Monday, October 31, 2011

A Kedahan In Kedah, Like A Stranger In A Strange Land...

As time drives on, it seems to reveal more and more of the unbecoming of the Kedah State Government, led by the sleeping "giant"...who still has no clue whether he's coming or going, and administered by a group of Excos who claim themselves as professionals...such as professional back-hoe driver and previously professional unlicensed reflexology center owner.

For once, let's step into a lighter note...well, it was lighter, but with the news on Sunday night, Kedahans mumblings are starting to grumble. When pas took over in 2008, it marked the final success of the Kedah football team achieving one of the greatest accolades ever, the Double Treble. They won the Super League, FA Cup and even the much coveted Malaysia Cup back to back in 2 years.

Noticing how much money can be made with that type of an incredible team, Kedah pakatan leaders were scrambling to take over KFA, pressuring the then Team Manager to resign, followed suit by Azrai Khor, the team coach. It was quite strange to see how different pas leaders keep appearing at the stadium at different times, including those who had never kicked a ball in their lives, and those who have no idea how to get to the stadium as well.  The new leadership simply balked at them for leaving and believed that they can do better...and I'm sure, in their world, they did. In a short span of time, around 3 years, Kedah went from champs to chumps. They had become volatile and unpredictable...well, knowing that they will lose crucial matches is not really unpredictable.

It is quite unfortunate that the only category that Kedah has been proud of in the past few years, has gone down the drain, along with pas' inept ability to run the state. To rub salt into the already painful wounds, Negeri Sembilan, under Coach Azrai Khor, won the Malaysia Cup 2011 edition. No first prize for anybody on why KFA members are getting dirty looks from football fans...

Getting away from sports before somebody kicks mahfuz' head and anwar's ass, at one time, the pas state government claimed that they have been more efficient than the previous BN-led government. There are of course, some minor anomalies to their claims, but I guess that can easily be explained.

Pas claimed that are more efficient at collecting revenues from Hasil Tanah and Cukai Pintu. Of course, we are not sure why their collection is much less than the previous state government, but we are assuming that the term efficient is used because with less people paying, there will be less queue and hassle at the payment counter.

Even more efficient, there were claims by pas state government that they made bigger revenues from timber concessions, almost double the amount of what BN government did. Well, if it's true, then I take my hats off to them. However, on another note, it is quite worrying. What type of concession did they give? Up until today, people in Padang Terap/Sik regions still bear witness to the in and outgoing timber lorries, and the ever so balding landscape in that area.

With all those efficiency and claims of collecting more, comes the question of "Where is the money?" What has it been spent on anyway, other than pas' lavish open houses and functions. The condition of the road in Kedah, are steadily munching up people's wallets, and they're not happy about it. I can safely say that the smoothest ride available in Kedah (so far) is between the airport in Kepala Batas up to Wisma Darulaman. It's not that surprising as Istana Anak Bukit is in the middle of both locations. 

One of the most foolish actions ever taken by the pas government is to spend only one third of the federal allocation for road maintenance in Kedah and keeping the rest to pay salaries. It was a callous move as salaries for the state civil services must come from state funds, and by doing so, pas is treading on dangerous grounds. But this shows the difference between those who goes to school to learn and those who goes there to sleep...okay, so the mb is always asleep...anyway, somebody should lead phahrolrazi to the State Legal Advisor's office so he can learn the legalities on that matter. Basically, pas ensures that our vehicles damaged from the widening potholes just to make sure that they can pay a group of people who spends a lot of time away from the office. Hmmm.....well, what can I say, just like the civil service, none of the Excos can be found in their respective offices anyway. Perhaps when it doesn't rain, you can find most of them at the Kedah Club golf course.

Still on the question of money, why is pas Kedah government asking for federal aid for the coming flood season? With all the money they claim they have made, shouldn't preparing for the worse be a snap? With all the millions upon millions that pas Kedah government made, I am sure they can buy many boats, prepare shelters and many more. Well, maybe somebody should really send a serious accountant to assist azizan and his numerical-impaired excos in calculating their affairs straight.

It can be understood why pas Kedah rebuked the lethargic and badly damaged n.ajis of kelantan on the question of Hudud. I mean, how could they ever conform to his whims with all the entertainment outlets and karaoke bars popping up here and there. The pas Kedah government seems to be more interested in approving pubs and entertainment outlets more than Islamic centers. Who can blame them? Pas has never been Islamic, it's just a rallying cry during elections, and worse, today, it's in the hands of one who makes mischief on the face of Malaysia. I mean, if pas is actually Islamic, they would really care about the faith of fellow Muslims and definitely support HIMPUN. But then again, HIMPUN is all about Islam, and not being sponsored by hidden jewish organizations like NED (main sponsor for Israeli weapons to kill Palestinians and Bersih 2.0), so, why should anybody from pas go? No riots or chaos to create, then, they'll just stay home

Where do Kedahans go from there? The state is being ripped asunder by the incompetent hands of pakatan, and in any category, they got left behind. Kedah seem to be losing much of its charm and charisma.

Talk about charisma, I guess we can be...umm...strangely proud to have a very charismatic exco member. He has usurped the MB's power every now and then and he also wants to be the next MB one way or the other. I wouldn't say he's a crowd puller, but if the crowd consists of husbands and wives, he might just be a wife-puller, literally. His amazing power is such that a wife (or husband) can up her (or his) mind to leave her (or his) husband (or wife) and rush straight to his house without much hesitation. But what's new about this pas? mat has sapu somebody else's wife last time, with nik aziz fully supporting him from behind, it has become pas' sanctioned practice.

 But I am sure that is still okay for consenting adults, unlike the northern island emperor, whose crown prince decided to practice his itchy massaging hands upon another girl's budding...errr...part of the chest. To avoid complaints and scandal, the emperor, through his vizier decided to drop a bundle of monetary influence over her parents so that they would shut up. Is that the price of being Muslims? How easy, a pack of Ringgit Malaysia, and maybe you can send your daughter out again. The crown prince, when confronted by the disciplinary teacher was proud, "I am the Emperor's son!". Well, I always thought that the emperor is the type of man who defends people victimized in any sort of sexual endeavors. He did claim that he was defending the honor of a girl who supposedly had an affair with Rahim Tamby Chik back then. But this time, as an emperor, he made the 180 degrees turn. Well, I understand, family comes first, and the crown prince must be protected at all cost.

Somebody did draw the line, stating that, compared to Kedah, the islanders are not passionate, but lusty. But the islanders were very upset over this, because they said that the emperor is NOT a Penangite, he's from further south, and he's a socialist. I understand...I think...

Back in this state, looking at the increasing number of closed shop lots, and with a lot of housing developers going out to look for projects outside of Kedah, it is beginning to feel strange. At times, you feel like a stranger in your own state, and there are times you feel like a stranger in a strange land, run and administered by inept least the ones in the circus were funny.

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