Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Assault On JPM - Lone Swordsman or More Than Meets The Eye?

The news was shocking, and still, nobody really knows the actual motive or can really confirm who he actually is. There were more missing puzzles in the picture. But as usual, in any event, the opposition has condemned the police, which tend to lead to more questions over their hasty condemnation.

Malaysians were taken aback with the news of a man, Khalil Afandi and his 28-year old female accomplice, tried to get into the Prime Minister's Department, became aggressive when they were not allowed, brandishing samurai swords and finally ended with both shot by the authorities. He died while his accomplice was wounded in the thigh area. (For report, click here ) What in the world were those two doing? What were they thinking of?

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation of whether Afandi and the blogger Jaya Negara is the same person. Several blogs have opined that Afandi is a product of Pas. Frankly, I never knew anything about this fellow or his blog, but after reading selected articles from his site (I can't access it today so far), I don't really think he is in any way related to that party who pretends to be Islam.  He seems to be a fan to a few select groups who discuss on issues such as paranormal and the end of times. His writings can be a bit extreme as I think he sees himself as the redeemer for Islam.Hey, it's just my opinion here deduced from his articles, but there's nothing there to indicate anything violent.

There are views that he belongs to a cult or even a deviationist group (More on this, click here). I can't say much as the  investigation is still on-going. However, there is a video I found that sparked another dimension to this issue. A video was uploaded by a pro-pakatan blogger by the name of Milosuam, who strangely happenedto be there. There were no scenes of people shooting or getting shot, but you can hear the shots and shouting. The video below, posted by Waris Amp at Youtube:

 Although there are no distrubing images, what boggles me are the connections revealed. Khalil Afandi has Milosuam as his idols, one of his FB friends. I find it strange, and in a way, creepy that Milosuam (allegedly) happened to be at the same place where Khalil went bonkers and was shot, filmed it and being the first chap to upload the video on YouTube. The wry comment, purportedly, by the cameraman at the end of the video was cold, "Ha, dah tembak dah" (Yes, he's already been shot), devoid of any emotion, even for a guy who was admired by the deadman.

There are still loose ends in trying to wrap this issue, like, who was the driver who drove them there? He left and police are still searching for him. What drove Khalil to that state of mentality? What was he up to? Why bring swords? Was he mentally disturbed after trying to understand Islamic mysticism without strengthening his basic pillars of knowledge for religion first? I guess we'll never know for sure. It is up to the police to piece it all together from here on. The police should also examine the links stated in the video above and even investigate the video as well.

Even until now,the opposition is unsure whether they should rally behind Khalil, as they do not want to have their names blackened if ever the dead blogger is found to be unstable and deviationist, but so far, pro-pakatan individuals, especially on Face book have condemned the action by the police. Maybe they're right, why don't the police wait until a few people get their parts of the body slashed, then only try to calmthings down by singing a lullaby to him.

Police will always be blamed for doing their job in ensuring security. If their house gets broken in by sword-wielding thugs threatening the lives of their spouses and children, don't shoot, and don't even call the police. They should call anwar or mat sabu...hey, who knows? With their blibbed tongue, maybe they can get the thugs to vote for them before stabbing them in the back, figuratively. If you carry a weapon or even act slightly aggressive within the compounds of the White House, you'll either be tazered or, if you look arabic, shot in the head. The same will apply if you do the same thing at No. 10, Downing Street, and of course, the opposition will never say a word on that. Why? Hey. they cannot condemn the people whose hands fed them.

With this type of things people do in the name of religion (if indeed that was his mission), how can Islam be respected? For the west, they'll be loving this as this upholds their view that Islam breeds terrorism. Till the end, I still ask, whois he, and washe alone in this matter, or was it a plot discreetly planned. I really hope not. And i really hope that this is not part of the hijau ke putrajaya crap either.


  1. The thing about the police in Malaysia is they always take too much time before revealing the video evidence. I'm sure there's several CCTV's video in their posession which can shows what happened seconds before the shooting and that could effectively silence the pro-opposition bloggers. But Noooo.. it will take forever for the public to eventually see it posted in Youtube (if we're lucky) or during the Royal Commission Inquiry. I'm not sure who's idea is it to let the momentum built in Pakatan's favor before letting the truth out. Such strategy might sound good for a movie, but definitely not good for the police's reputation. I say if there's video evidence, posted it on Youtube pronto. Similarly to those who has sex videos of Anwar (the one in Thailand I heard) and Azmin out there. Don't wait for PRU13 to be around the corner. Released it now!

    1. To some degree, I agree. It can be really painful waiting for their investigation to wrap up. But to a certain aspect, I was also made to understand that PDRM is also extremely careful in their investigations. Some are also caused by lack of equipments needed, which they had to send to forensic labs in other countries. On videos coming up on youtube at strange timings, that will be the work of politics, both sides. But I agree, the videos of anwar, azmin and ezzah (if they are there) should not wait, just post it, why wait for PRU13?


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