Monday, August 29, 2011

Mat Sapu: Islamic Communism or End Of Days Coming Soon?

There were times I was always reminded that one of the signs of the end of times is that leaders and Imams are not chosen because of their knowledge and qualifications, but because of their voice. When mat sabu was elected, it sent a chill down my spine. It could be a close resemblance; a party claiming to be Islamic in nature, choosing a twit who has no lnowledge or qualifications on Islam. Why did they choose him? His oratory skills...well, that's the sugar-coated version, there's that story about anwar made him...

Scarier than that, another sign is that a leader is chosen despite his immorality and telling lies and fitnahs without shame; I don't have to amplify this point when it comes to anwar and mat sapu. Both of them have a lot to answer after the they actually care. Mat sapu lying about being rammed by a truck is enough to prove that.  It is sad to see mat sapu doing this:

So now we have two useless bags helming the so-called Islamic party, which happened to throw out the Islamic struggle from their objectives after the erdogans wrested the leadership away. Sorry Hadi, it was never a secret that you are now just a powerless cow at the top of the party hierarchy.

It saddens me to watch how mat sapu has finally, not only kicked Islam and Malays into the drainage ditch for dead, he is now praising the communists who wreaked havoc in Malaysia since the end of the Japanese occupation.

What is it about Islam and Communism that you do not understand? Communists do not have any religion, and regard religion as an opiate, something that people turn to during hopelessness. If they have any sense of respect to any religion in their lives, they wouldn't have turned mosques and holy places into pig farms during China's Cultural Revolution. If they have compassion, they wouldn't have tried to extinct Muslims in the USSR back then. Where, in Islam, gives the right for infidels to murder them just because they are defending their country? Give me something Mat, anything, from the Holy Qur'an or Hadith. How many Muslim Malays were killed by Communists, military or civilians? How many lost their limbs just to make sure a twerp from pas succeed as a van driver, cavort somebody else's wife and become an assemblyman, member of parliament and a pas leader?

Okay Mat, here's a few trivia for you:

1) Who made Communism popular?

2) It was said that Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital, and as he was very poor, he was sponsored by a group of "wealthy aristocrats", who were they?

3) What was Communism based upon?

Give up? Karl Marx wrote the book, but he was sponsored to write the books by wealthy Eastern European Jewish businessmen. Communism is based on the Jewish religion's aspect of a communal life and order. Yes, communism was brought to us by the same group who destroyed the lives of Palestinians and many more.

Funny you said that Onn Jaafar and others were just "British officers." Did you ever read history? Who armed the communist during the Japanese Occupation in the first place? It was the British. When Japan surrendered, they came out of hiding, marched openly as if they were the one who fought the Japanese and started massacre on who they suspect to be working with the Japanese. In fact, you should know that the communist never gave a crap from which party you are if they want to shoot.

The late Tengku Abdul Rahman wrote in his book on the May 13th incident that a socialist party disguised as a democratic one received sponsorship from Communist China, and pas unwittingly joined hands with them to enjoy the sweet taste of communist cash. But I guess pas leaders at that time realized their error of judgement, leading them to join Barisan Nasional in the 1970s.

Again, as mat sapu never learnt history, and he is doomed to repeat the error over and over again...or does he know all along? I mean, it is sweet to be anwar's office boy; you get a high position and with that, his followers lap up everything that he says, never mind if it's against Islam or not.

One might smell that the same strategy used back in 1969 is back on track, but this time, it is run by Muslim Malays themselves, and that will make it look less racial.

Mat, you truly have been blinded in one eye. No wonder anwar put you up there. Somehow, I still think that it is awkward for anwar to have the chap who personally labeled him as Al-Juburi as his apprentice. For mat sapu, I think he knows that it pays better to collaborate with anwar rather than calling him names. I don't know why you want to change history, I thought telling a lie is forbidden in Islam, but you would've known that if you knew anything about Islam, wouldn't you?

Whatever it is Mat, if you have a shred of knowledge on Islam and history, you would at least have a sliver of integrity to defend Islam. I hope those who has suffered in the hands of the communists will be lenient on you. To pas, you are a wretched lot to bow down to anwar and dap. You shunned fellow Muslims away for not supporting your party and yet embraces socialists and praise communists. The more pas and anwar steps up to achieve their lust for power, the more the signs of the end of times comes to light.

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