Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The New Religion Rising...A Front To Back Look On It

The much talked-about Seksualiti Merdeka 2011, promised to be an explosion to the minds of Malaysians, went off with a whimper. There were already talks about several political figures and celebreties going to "come out from the closet" on that auspicious day. Well, now we'll never know...well, we might know some of them already anyway...

We do commemorate certain events or days together, such as the Eid-ul Fitri, Eid-ul Adha, National Day, Remembering Sabra and Syatilla; well, maybe the oeganizers of Seksualiti Merdeka should rename their event to something a bit more sentimental, or patriotic, such as Sadum and Amorah Day, or National Pompeii Weekend. That might just give them a deeper insight on those who had perished while fighting for their right to maintain that type of lifestyle.

Is it a big surprise that anwar ibrahim refuses to oppose the Seksualiti Merdeka 2011? No one was shocked when he refused. Everybody had anticipated that, what with his front-to-back doctrines, and he has spent millions in promoting himself as a very liberal man to the world, and as a strong supporter of Human Rights. We will always remember his strong principle of human rights when he ordered the arrest of Ummi Hafilda under ISA...Anyway, if he opposes Seksualiti Merdeka, he will find people like Al Gore kicking him out of his network, and who knows, sponsors will stop coming in.

I always remember that around 40% of the Bar Council are Muslims, whether they support this event remains a mystery. They have said nothing so far, giving everybody the assumption that they are together with the ambiguous Ambiga and the bar council in wanting the event to proceed. Who doesn't know anything about Bar Council anyway? Then again, nobody really cares about them.

With the beginning of the anwar demos a few years back, we have seen the emergence of a new religion, which is promoted by the west. It is called as Human Rights. It is the religion that unites people from almost all walks of life...although they still find it hard to penetrate Islamic countries fully. In order to convert Malaysians into this new-fangled religion, they must create the illusion of oppression first. That'll be where we find anwar and his cohorts acting hard that will make any academy award nominee cry. Making speeches, interviews with international broadcasts are only a bit of it. Finely acted drama completes the job. Who can ever forget a fully fit anwar disguising himself and strapping himself onto a wheelchair to create an illusion of a very sick man? Well, he has always been morally sick anyway. Who can ever forget the scene where anwar dramatized his "injury" during the failed Bersih 2.0? We do have clangers like Tiang Chua provoking the police during the demo and immediately instructed his people to snap pictures the moment the police acted to protect themselves. The world then paints unrest, riots and oppression in Malaysia, although the majority of Malaysians have no idea of what they are talking about.

People like Zulkifli Nordin, Rahimi, Chandra Muzaffar, Gobalakrishnan and other former close associates of anwar have become a deadly threat for anwar and his attempt to spread this new religion. They know too much, and despite anwar discrediting them, more and more people from all walks of life flock to their roadshows to find out more on anwar's dramas. Does one even stop to wonder why anwar's balls shrunk everytime Ummi Hafilda is around?

Human Rights is the religion that will bring about the much awaited New World Order for those who had designed and set it in motion. Is it that strange to find that any movement controlled by the One-Eyed always talk about justice, liberty and equal rights? Of course, people in DAP will love this, promote liberty, equal rights and never practice it when they win. Yes, really, the Emperor of Penang would have punished his Crown Prince if he is fair and practices equality.

While countries in the Middle East such as Libya will have to gear up for a long, non-stop unrest in their countries, Malaysians will have to contend with the fast flowing ideology of the human rights religion. No other religion has ever offered human rights. We would love to say that Islam does, but God destroyed Sodom and other places like it, so, I guess, Islam is out of the running. This Human Rights religion is by people and for people of any walk of life and will depose any other monotheistic religions in this world. God has no right to choose for them. Thanks, I'll just remain with Islam, so bite me.

When this is all done, we'll have more sexual freedom under human rights. There'll be introduction to such as "what i do with my body is my own rights" and "virginity is not honor, it is a shame." When that's done, well, you think the end of days will see a lot of illitigemate children? Think again, the world will be run by them then. 

Human Rights turns your focus from looking at a community as a whole to looking at just yourself, where you will have no right to decide on your spouse or your children. In this new religion, there is no such thing as "remaining neutral." It's either "you're with us or against us." In today's world, an act such as ISA will be considered draconian, but whatever the west does, such as the so-called Patriot Act, where they arrest and imprison people without any charge is considered fair. If you are against the "alternative lifestyle", you can always be considered a "pariah." Gee, I wonder why Sadum (Sodom) was destroyed....

So, you think that you've seen everything with Bersih 2.0 and Seksualiti Merdeka 2011? That's just the tip of the iceberg; there's more that can sink more than a few Titanics. To the Muslims who has converted to this religion, I hope they will feel comfortable to be in the same group of people who would face the wrath similar to Sodom and Pompeii, and enjoy the moments being with the sponsors who donate enough time and money for you and the at the same time, ensures enough money flows to Israel, so that can never be short of ammunition to butcher the Palestinians.

Welcome to the New World Order...

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