Sunday, October 9, 2011

When Truth Comes, Do You Embrace It?

There was a time back in 1998/99, when I was in a mailing group on the internet, known as, this was way way before blogs and social networking sites ever existed. Still, at that time, the on-line fightings were already fiery and furious. I used to advocate that all the s-called Reformasi riots were carefully designed and planned by anwar ibrahim...of course, with a little help from his sponsors. Pas, of course, were already doing the Solat Hajat for the truth to appear before them.

More than a decade have passed, and now, the secret of planned riots were thrown into the open by none other than YB Zulkifli Nordin, who admitted himself that he was one of the designated instigator by anwar. I wonder where pas is, as the truth that they prayed for is already here. Here's a clip of Zul Nordin, speaking in Terengganu. Listen well, and get to know anwar a step closer...

Pas, well, with one eye blinded by anwar and still hungry for power and glory, they will remain ignorant to the truth.

Allah Senantiasa Bersama Dengan Orang Yang Benar

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