Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The International Brotherhood Of Mat Sapu's Idols - A Track Record

Mat sapu said communists were the actual freedom fighters of Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. It will make more sense if mat sapu actually knows what he's talking about  instead of having his brains fed by anwar and dap. Any whoo...he claims that  history about certain characters have been erased from the books. Well, I did learn  about almost everybody back in school and university, I think we left no stone  unturned, and that includes the highly duped mat indra. Yes, the communist member.

It's strange to have pas johor promoting mat indra as a very pious man, wherever he  went. That's nice, although considering that none of the communists were ever  recorded as converting into Islam, and we are not sure how he justifies killing  innocent people as if it is just collateral damage.

One thing that I must state is that, Islam and communism can never gel together, like oil and water, or pas and Islam. I mean, you can never combine it together, it  will never mix. History has proven that communists always have a special place for  Muslims. A word of caution, this is part of history, both hidden and plain sight,  so please tell mat sapu that this might just bore him:

Communist Freedom Fighters' Resume

1) Believe it or not, Lenin, the leader of Communist Russia was very lenient on the  Muslims. However, after he died, the policy was changed. The campaign against  Muslims started with the issue of the face veil worn by women which were branded as  a sign of oppression. However, the more the communists pressed against it, more and  more women wore it. In the end, more than 200,000 Muslim Tartars and Uzbeks were  moved out from their homes. More than 10% of that population perished in the  freezing winter and starvation.

2) Despite the fact that Islam went to China more than 1,000 years ago, Communist  China were never that negotiable with the Muslims. Two revolts happened in the  1950s with the Muslims demanding an independent state. Mao Ze Don was gracious  enough to send the Red Army and viciously got rid of those Islamic freedom  fighters.

The Cultural Revolution saw tumultuous times in China. The patriotic Communists  almost destroyed the Nunguang Mosque in China. Mao's wife even proposed that all  mosques and other worship houses should be converted into pig sty. Lucky Mao still  had a brain at that time and he went against it. Anyway, anybody who follows the  struggle of the Muslim Uyghur’s will understand how the oppression on Muslims never   really stopped even after Chairman Mao's death.

3) Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge committed genocide, where he brutally murdered more  than 2 million Cambodians, either for political reasons or paranoia. Among his main  targets, also the easy ones, were the Chams. History recognizes the Chams as a  Malay race who at one time, established the Kingdom of Champa. That was then, and  after their defeat to the Khmers, the Chams lived peacefully, mainly in Kampung  Cham, carrying on their religion, culture and way of life. Pol Pot exterminated  almost 500,000 Chams during his bloody rule. Why Chams? Well, they were the most  difficult to be swayed by communism, they eat differently (only halal food) and  have their own language. As a result, the number of surviving Chams today are  estimated to be less than 200,000.

Was that brief enough, Mat? So tell us, how does Communism work for Malaysia and the Muslims?

Those are the type of people and ideology that mat indra got himself involved with. Maybe we shouldn't blame him for that as the Asian communism was still young, but they already did a lot of killing. But he should know better than to choose a group of godless people to fight for independence.

Mat indra was a duped man. If he was really pious, the communists really wanted him, no, not as a leader, but as a bait to get Muslim Malays to join the communist movement. If that dream was achieved back then, mat indra will definitely be discarded after that. People like chin peng will be one of the leaders of Tanah Melayu, and the Muslims might just suffer the fate as other Muslims who lived under communist rule.

Let's look at Bukit Kepong strategically: so mat indra wanted the guerillas to capture the policemen at the Rumah Pasong, but going there with more than 100 well-armed troop? Come on, even a high school student can sense that blood was going to spill. It only proved that the communist never took mat indra seriously, and in one straight shot, they stabbed him in the back. What do I mean by that? Killing and butchering policemen and villagers of Bukit Kepong was what the communists intended, not what mat indra wanted. But for their actions, mat indra was hunted, arrested and executed. The guerillas didn't even raise a finger to help him as his usefulness time frame has expired. Mat Indra was used, screwed and sodomized by the communist terrorists. That's the price he paid for the life he chose.

History recognized him in that light, and if mat sapu gave it a thought without giving himself a considerable headache, he will recognize those traits. History will always recognize, one way or the other, mat indra as the freedom fighter who shot his own foot when he chose communism over Islamic or Malay nationalism. Yes, I agree, he screwed himself.

Strangely, by now, even many more pas members recognize that, what mat indra was back then is what mat sabu is. Mat sapu wanted to prove to his paymasters so much that he sacrificed Islam and praised communist guerillas who have butchered and murdered so many without regards to religion, race or even political leanings.

Funny how money and power can blind a stupor like mat sapu. You can bow to anwar, his sponsors and dap, but I understand that there are so much anger brewing in pas over anwar and mat sapu, let's hope he survives that. Let's bring back history into the school syllabus, the younger generation needs to know their own country.

Since you want to talk about history in the alternative light, or hidden history mat, tell me:

a) Who was the actual sponsor for the foundation of pas? And what was the actual objective of the sponsorship?

b) Why did anwar choose an eye for his logo?

c) From which religion was communism actually base upon?

d) Who sponsored, Karl Marx during his writing of his famous 2 books.

I could've given more questions, but those 4 alone might give you sleepless nights.

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