Tuesday, December 27, 2011

As Pas Clowns Around, The Madrasah Shall Fall...

Just like pas to have it their way, not in a religious way. To them, the end justify the means, or shall i say it more approproately, matlamat menghalalkan cara. To me, this is never a surprise, remembering that pas has always bowed to their old codger called nik ajis, who always try hard to claim himself as an ulama.

I remembered how n.ajis stated that it is alright to use money contributed by the jewish-controlled NED to operate Bersih 2.0 because in the end, Malaysia will be free...of course, we have no idea from what. Yes, maybe free from Barisan but right into the hands of the New World Order. It doesn't even matter if the money comes from the same piggy bank that is used to fund the unrest in the middle east and killing of more Palestinians in Palestine, the end justifies its means.

There are times that we feel humbled, especially when we enter God's house, where we see how insignificant we are and how everybody is equal as you are. Of course, with pas as a religion, that can be very hard. Why is that so? Well, anybody who chooses pas as their path instead of Islam usually has their status elevated to that of an ulama' or at least Ustaz (teacher).

Take Bob "The Clown" Lokman for example. Many people consider him the king of clown on the networks, but now his status has been elevated, he is now a high priest of pas, branding Johoreans infidels and so on. In short, he is now the chief clown of the masses, equal to mahfuz omar. The choice of bob, mat sapu, mahfuz as leaders of a so-called religious party only goes to show how close we are the prophecy on the end of days, where people who are not even educated religiously (or primarily) will be appointed to lead the Muslims or a group of Muslims.

A man passed away, bequeathing his land to his children/heir, intends its use as a surau/madrasah, and along comes pas with a high-profiled developer, wanting to demolish the madrasah so that a shopping mall can be built. Of course DAP will not step in, unless pas is destroying a nature conservation and replaced with a parking lot. Is the need for a shopping center that great for pas that it chooses to sacrifice the madrasah? What type of kebajikan is that?

Madrasah Salihiah was built in 1909 on a wakaf land. For 102 years the madrasah has become the religious point for its qariah within 5-8km radius, and now, after a century or so, the Pas State Government sent a notice to vacate the building so that it can be demolished. Say, weren't they the ones who made such a big noise to have the old, rotting shophouses in Penang NOT to be demolished for heritage's sake? But then, dap has always been self-centered, racist and selfish anyway.

It is quite strange that in 2010, the Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kedah declared that the madrasah should be preserved and continue its religious activities. But what is Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kedah against the might of a party who has the power to brand non-pas supporters as heretics and infidels? Pas is indeed the all powerful, never do wrong, never make mistake kind of people...most of them with one eye blind.

According to the state government, the madrasah will be replaced by a surau in the shopping complex. Savvy, huh?

To those who would want to see the Madrasah Salihiah continue its existence as a religious center of the area, and/or as part of Kedah's heritage, we would invite you to this event:

Date : Saturday 31st December 2011
Time: 12noon - 5 p.m.
Location: Madrasah Salihiah, Jalan Tambang Badak, Alor Setar, Kedah

- Zohor and Hajat Prayers
- Talks on "The Honor of Jihad" by Al-Ustaz Fathul Bahri Mat Jahaya
- Marhaban & Selawat Nabi
- Food & refreshments
- Signature campaign for Save Madrasah Salihiah

Come one, come all.

It's a sad affair, the revered Sultan Kedah is now KDYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agung for the 2nd time in his life, and the state government, controlled by seemingly professional and religious people, giving a black eye to Islam so that they can have their "Orchard Road of Alor Setar."

Perhaps it is the time for many in pas to return to Islam as their way of life. Just maybe, maybe, they can find a way to make the end justify its means when they answer to the Everlasting?

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