Friday, May 21, 2010

Abuya Shall Return?!! Sorry, Too Many People Coming Back...

Okay, who's Haji Ashaari Mohammad? A blessed saint? Demigod? Well, let's start here with something from wikipedia:

Haji Ashaari Mohammad (died May 13, 2010, aged 73) was a spiritual leader who started Al-Arqam, an Islamic organisation in Malaysia. The organisation was banned by the Malaysian government which cited practices that deviated from mainstream Islam.

Ashaari was nicknamed Abuya" (father in Arabic) by his followers, and was known for wearing a turban, green Al-Arqam rope, and having mascara-lined eyes. He had four wives and 37 children. He gained notoriety in Malaysia when his Islamic sect, called Al-Arqam was banned for being heretical.

Ashaari also set-up the Polygamy Club, which infamy spread along the Islamic community from Malaysia all the way to Thailand...hmm, I didn't see JAG picketing on them so far...

He passed away on a Thursday, May 13th 2010 after a lung infection, leaving behind three wives, 38 children and about 200 grandchildren. Shouldn't that be the end of the story? Of course not!!! He is too much of a religious man to have his story stop there.

From another source, here's the full story: Click here for full story

In short, his close followers claim that Abuya did not die but has miraculously disappeared, and currently resides and resting at Ashabul Kahfi (Cave of the Sleepers) which nobody actually knows where (there are claims from 3 different countries so far) the true location is, and will be back as an assistant to Imam Mahadi (The prophesied leader of the Muslims against Yakjuj and Makjuj) before the arrival of Isa (Jesus) Al-Masih and finish off Dajjal (Antichrist) Al-Masikh.

Strange to see that a few religious leaders in Malaysia and around the world are claiming that they shall reappear during the end of days period. It might just cause over-crowding when the real ones appear though.

The Qur'an has explained that once a person passes away, when his soul departs from the body, all connections to this world are severed. History tells us that from the long line of Prophets, only Isa Al Masih is alive and will return as the Saviour, to fight the impostor Dajjal. There are some theories by Islamic scholars that is also human but is allowed by God to remain alive until his fateful death by Isa Al-Masih. All Prophets made it clear to their followers that they are just human beings. When the final Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W.) passed away, Muslims refused to believe until his companion, Abu Bakar Assidiq declared, "To those who believes in Muhammad, tell them he has died. to those who believe in Allah, know that Allah can never die."

It's already 2010 and we creeping ourselves into the era of the end of days, but it seems that we still have the traces of animism inside us, believing that a human being can be something they are not capable of. When you die, you die and what happens between death and judgment day and after that, only Allah knows for sure.

With the west and ideological attacks on Islam, this movement is not helping the cause at all. Those who have been prophesied to return during the end of days to accomplish their mission, we wait with open arms. As to be the followers of Abuya, there's too many claims by so many not connected to Qur'an and Hadith already, better leave it to the actual people to do their mission.

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