Friday, July 6, 2012

Suaram Sponsored By...Really Anwar, You Can't Fool Us Anymore

The cat is now out of the bag...well, seeing the details again, I guess the dreadful pakatan is being overrun by felines at the moment. It's all out in the open finally. Suaram, or Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd is nothing but a RM2 company registered under the SSM. What, with all the hundreds of thousands of dollars they receive, it still remains a RM2 company. What's worse, as suspected, suaram is nothing but a company, disguised as an NGO, funded by foreign powers...well, some bloggers say CIA, but as CIA is just one of the many arms of the west, I might just say differently.

The main problem for them now is: nobody's surprised anymore.

Who is this group who calls themselves suaram? On paper, they are the "reasoning voice" for the people of Malaysia and strives for human rights...yes, it's that magic word again: the western human rights where religion is tossed into the garbage bin. The best con-job by this group is that they try to pass themselves as "Suara Rakyat Malaysia." For pakatan supporters who are now devout one-eyed worshippers, this people are idolized but to Malaysians, they are nothing but stooges and pawns used by the west. Below are the who's who of Suaram...and most of the time I am still trying to figure out who are some of those people, except for the obvious twerps and The Zina Warrior Princess...

I have written before on how the one-eyed, via the descendents of the people who were locked away behind the 2 mountains who now resides in the west, keep tabs on countries around the world. Just like fashion, world administration goes out of style too. Once, they backed military coup de tats and dictatorships, but since the last few decades, the trend changes as they begin to doubt the practicality of backing this method. So, the old leaders of Egypt, Indonesia, Libya and even Tunisia were tossed to the wolves and they began scouting for new. The National Endowment for Democracy even confirmed that they have been active in post-Mubarak Egypt. President George W Bush even approved more than USD400m sponsoring candidates opposing Ahmidinejad in Iran to create chaos and unrest during the election a few years back.

The west has many eyes, and maneuvers with many hands, and CIA is just one of them. They collect vital intelligence on individuals, countries and organizations. They have plotted the downfall of certain leaders of certain countries and plotted to install leaders of their own choosing, all of this just to keep their interests in the respective country. However, the leaders they choose are expendable. The west can kick them out in different methods. Mubarak must've felt abandoned when his great ally turned their backs on him. The new Egyptian President, Muhammad Mossi, has already issued a warning to the west about interfering the country's affairs. He should get rid of those "NGOs" such as NED and KAF, although that will not guarantee the west not interfering with them.

Not all funding are given directly from these foreign powers to political oppositions of the particular countries. Mostlt it's all about trust. History notes that the CIA sponsored an obscure Islamist party in Indonesia in the 1960s, and somehow that money "disappeared." Some are done discreetly by transferring them to certain bodies, such as local NGOs, and this seems to be the favorite method. This is usually because not all locals believe westerners, so by appointing local agents, the locals will have no idea that they're playing the fiddle for the foreign conductors. In some aspects, it can be quite cheap: anwar can get terrorists from the one-eyed pas (formerly known as Unit Amal) for free...well, maybe with food, accommodation and transport taken care of.

We are lucky enough to witness the abomination of how the west sponsors unrest in our country and the Middle East. These "local" NGOs, including the other non-existent NGOs who support bersih co-ordinated well with agents from other countries and the western media. We have seen the riot being orchestrated by anwar, we saw how tian chua led his followers to attack the police and the moment the police retaliate, they started taking pictures for the western media to publish. They also tried hard to suppress acts of terrorism by bersih spectators from the world. The Singapore expats were there to observe the riot? Many believe that they were there to ensure that their investment is well spent. Still, their investment ran short when they failed to create a western-assisted "regime change." As if we never knew that Singapore is CIA's South East Asian base.

Qur'an 3:54
And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.

God is great, anwar and his agents must've miscalculated or under-estimated the Malaysians: the police set up more cameras than anwar could ever imagine. Through that, the reality of anwar and his agents' grand design was witnessed by Malaysians.

Suaram has always been known to hate anything that reveals the truth about themselves. The revelation by Gobalakrishnan was greeted by a very irate cynthia gabrial who started labeling him as "frog." Maybe she'll start kicking a fuss and hold her breath until she turns blue when more revelations are made, or at least she'll huff, and she'll puff, and she'll blow her cheap toupee down. Even her latest tweet on being able to avoid police warrant sounded so much like a kid venting her frustrations. But that's that, even so, the secret is out. She might just have to be a different agent after this, most probably selling insurance.

With the exposure of being a con-job while being funded around RM900,000 in the past 2 years, suaram, along with the other west-sponsored NGOs in Malaysia might find their dreams of sitting on high chairs destroyed as their conspiracy to destroy Malaysia and plan a regime change came to a humiliating end. With RM900,000.00 spent (or more), they still have nothing to show but their bare asses.

Is it a surprise that suaram is actually a foreign agent? How can it be on Malaysia's side when they do not care about the safety and welfare of fellow Malaysians and spent most of the times trying to destroy a nation? That's not Malaysian at all. They want to talk about human rights but they don't care about Saiful Bukhary being sodomized as they rally to anwar, they don't even care about the police who were seriously injured during riots but they trust more what the western media paints than what they saw themselves. They spend most of their times trying to topple Najib over the Scorpene submarine agenda but they were given a can of whoop-ass by the French .and that was no French kiss. How would a group like suaram claim themselves non-partisan, when they themselves are Pakatan politicians and aligned to anwar? That is the true quality of being one-eyed on their part: biased, un-Islamic, with dark intentions and funded by the west, but bangs their empty drums to Malaysians that they are fair and just.

How fair and just can suaram and other pakatan-aligned NGOs can be when they run agendas strategized and funded by a group outside of their country, and that group has been responsible for the chaos, anarchy and deaths of Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world, all of these just to ensure their interests are well preserved? How could a so-called Islamic party like pas be in this quagmire, unless they themselves have been blinded in one eye?

Anwar and his deceitful pakatan are in trouble. Their issue-manufacturers have been exposed for all the crap they are. It is just as bad as the exposure of anwar's RM3b accounts. Will the west still take their chance on anwar, or consider him a liability like Soeharto, Marcos or even Mubarak? If he is lucky, he will remain just an opposition, and at worse...I don't know, we have seen their fates.

Another question arises: how could suaram be so careless to have a Sdn Bhd company as a front? Or the west is actually trying to get rid of them as they have become liabilities?

I think it's about time the authorities check on the other NGOs and organizations that are linked to anwar, such as Merdeka Center.

We used to, and still have a name for people who try to destroy their country by being pawns funded by foreign powers: TRAITORS.

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