, caused by this gross act of barbarism. There have been reports of UMNO and Pas members getting together to protest this act, holding prayers for the safety and many others. Even a senior citizen who saw the events whispered, "Like the good old days." Is that a first step towards the unification of the Muslim Malays? If it is, Anwar and PKR, along with DAP must put a stop to it, or it might lead to a united Muslim Malays and cast pakatan rakyat out. DAP, we know, will be extremely worried by this because their chauvinism might just be trampled upon. Anwar too is running out of time; his allies in the west are beginning to turn their backs to him (wouldn't that be more dangerous to them?) after his sudden change of stance by condemning Jews instead of his usual ass-kissing (no, not the court case) days. His chameleon days are over with the west, I'm not sure whether all the positions given to him by Wolfowitz and Gore will still be around, but safe to say, he might get less and less invitations from them.

Unification of the Malays will spell trouble for anwar's divide and conquer rule and DAP's wolf in sheep clothing tactics. The Malays have a knack for uniting in troubled times, and that's what anwar could not prevent. If they can unite when Malaysians and the other Muslims were killed and taken prisoners by Israeli commandos, why can't they unite if their sovereignty is threatened?

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