Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear Dato Seri PM

Dear Dato Seri,

I think it's high time that you realize that the employing the services of APCO doesn't really worth squat. Millions of Ringgit Malaysia spent, but what has been the outcome? If their job is to analyze and report and
strategize the government policies, well, the issuance of gambling license for football betting might just a shot on the government's foot. Even the explanations on the loss of oil-wells in Borneo raises more questions than answers. And having a lot of jewish strategists in APCO is giving Anwar Ibrahim a lot of ammo...which is strange because he's involved with more jewish prominent figures. Where are we heading right now, Mr Prime Minister?

Maybe instead of paying a company to strategize the develeopment of Malaysia in many aspects, maybe we should try learning from Anwarism. It's very simple, you don't have to pay anybody, you might just get paid as well. All the strategies and maneuvers are already set in their templates. Get the right ones in, such as
NED, Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF), National Democratic Institute etc etc. Their track record in, one must say, impressive. For example, just with one ally in Iran to go against Ahmadinejad, and Iran had a full scale riot on their hands. Funds are always available too.

In their hands, as mentioned before, are the templates how to make any country a better democratic one, or in short, a more "western-friendly one." Is it surprising that once PAS and DAP allies to Anwar, their...ummm...main man in Malaysia, all things which are not important to their cause such as religion and ethnic-based poltics fly out the window? It actually made it easier for Pas: to the villagers, they will shout "We will establish an Islamic country!!!" which is quite redundant as Malaysia is already recognized as an Islamic country. To the non-muslims, or in churches, and/or to the non-Muslim natives of Sarawak, "We have no intention of establishing an Islamic country." We might find it a bit awkward as Islam hates liars, but then again, whoever said that pas IS Islam? It's like water and oil.

You should also recognize the old saying that "Rome" was not built in a day, but we should always take heed also that the godly Kingdom of Israel was indeed destroyed in less than a week by Babylonian/Scythians. To have APCO build 1Malaysia for the government is never an easy task. We have already seen "Perpaduan,"

"Integriti" ever since our Independence in 1957. All of these efforts did come close but there's always DAP, and now there's always Pakatan Rakyat, with the old "divide and conquer" strategy. What's the best example? I would say Sibu is the triumphant victory of those people behind anwar and his pakatan. They know it too well from history: never ever let a nation unite. Even if they lose PRU13, their next step will definitely Thailand-styled Red Shirt Movement, pending on the right template of the time.

Maybe it's time to change services from APCO to those behind Anwar and his pakatan. It's cheaper, it's unseen, and, well, maybe by chance, you might meet some of the people in APCO in there as well. Those people are tired of Anwar as well, more than a decade of keeping him around, and Malaysia is still ruled by Barisan, and now Anwar is
bashing the jews who happen to be in the group that has been taking care of him.

Well, we keep telling him to look with both eyes...

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