Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Former Entertainers, Instant Religious Teachers...How The One Eyed Smiles As His Time Looms Near

Despite the fact that there have been dozens of articles on Malaysian entertainers (or former entertainers) trying to meddle in politics, I have so far shunned away from the topics as I feel that these entertainers are supporting pakatan because of lack of information, or they have some personal agendas behind it. However, after reading Abby Abadi's Twitter, as shown below, I figured out that there is something going on, mostly in their religious understanding. Well, it's also the fact that I don't have much idea about these entertainers as well.  I stopped somewhere in the 1980s.

I must admit, I did watch one or two episodes of Gerak Khas back then, not really by choice. Abby's acting was quite natural, for a plank. Now with her star value in the dumps, she is embarking on a new road that will make her famous, although not necessarily for the right reasons.

I understand that her appearances on pas platforms are not free, which was surprising because I thought it was a form of charity in the name of Allah and his Prophet. Well, maybe it's about she gets paid for something that's worth of her acting. However, the doctored speeches, the ever-presence of pas officials just in case of somebody asking her an actual religious questions...well, that is too artificial. The only thing original so far is abby's twitter remarks, which shows how short her religious knowledge is.

That seems to be the trend of former Malaysian entertainers: the only way they feel to be more Islamic, join a political party. Wow, I pity those people who converted, like Cat Stevens, Eric Abidal, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and even Malcolm X; their conversions must've meant nothing because they did not join pas. Bob Lokman, Aishah, Dayangku Intan, Wardinah and now abby abadi, I understand they took a hijrah, but we understand more now that they got lost somewhere along the way.

Celebrities and opposition is not really a new story. I remember the "I-am-better-than-everybody" akhil hay, who made meals out of UMNO politicians who takes second wives. Unfortunately, he must've forgotten how God forbids people from humiliating other people, especially on personal matters. In the end, he had to lay low after dumping his wife and children to marry a relatively unknown singer (I don't know her name) who used to sing Arabic/Malay songs.

Here's something I would like to recommend to these hard-to-sell former entertainers: how about deepening your knowledge on Islam by learning from actual ulamas, or even apolitical scholars, such as Sheikh Imran Hoesin. You might just find that pas stand nowhere in the equation, nor can you find them in the 5 Pillars of Islam.

abby abadi stands as the major laughing stock in the Islamic religious community. "Jemaah pas jadi saksi"? When Mungkar and Nangkir ask, and even during Resurrection, I don't think they'll know you anymore. Well, at least she understands what she said and stands on its ignorance. She could've at least read more and understand Islam before opening her mouth. Say, the pas membership form is a list that ensures your name in Heaven? Or is it only suitable as recycled paper to produce toilet paper?

Solve me this equation, Abby: pas collaborates with enemies of Islam in dap, supports anwar ibrahim, who supports the security of Israel, much to Palestine's and Muslims' dismay, who is also supported and supports the people who are descended from the people who were locked away behind a great wall between two great ranges and agents of the one-eyed who shall make his appearance and reward HIS people, and you support pas because it guarantees you a place in Heaven? Really, Abby, try being apolitical, register yourself for religious classes, deepen your knowledge on Islam and try again. Islam teaches so many things, but nowehere does it say that a political party that disguises itself as Islamic, releases self-serving fatwas upon fatwas just for the sake of getting votes, split the ummah apart, has any authority to guarantee you a place anywhere.

Maybe that riddle was too complicated, so here's an easy one: below are the Rukun Islam, or the 5 Pillars of Islam (unless you're a different sect of Syi'ah, please refer to the 7 Pillars of Ismailism):

(1) Mengucap dua kalimah syahadat
(2) Sembahyang lima waktu
(3) Berpuasa sebulan dalam bulan Ramadhan
(4) Menunaikan haji ke Baitullah (Mekah)
(5) Menunaikan zakat

and here's the Rukun Iman:

(1) Beriman kepada ALLAH SWT
(2) Beriman kepada Malaikat-malaikat
(3) Beriman kepada Kitab-kitab
(4) Beriman kepada Rasul-rasul
(5) Beriman kepada Hari Kiamat
(6) Beriman kepada Qada dan Qadar

Can you please point to me where pas comes into the picture?

In the weak bleaking time for Islam, with Islamic countries in the Middle East going asunder, with the one-eyed strategizing the fall of many more, including Malaysia, these former entertainers who have fell from their laurels are trying to pass themselves as religious "converts". With a 5 cent knowledge of Islam, they try to portray themselves as somebody religious, although all they do is destroy more of the basic understanding of Islam among the Ummah. They are still in their art of acting, paid for by their paymasters, all for the sake of getting votes in the election. So much for the Islamic caliphate.

Is it atill a wonder that the hadith on the end of times state that religious leaders will be ignorant and chosen only because of their voice and ability to talk? How the one-eyed laughs...

P.S.: Interesting; at a time when ulamas and true believers of Islam are leaving pas in droves, the cheap, no-sell former entertainers are joining. Hey, pas has never been Islamic, but we know that already.


  1. sebenarnya kalau dah insaf mengapa guna nama ABBY lagi, sebaliknya gunalah nama asal iaitu Arbaieyah, dan juga Bob Lokman pun kalau dah pencen jadi artis dan jadi ustaz, gunalah nama betol mereka, tak perlu guna nama glamour


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