Saturday, September 24, 2011

Agenda Kehancuran Islam & Melayu Dibelakang Kisah Mat Sabu, Komunis dan Mat Indera

Has there been any time that anwar, or even anybody in pakatan rakyat, does something out of nothing for nothing? Well, the answer is a ridiculously easy "no." Whenever they open their mouth, that always mean that they're up to something, and when they're up to something, it's always no good...but then again, that is why they're pakatan rakyat.

The same concept applies when mat sabu opened his big fat mouth to state on mat indra and the glorious communists, and how the policemen, their wives and children and villagers deserved to die by the communists. One might perceive him as as a blithering idiot...and he is. But all in all, it was a nice script, one written so well by those who hides behind pakatan, those who work hard to ensure the split between Muslims become wider and wider. What are these all about? What is the agenda all about? For whom the bells toll? Who gains? Who is the one who thinks that he gains? Is Mat Indra a hero? Can communists ever be trusted? Let's find out in this new video:

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