Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bebas Anwar 901...Why?

So Pakatan has launched a campaign, to anybody who might give them the time of day, to free anwar in the name of justice. Of course, if they realize what justice is all about to every citizen in this world, we know they'll just let anwar rot in piece.

Is there so much injustice done upon anwar? He stabbed people in the back...err...somewhere else in the back, and he got what he deserved. Then he got out on technicality. Now he's back at it again, allegedly. He also has some videos requiring answers. Quoting an MB from the north state, "Sedap buat, berani tanggung la."

Perhaps we should bow down to al gore, human rights watch, and the jewish lobbyists, we should let anwar go free, even if he did screw somebody up. They're europeans, caucasians and all mighty and all powerful, formerly our colonial masters. I mean, a lot of Malaysians feel that whatever caucasians do, they are right because they are "divinely" so, and all asians are bad and corrupt, unless we're talking about dap and singapore. Singapore is the fairest asian country because CIA is based there.

Do we have to bother about all this? About who anwar and/or his goons in pakatan bow down to? Why do we even complicate ourselves in realizing that a premiership for anwar means a welcome to the New World Order for Malaysia? The prophecies are all there? Do not fight, resistance is futile. We will fall, along with other Islamic countries; then the world will see the real leader of the world, who has been hiding in the shadows and the open for centuries, it may be too late then. But it's okay, let anwar go, maybe we'll get a seat in the all caucasian country club.

Between 2006-08, under the rule of the lame pak lah, we saw how pakatan stirred the scenario to portray a chaotic turmoil in Malaysia, from racial unrest to economic mishap, and just like expected, Anwar was portrayed as a saviour. But who doesn't recognize the NED stench behind that scenario? Hoqw do we smell it? Well, the stink of jewish gun oil and Palestinian blood were quite strong. Well, he told Kampung Pala people that in his right hand, a cold refreshing river flows, and his left, hellfire rages. The squatters chose the river, and they fell into the fire.

The scenario pakatan and anwar painted back then is not new. We read something like that before, and it was told more than 1400 years ago. It foretold of a world full of chaos, socially, politically and economically, until the appearance of a saviour who offers them water in his right hand and fire in his left. Those who chose water fell into the fire. No I never said anwar IS that leader, I said the story is not new, to those who reads and remembers. What anwar's scenario was back then, is such on a miniscule scale to be exact.

Of course, PKR also doesn't want to tell you that, just like YB Zulkifli Nordin has always stated, anwar's rallies are always specially designed to create chaos and riot, which Anwar hope to trigger his ascension to the Prime Minister's seat.

Libas Anwar 901

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  1. and just like chandra muzaffar said:

    anwar is capabale of only 2 things - demonstration & demagogue!

    it's unlike anwar to ease himself from riots, chaos & poisonous words till he can become a 'pm' (pr0-moderator of lgbt)!!!


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