Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elly Wong - Much Ado About Anwar

What does a conspiracy theorist do when his theory is proven right? An ego boost? More paranoid? I don’t know, I feel none of those so far. All I can say is, “I guessed so.” To my friends who had similarly theorized, well, they’re not congratulating themselves either.

Back in 2009, there was a sudden torrent of news about a certain ADUN who is involved in a sex scandal. Rumors of pictures and videos circulating on the internet drove net users into a feeding frenzy searching Google and yahoo. To their dismay, only certain pictures were there despite strong claims of a video. Many blogs displayed the pictures, although they were already toned down. As usual, Anwar blames UMNO for the distribution of the pictures, despite the fact that the rumors about the pictures came from PKR, and most of UMNO’s leaders were vague about the issue. As it turned out, the pictures were allegedly taken by Elizabeth Wong’s boyfriend, Hilmi Malik, who had already disappeared. The pictures were distributed as a result of some problems in their relationship, as I understand it.

Somewhere in March 2009, I remember meeting some friends and by chance the topic turned to the issue of the Bukit Lanjan State Assemblyperson. As put by a conspiracy theorist friend, one of the tell-tale sign of the issue is Anwar’s own doing is, “Where is hilmi?” Reports stated that he disappeared, and my friend told me that basically, just like anybody that Anwar feels might threaten his agenda will need to be “disappeared.” Maybe that’s what happened to the former Bukit Selambau (Kedah) State Assemblyman, the PUSRAWI Doctor and the private investigator on the Altantuya spin. He said it then, as he still says it now, “I smell Anwar thick in this case.”

Basically I would agree with that, but just like a conspiracy theory, how do we prove it? I might guess that people within Anwar’s circle would know this, but I gravely doubt that as I always understand that Anwar is the type of person who keeps to himself. I even doubt that his own family knows what is actually up to.

Last week, the Independent Block in the Parliament sprang a surprise for Anwar where they unleashed a tirade of behind-the-scene facts on Anwar and the scandal involving Elizabeth Wong.(Click Here)

So there was a video! And as expected, Anwar denies all this and even instructed his DAP guard-dogs to start attacking. Even Elizabeth Wong slammed Zulkifli Nordin and Zahrain. But that shouldn’t be a surprise as Elizabeth came close to losing her job when Zulkifli Nordin urged the gutless Khalid Ibrahim to strip Elizabeth off all state government positions because of the scandal. On Zulkifli Nordin and Zahrain’s challenge to Anwar to swear or take an oath in the mosque…well, we know what Anwar’s reaction will be…yes, he’ll be absent for that.

I received a call on the weekend from my friend, which he stated, “What did I say?” Oh dear….

Anyway, some of the things that I remember about last year are quite shameful, especially the Elizabeth Wong’s case. I don’t care about Elizabeth, I’m talking more about the Muslims. Of course, in the beginning, her boyfriend, the Muslim Malay who is already married set the motion when he distributed the pictures and disappeared. Anwar instructed his Erdogan goons to paint a different picture of Elizabeth Wong, where she becomes a “victim” instead of a lady with 1 or 2 boyfriends committing either close-proximity and/or zina with a Muslim in her spare time. Pas, pakatan’s halal-maker went in full force where she spoke from one pas ceramah to another, and where the Muslimahs wept uncontrollably and hugged her. I’m as sympathetic as the next guy, but I believe in God, first and foremost. Pakatan, who made so much noise about Chua Soi Lek’s scandal and demanded his resignation on the grounds of morality are suddenly turning a blind eye to her morals. Well, turning a blind eye, for pakatan, is a redundant statement.

The Elizabeth Wong scandal will always remind me on the stunted thinking of the Muslim Malays. Anwar has actually succeeded at opening another avenue for non-Muslims to extract support from the Muslim Malays – sympathy. Of course, the Malays in Singapore never got any from their government, the Malays are always sympathetic first, truth later (although they don’t care it’s true or not).

At the same time, where is Hilmi? Is he back? I hope so, he should take care of his family first. Do those in the Independent Block know whatever happened to those people who disappeared last time? One of these days I would really like to know whether my friend’s conspiracy theory holds water or not.

Anwar? Well, based from what I was taught and made to understand, whenever he denies or says no, they mean the opposite.

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