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Jaya Negara - Disturbed, Disillusioned, Or...But Not The Mahdi

Here's what we have so far, the Police stated finally that Khalil Afandi is not linked to any deviationist groups, and that he acted alone. Based on his writings, we can only assume that he could be slightly on the extremist side, especially on his views on Islam.

But there are still a lot of things that haven't got. Who sent Khalil and Muhdalina there? What was their main objective of going to Prime Minister's Department? What's with the samurai swords? Muhdalina's parents claimed that she was under a spell, police were even astounded when she did not react when she was shot in the thigh, was she under the infleunce? What is the link to the blogger who, by strange coincidence, was also there, captured the scene on video and uploaded it to YouTube? In fact, I cannot understand why an "independent" news organization, centered in UK, but operating in Thailand, claims that this tragedy has the power to shake the government(For article, click here). How come only the western media is playing the political card? Strange, coming from a news group who claims they have no political agenda. Did somebody miss something?

While many bloggers stated their opinion that Khalil is from pas, I stand by mine that he is not. Furthermore, looking at how the opposition is keeping quiet and NOT using this issue as their usual opportunity to bask in the limelight, I strongly feel that even they are steering away from the guy.

What makes it quite clear is that, he condemned so many, like the pas spiritual leader, n.ajis, who got thrashed like a bag of crap ("Tuan guru Nik  Aziz menangis dalam sedu dan sedan....dia berdoa......hayati doa Ilmuan ini.. " butakanlah mata pengundi" "biar mereka cuma nampak BULAN"....... tolonglah ya Allah.... tis ..tis.. tis. menitis airmata.... terasa hampir dengan Allah pada ketika itu. Mampus. Bedooh demo ni. Nik Aziz demo raso Allah saye ke demo... kalu Allah saye ke demo wakpo nyo dok Kelate... tak habis-habis. Gi lah tawe Melako. Hok ni pong hambo nak ajar ke demo.... weeee lah!" -jayanegara)

The Perak Mufti, Dato Harussani was also lambasted (Kerusi dia yang dia duduk dah sampai berkulat..... cendawan pun dah tumbuh.... Punya lama pegang jawatan Mufti. Punya seronok kerja mengampu kerajaan dan Raja-raja melayu. Orang tua ni terpeleot lama dah. Murtad dia ni lah yang gembar-gemburkan.... alih-alih tak ngaku. 100 000 orang dah murtad mana datanya kita nak tengok. - jayanegara)

He also lashed against Noh Gadut, calling him Sultan Johor's pet, and also against the Sultan of Selangor. The only person he seemed to admire and respect, is Tun Mahathir (Dr Mahathir pernah dikafirkan semasa mengusulkan pendapat supaya Alquran diubahkan kepada banyak bahasa supaya mudah dipelajari. Hari ini cuma ada terjemahan kebahasa-bahasa lain. Terjemahan tidak sama. Itu bukan yang Dr Mahathir maksudkan. Ia berbeza dengan kitab Injil telah lama diubah dan Wal hasilnya Kristian dianuti lebih dari 2.2 bilion penduduk Dunia. Penat orang tua ni menjawap. Dr Mahathir satu-satunya manusia berjiwa besar yang aku temui diMalaysia hingga hari ini. Jika dia masih mahu menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia pasti aku amat-amat bersetuju. Dia sudah tua dan selalu sakit-sakit tidak mungkin dia mahu. -jayanegara)

No wonder all political parties are keeping themselves away. He seems to have only one view: his. He is, I suspect disillusioned with what is happening to the Muslims in Malaysia.

So far, sadly, that makes 2 claimants of the Mahdi in less than 1 year. First, a political leader who is lusting for power was proclaimed as Mahdi by a self proclaimed opposition religious leader (who was also caught with another woman), and now, a delusional man. Truly, the former was a farce, and the latter a tragedy.

To a certain degree, I would agree and understand his frustrations. Islam has been used by certain political parties as if it is a board game. For example, pas talks about hudud, bringing the topic up every now and then to people who might give them the time of day, but in their case, Kelantan never practised hudud, even after 20 years of their ruling there. Making things worse, pas even stated that hudud is not the priority in administering the state. Worst, with their allegiance to anwar ibrahim, Islam was thrown out the window. Perhaps this is why he wrote such statement about n.ajis. But whatever it is, I still do not condone the aggression that brought him to his ultimate end.

For those who would like a small insight into his mind, read the comments he wrote on his female companion's younger sister's blog (click here ) Here are two of them: (translation in italics)

Salam sejahtera,

Aku suruh isteriku buat blog yang baru untuk aku.... aku namakan  "GILA APA MANUSIA"
I have asked my wife to create a new blog for me...I call it "What Madness Is Man (Paraphrasing, only he knows what the actual translation is)

Aku akan bicara secara bersemuka pada pemerintah ataupun sesiapa.
Tidak ku peduli nak jadi apa.. Aku akan usaha sampai berjaya. Gila apa manusia.
I will talk face to face with the leader or whoever. I don't care what happens...I will strive until I succeed.

Tidak aku sombong .... tidak juga bangga... aku juga manusia biasa.
Arrogant I am not...nor am I proud...I am just a normal human being.

Diusia muda tatkala aku tak kenal aku ini siapa.... kamu penguasa negara hanya mampu membiarkan saja.... kupukul sesiapa ku suka tak ku peduli Neraka.
In my youth then I never knew who I the leader of the country only managed to let it happen...I hit (injure?) whoever I want and I don't care about Hell.

Kini diusia tua 47 tahun umurku... sudah aku kenal aku ini siapa... aku adalah Raja Dunia.
Now at 47 years of my age...I know now who I am...I am the King of the World.

Diam semua kamu! Tatkala aku bicara.. hidup kamu ini untuk apa. Susah sengsara manusia kamu biarkan saja..... kamu semua memang celaka.
Shut up all of you! While I speak...what is your life for...You ignore the hardship of human...You are all damned.

Hormat lah kamu pada Raja.... aku peduli apa. Aku datang merampas singgahsana... turun kamu Sultan Gila dari tahta... kini aku nak ambil alih kuasa.
Respect you the King...what do I care. I am here to grab the throne...come down from the throne Mad I am here to take the over your power.

Saat dan tika sempadan takdir dari PEMUNYA... aku pasti datang meregut kuasa dari jantung-jantung setiap yang bernama Raja.
Time and moments border fate from one's self...I will snatch the power from the hearts of those who are Kings.

Ikut aku atau kubunuh semua... aku tak peduli kamu siapa.... Kerana apa?
Follow me (or obey me?) or I shall kill all...I do not care who you are...For what?

Aku adalah Raja Dunia anugerah dari Allah Tuhan ku.
I am a King, gifted by Allah, my God.

3 March 2012 06:38

And this follows later:

Salam semuanya,

3 March 2012 06:55
Whoever wants to follow me CALL ME...01116342016...I AM PREPARED TO GRASP POWER FROM THE MAD GOVERNMENT

Some psychologists might just see this as a rambling of a very disturned and disillusioned man, I don't know.

The police must be brisk in their investigations, although I strongly feel that they should also be extremely careful. I hate images of violence, but I am very curious on the statement of the two of them seemed to be "under a spell." The police were really stratled when Muhdalina did not register any reaction when she was shot in the thigh. This will be very interesting, and more mystifying as it will add another dimension to the mystery of the 3rd man who drove them there. Let me note the "mystifications" that runs through my mind:

1) Muhdalina was a company manager who later resigned, got to know Khalil about a week before the tragedy. Was she disillusioned as well? Or was Khalil that charimatic? Does she know why Khalil did what he did?

2) If both were "under a spell" or under the influence, were they brainwashed into doing what became a suicide mission? The character of the 3rd man becomes more intriguing. Was he the conspirator? Did he put them under a spell? With that, the character of the 3rd person becomes terrifyingly enigmatic. If he never existed, how did Khalil and Muhdalina get there?

3) Who provided them with the weapons? If he really wanted to takeover the country, why go to the Prime Minister's Department at Block B and not the Prime Minister's office at Block A?

4) I do have questions on the blogger Milosuam, but he is currently assisting the police on this matter.

5) I still can't shake this feeling: unlike the jewish-sponsored bersih or pakatan rallies which have been fantastic shows for the western media, this tragedy did not receive as much attention from foreign medias. The most prominent in highlighting this case and showing more interest than others is which claims to be independent and without political agendas. However, the news on this issue keeps attacking the police and the government. It is strange because even the pro-pakatan bloggers are not that attacking in the first place. Well, maybe it's the theory about brainwashing, under a spell and my distrust of western media made me write this point.

Come on PDRM, solve this. Not that I want to add pressure that they're already under, but come on, we know that the opposition and westernj media simply want to tarnish your reputation, especially for shooting the 2 people, but Malaysians really want to know the solution to this puzzling mystery. There are too many "why", "probably" and of course, coincidences. It might drive us nuts, bonkers and delusional.

Even so, I don't think you'll find me with swords at a government complex, I'll just be at my PC playing FIFA 2011.


  1. That Mathaba news agency is full of crap. I have given them a benefit of the doubt and yet they disappoint me. In their website I posted a comment offering to write an article to give my take on what happened in Putrajaya and you know what? My comments was automatically displayed yesterday but today it's gone!! Free speech my arse!

    Bapak3, I hope you too would consider setting your comment section into automatic mode. It's cooler to let anyone displaying their comment without being subject to admin's approval. If someone was swearing then you can always delete it later.

    1. I gave them some takes on the happenings around the jaya negara issue. They were more interested in blaming the police, as they said, en masse. If the guy was not shot and got into the JPM, slashing many of the employees there, I am sure they'd blame the police as well.

      On the auto-approval thing, it's still a bit difficult as I receive much much less than desirable languages thrown against me, and not my articles. Maybe if mathaba comments,I'll simply publish them.


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